Kanchi Forever (Episode 10)

Hlo guys …. I am here with next part that is ch -10 ….
First of all I want to thank all of you for your support …. this means a lot to me ….

So let’s start …

It was early morning , dr saachi was in dr kabeers ward as he was lil bit injured πŸ€•…

He behaved like he listened the last line only not her confession …

Kabeer – dr saachi … today you will distribute the files and inform all interns about next test at the end of the week …. and all must continue with their duties …. I will be fine till tomoroww … and I don’t want any delay in any work ….

Saachi – murmuring… “I was damm right …. he can never be normal ”

Kabeer – did you say anything ?

Saachi – no sir …. its just that I will do that sir …

Saying this she left from there ….
According to schedule she gave everyone their duties and informed about his accident ….

After that

Isha – ohh tbhi hmari hottie kl raat hostel nhi aai

Saachi – Isha 😠😠

Pragya – abeo tell na…. dr kabeer me propose kia kya … or tune ha krdi Na (I hope dr kabeer proposed you and you agreed right )

Saachi – r u mad…. tum dono bhi bs rho apni sapno ki duniya me ..(you two just be in your dreamland)

She turned to leave….Just then

Isha – Pragya yadav….I think someone is turning red πŸ˜†

Pragya – haha πŸ˜‚

Saachi – shut up you both …. it’s better to go

She did continued her duty but her eyes were stuck on him …. he checked if he is fine or not about 1000 times the day ….

Veer – ahm ahm …. I came to know you are quite upset ms golgappa…

Saachi – crap yr . Vha Isha Pragya yha ye joker….

Veer – tune maaru entry yara dil me bji ghntian re tan tan πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Saachi – stop it veer

Veer – aree shaant ms golgappa btati to jao who is that …. idiot

Saachi – he is not idiot ….! She bite her lips saying this..!!

She left as it was better to leave than to tell who is he ….

After few hours … nurse to saachi – dr kabeer called you in 10 minutes ….

In his ward ….
Kabeer – dr saachi you are 1 minute and 45 seconds early ….

Saachi – no sir it was 1minute and 34 seconds ….
This made him smile …

He stood up …
Saachi – sir you can’t go now
You have been asked to rest ..

Kabeer – ms saachi I hope you remember I am
Your senior ….

Saachi – but now I am your dr…

Kabeer – I checked the reports only then I am going to my cabin…..

Saachi – dr kabeer it’s seriously not compulsory to behave like an akduuuu all the time …. you should take rest ….

(This time she didn’t hesitated to say this …somewhere inside she knew he will not punish her this time )

He started walking towards her … he was too close to her so she started moving backwards… some footsteps were take back way … after few seconds she was stuck to the wall … … he stood close to her ….

She could easily feel his heartbeats and he was able to feel her breath ….
In no time she turned red …they had an eye lock …
He holded her left hand and twisted towards backside not allowing her to move ….even the slightest…
Her right hand was on his chest….

He leaned towards her …as time stopped for her …she closed her eyes …

He just admired her for few seconds …. she looked so red …. so cute….

He turned to ear and whispered ….
“And it’s not compulsory to turn red always ”

Much to her shock he kissed below her ears …. leaving a strand of shock to paas through her body …..
She was stunned at his gesture …
He again whispered in his ears
“I hope I knew how someone can care so much for a stranger”
“I hope I knew how to confess if I love someone”

He left her …. she was not able to think what should she say ….
Saachi-I should ….I mean …. I must leave ….
She left from there ….

Precap: saachi in a dark room – is there anyone …. can anyone listen to me … who’s there …?

Suddenly she saw stars appearing on the roof in that dark room that read ….

So guys this is in this part…..hope I am able to meet the expectations of you guys …


  1. Preetha

    Omg dude….please post next asap….wwoowww kabir first step of love starts with kiss….wonderfull,plzzzzzz i plead u post next episode now itself yaar…

  2. SivaRenjini


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    Trisha I don’t like you. You are so cruel. Pls update yaar. This is very small. You made me addicted to your writing. lengthy update pls… it awesome.

    • Trisha139



      Thanks a lot dear … you can’t imagine this means a lot and yeah I will try to update soon and as for now an OS will be published soon try reading that

  3. Richa

    Aww that was cute…. Thanks for updating soon.. You r great writer… It was awsm.. Loved it a lot… Waiting for next ff…. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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    Trisha Trisha ur are awesome you are amazing person .I can’t wait yrrr .why u always do this yrrr ,You are forcing me to write once more

    i can’t wait .
    waiting for for next day to come fast .
    Trisha write long episode yrrr I was trying to read slowly so that it doesn’t end to fast .
    waiting for next episode .
    and kabir kissed sanchi near earlobe (i read this line max 4times)

    • Trisha139



      Thanks a lot alia…. I am so happy you love this and this is really encouraging…
      Sorry for the short one

      I would try to update lil linger from next time

  5. Swetatitli


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    I think in the next episode Kabir is going to propose sanchi. Really excited for the next one. Awesome story yaar 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. riya

    trisha, don’t mind me saying this but,u hv really made us addicted to ur writings, intezaar hi nahi hota…… kya yaar how can someone write so amazingly,but disappointed kyunki bahut short tha,try to write a bit longer……..plz na one request,update regularly yaar………can’t wait for the next episode any longer……

    • Trisha139



      Thankq so much riya…. and sorry for inconvenience
      I will try to write a lil longer from next time…
      Sure I will try to update as soon As possible

    • Trisha139



      I know sophy
      I am also wondering
      Sometimes it is updated within 1-2 hr now it has been more than 3 hrs since I have submitted

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    plzz writers update

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    Trisha u r an amazing writer. You are making me addicted. As always episode is awesome. Waiting for the next part .make it a bit longer

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