Kanchi ff – Falling for you (epi-2)

Hii, i am back. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sorry i couldnt reply to you individually, but comment from each one is very special.
So here is second episode…..

Sanchi and Kabir in the car.
Sanchi phone ranged flashing “Pragya”on it. she picked the call, but due to some network problem she couldn’t hear her voice clearly, so she put the phone on loudspeaker.
Sanchi- hello…hello pragya haan…now voice is clear..say

Pragya- arre yaar sanchi…hum to yeh pucchne ke liye phone kiya ki tumhari dinner date kaisi rahi tumhare hone wale sasural mein.
Sanchi looked at Kabir shockingly who also looked at her.
Sanchi- wo….woh..pragya main raaste mein hoon…i will reach soon.
Pragya- wo…wo kya kar rahi ho…jiju ke saath ho kya?
Sanchi- haan… i mean main car me hoon…baad mein phone karti hoon
Pragya- okay theek hai….par jiju ko good nyt kiss jaroor dena.
Sanchi immediately cut the call and looked outside the window to avoid Kabir’s gaze. Here, Kabir slightly smiled listening to the conversation.

Kabir- you havent told me that maa has called you?
Sanchi- she called me in the evening……so i directly went there.
Kabir- oh….i didnt know that besides being a good intern, you have great cooking talent also.
Sanchi- thank you sir
Both looked at each other sharing a small eyelock, which is later broken by kabir. (aakhir car bhi toh chalaani hai;))
He dropped her to hostel.
Next day, After coming from the operation theatre,
Kabeer (to Sanchi)- today you did great job…well done Dr.Sanchi.
Sanchi- Thank you sir.
Kabir went toward his cabin.

After sometimes,
Sanchi(holding files in her hands)- I should give the latest updates of the patient to Dr. Kabir.
She was about to knock the door of Dr. Kabir’s cabin, when she heard some giggling sound from inside. From the glass window, she looked inside. She saw a girl talking to Dr. Kabir, much to her surprise, Dr. Kabir was very much comfortable with her…..talking with her casually and laughing in between. After finishing their talks, both stood up. The girl hugged Kabir before leaving. Also Kabir showed no hesitation. Seeing them like this, Sanchi felt a strange uneasiness in her heart. After the girl went away, Sanchi entered his cabin.
Sanchi- sir, these are the latest updates of the patient we operated today.
Kabir(while checking the reports)-okay…good
Sanchi(in mind-should i ask him about the girl….what should i say)
Kabir- Sanchi…Dr. Sanchi…(bringing her to reality) i have checked the reports…its fine…some medicines are needed, i have written in it.
“okay sir”, she turned to leave but Kabir called her again. She turned to him
Kabir- vo..Sanchi…if you are free in the evening??
Sanchi- yes sir…i have no duty after 6 pm.
Kabir- good….i was asking to take you to…….
Before he could complete his sentence, his phone rang flashing”Dr. Malhotra” on it. He looked at Sanchi, while she just stood there facing the files on the table.
Kabir- its urgent….
He picked the call and went to the other side…. After the long conversation, he turned to find no one there. Sanchi has already gone from his cabin. He just kept the phone on the table being annoyed.

Later in night,
Sanchi was sleeping in the bed….rather trying to sleep, but her mind was already occupied with Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi(in mind- he always remain busy in work…always work….work…arre we are engaged, but he always give me orders…never talk with me sweetly…but with that girl, how he was laughing….he also hugged her….but with me never….if she is his ex gf??.oh god….what i am thinking…he is not like that)
Soon she slept.
So here the episode ends.
Plzz do give comments. Next update will come tomorrow.

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