Kanchi Forever (Episode 11)

Hlo guys … I am here with new epi that I’d ch-11
Thanks for all the love you people gave me … it actually encourages a lot …love u all ?
So let’s start …

Saachi was all in confusion …. she was not able to come on any conclusion on one side he is the same akdu person and in the other hand he behaves like he can do anything for her ….

On the other hand ; her mr khduus was looking at her pic sleeping with her hand in his …. he was simple admiring her … she looked not less than an angel ?….

Few hours passed by ..saachi was even hesitating to go in front of him…

Nurse – dr saachi ;dr kabeer called you in his cabin within next 15 minutes …

Saachi – omg ..damm this khdus now go meet him again …

She on the door of his cabin

Kabeer – come in dr saachi …
Saachi – how do you know it’s me sir
Kabeer – everyone knows the silence before the storm ⛈

Saachi – angrily… ??sir …

Kabeer – actually I called you to tell we have an urgent meeting tonight 8 pm after your duty ends with a foreign company …. you need to be present there …. at sharp 8 pm in the conference hall ….

Saachi – sure sir …
She turned to go

Kabeer – holds his hand and drew her closer to him ….
Holds her waist ….
Her beats suddenly met the speed of. Metro …
Kabeer – (calmly) did I asked you to leave ….
Saachi-you neither asked me to stay….
Kabeer- would you stay if I ask
Saachi- anything for you
Kabeer – what ….
She came back to her senses….
both parted…

Saachi- I mean I have to follow your order ….
Kabeer – I thought you stuck in something else’s thoughts …

She left from his cabin ….
She met her bestest friends …

Pragya – abeo tum logo ko pta bhi h bdi mst film aai h aj hi paida hui (do you guys even know a new film took a birth today)

Saachi (coming out of her thoughts)- kya (what)

How can a film take birth stupid

Isha – of course Pragya …in same way how can she stop thinking about kabeer jiju….

Saachi- what jiju…. you guys are mad…
Pragya – acha to ye tere muh pe lali ki vjah (then what can the reason of this blush on your face)

Silently kabeer was listening all this from behind …somewhere in his heart he agreed upon word “jiju”

It was time for the meeting
Saachi was getting ready in her hostel room as she got a break of half an hr before meeting …

Isha- ahm ahm
Pragya – ahm ahm ahm

Saachi- now tell what are you guys upto

Pragya – saachi chiii you would wear this nooo this is so bad…?

Saachi- this is perfect yr I didn’t see anyprblm in this

Isha – me hoti to saree dalti ( I would have been wearing saree if I were in your place)

Pragya -vese not a bad idea bae ?

Saachi- seriously no way guys …. I mean leaving ….

Pragya – tumko hmdono ki ksm aj ya to tum saree dalogi ya Hm dono ki laashe bichegi (either you would wear saree today else we both are dying)

They made her wear saree ….that to blue…❣️
Saachi- guys my gut feeling is saying you both have planned some kind of kaand definately….

She reached conference room … it was a big hall with curved ceiling…much to her chock everything was dark …and the door too closed …

Saachi- hlo !is there anyone guys ? She shouted but moons replied and then a voice came that was gentle and known to her..


I heard you like stars so have a look towards ceiling ….

Suddenly stars started appearing on the ceiling …. the scene was same as that of real sky during night ….
She smiled broadly …within
No time the stars read -“I❤️U”

That too were blinking ….she was not able to believe her eyes

Suddenly a spot light came from corner and spotted on her ….
Another person also came under that spotlight …with his one hand on his back and other in front…
He turned down to her knees …
That was none other than dr kabeer…-I know these stars are nothing as compared to your shine….I know I am
More arrogant than this little darkness….may be I have a little heart in a little corner of that rock….
But I promise I will
Love you …. I will respect you till these stars these universe will exist….would you mind giving me
The pleasure of being ur better half…I love you dr saachi…

He took a little diamond ring from his pocket towards her…
Her eyes were filled with tears and she said -yes mr. Arrogant… I love you too…

He slides that ring into her ring finger…

They both had a romantic dance ….now dr kabeer and dr saachi had an eye lock…he leaned onto her…both witnessed the first kiss of their love life …they shared a passionate kiss…
Saachi-by the way you deserve a punishment for lying to me about the conference…
Kabeer- anything for you madam…
Saachi- she smiled broadly….

Precap: kusum- do you like saachi
Kabeer- no mom
Kabeer-I love her

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  1. Loved it the idea of the proposal was amazing

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot amna

  2. I have no words yaar…i liked the dailogue”anything for you”….superbbb dear…u r really a superrbbb author…wondeefulll dear…plzzz post next asap dear plzzzz…loved it…u nailed it…even i love to watch stars in sky from my house terrace….mind blowing proposal yaar…

    1. Trisha139

      I am so happy that you liked it preetha…and yeah I will try my best to post soon as possible ….this means a lot dear

  3. Swetatitli

    Ooo too happy for them ???

  4. Awesome part waiting for next part

  5. Aww the proposal was so cute and romantic…. Loved your ff a lot… You are truly a great writer and your ff are best??

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq richa

  6. Really happy for them

  7. just wow yaar pls can u post other update soon

    1. Trisha139

      Sure shreya

  8. What an episode awesome

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot prasnana

  9. super proposal episode…and so cute…and awesome
    waiting for next one with so funny moment between them

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks s lot Sundari

  10. Epi was jhakas
    Soo cute dear
    Proposal was amazing ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot Pallavi
      Glad you liked the epi ?

  11. omg, kabir is soooo romantic……….awww……….and what to say about the bff, just love their bonding, life mein kuch ho na ho,aise dost hamesha honi chahiye………..ur writing is superbbb dear……waiting for the next……..

    1. Trisha139

      I agree with you Ria…
      I am happy you liked the ch

  12. fabulous episode loved it yrrr
    kabeer proposing sanchi was awesome . (loved all ur ff but this one is best) .
    waiting for another episode to get updated

    1. Trisha139

      Thanq alia….sure as soon as possible I will try my best to get that updated

  13. Sorry for commenting so late. I absolutely loved this episode. The precap is awesome.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot Sandhya …this means a lot

  14. Abhilasha

    Yr r u a professional one?????…….. Means ur ffs…. Os are just ??????…… Seriously and proposal was a awww…… I didn’t commented on os but it was seriously so much amazing………. U deserve award for ur skills!!!

    1. Trisha139

      Oops no abhilasha in fact this is my first ff … I just started writing 5-4 days back…

      Thanks a lot for your praise…this is so encouraging …love you ?

  15. sorry for commenting late. I was little busy. It was fabulous a romantic version of Dr kabir. keep posting . take care

    1. Trisha139

      Thankq sophy
      This means a lot

  16. Aww such a cute confession… Never knew Dr.Kabir too had a heart and if he was romantic like this in the real one,I would Have eagerly watched the show..Anyways ..I am loving it!!?..update Asap dr?

    1. Trisha139

      Sure Isha …so happy that you liked this one

  17. Otakustuff

    Great going Trisha!

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