Kanchi ff- Falling for you (epi-12)

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Here is todays episode
Sanchi and Kabirs wedding date got fixed.
In hostel room
Sanchi entered. Isha and Pragya looked at her curiously. Sanchi placed her bag on the table and turned towards them.
Sanchi- vo guysmy wedding date is fixed..it is after two weeks.
No reply from Isha and pragya. Sanchi looked at them for their reply. Then both jumped from the bed and instantly hugged Sanchi.

Pragya- arre wah Sanchi Kya badiya khabar sunayi hai.
Isha- ya Sanchi, we are so happy for you.
Both break the hug.
Pragya- ab toh sanchi..Mrs. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor ban jayegi.
Sanchi blushed.
Noticing her blush, Both teased her.
Pragya( fake cry)- Sanchi tum jaogi toh hum tumhein bahut miss kareinge.
Isha- yaa sanchi, dont go.listen Pragya we will ask Kabir jiju to let sanchi stay here even after marriage.what say?
Pragya- je tumne theek bola.
Sanchi- Guys!!! How can this happen? Noafter marriage I have to stay at his house only.(she suddenly stopped realising what she has said)
Isha- oh.ho Sanchi.so eager to go to Jijus house.
Isha and Pragya both teased Sanchi and trio pulled each other legs.Then the three slept.
Next few days passed doing usual hospital works and duties. The interns were preparing for the final test. So, their duties hours were also reduced.
Sanchi, Isha and Pragya were shown studying. Kabir was passing by, he stopped and looked at Sanchi. A smile appear on his face.
The final test day,
Sanchi was going towards the examination hall, when someone pulled her and pinned to the wall placing the hand on her mouth preventing her from shouting. He is revealed to be Kabir. Sanchi felt little relaxed. He slowly removed his hand.
Kabir- its me
Sanchi- oh.but why did you bring me here?
Kabir- I want to wish you luck for the exam.
Sanchi looked at him, “but.you could have wished me as it is.why here?”
Kabir took out a pen from his pocket and forward it to Sanchi.
Kabir- This was my fathers pen.he gave it to me.it is my lucky pen.so I brought it for you.
Sanchi took the pen.
Kabir- I know you will perform well even without this pen.but this is just to show that I am with you
Sanchi hugged him excitedly, “thank you so muchKabir for this.”
Then she move apart, “sorryI mean sir.we are in hospital.so”
But Kabir cut off, “its Kabir right now..”
Both looked at each other sharing a smile.

In the examination hall
All the interns were sitting in the hall. Dr. Kabir came and distributed the question paper. The examination started. The interns fully focused finished the exam. After that Dr. Kabir collected their answer sheet. Dr. Malhotra entered the hall.
Dr. Malhotra- The result of the final test will be declared in few days, along with the name of the intern who will topped this test series..
All the interns went for their duties.
After few days, the result of the final test declared.Sanchi has topped the final test with 97% marks. Also combining the marks of the entire test series, Sanchi has scored the maximum marks.Thus she is the topper of the test series..Dr. Malhotra has offered Sanchi to join the hospital as a doctor after finishing her internship. She accepted it. She will join the hospital as a doctor after the marriage.
Next few days passed. The news of Kabir and Sanchi getting married already been known to the hospital staffThe invitations were given. Both Kabir and Sanchi have taken leave for their marriage rituals.
In Kabirs house
Kusum is shown telling the servant to keep the gifts and sweets in the car.
Kusum- Golu!!! Jaldi neeche aao..pooja ke liye der ho jaayegi.come fast.
“hi sweetheart” a voice came from behind.
Kusum turned around to find a guy standing on the door wearing a cool jacket with a bag on his shoulder.
“veer!!!” said Kusum. The guy is Veer. Veer comes to Kusum.
Kusum (in taunting way)- aa gaye tum..shadi ke baad hi aana tha.
Veer hold his ears, “sorry na sweetheart, I missed my flight thats why I got late..please maaf kardo apne rockstar ko.”
Kusum- okay.okaymaaf kiya..aur ye sweetheart kya hai..i am your maasi
Veer- maasi.you are my sweetheart only.my cute maasi(pulling her cheeks)
Kusum lightly hit him, “shuru ho gayi teri shaitani”
Veer placing his arm on her shoulder, “by the way maasi, where is the groom?”
Kusum- He is upstairs getting ready.
Veer- oh okay.tell me maasi.how did you find a bride for Kabir bhai..seeing his track record.i have never expected that he would ever get married..always run away from girls
Kusum frowned a little and then smiled, “vaise..sahi kahaa..ladkiyon ke mamle mein toh mera golu ek dum bholu hi hai..isiliye toh mujhe apni bahu khud hi dhoondhni padi.”
Both laughed.
“Why are you both laughing so much?”
Both Kusum and Veer got alerted and turned back to find Kabir standing behind them well dressed in embroidered white kurta.
“arre kabir bhai.” Veer said and immediately hugged Kabir. Breaking the hug, “we were talking nothing..vaise congratulations haan”
Kabir nodded, “how was your journey?”. “Good” said Veer.
Kusum- chalo veer.go and get ready fast.we have to go to Sanchis house for ganesh puja..get ready and come fast..
Veer- okay.abhi gayaa.aur abhi ayaa

They reached Sanchis house. They came out of the car. Kabir got a call, so he stopped outside to attend the call. Kusum and Veer entered inside. Jaya along with some other relatives welcomed them. They greeted and introduced each other. Kusum introduced Veer to Jaya.
Jaya- Kusumji where is Kabir?
Kusum- He is outside attending a call, will come soon. Where is sanchi?
Jaya- She is inside doing preparations for the puja..you come and sit here.
Saying this, Jaya went inside.
Veer got up from the chair and started roaming around. Just then a girl coming from opposite side collide with him. Veer looked at her, “hi beautiful.”
Before he could say further, Kusum came from behind and twisted his ear, “Veer!!!…..she is Sanchi..your bhabhi..no badmaashi here”. The girl is sanchi. She was wearing normal salwar-kameez.
Veer looked on shocked and immediately bend down to touch her feet, but Sanchi stopped him.
Veer- sorry.sorry bhabhiplease forgive me.otherwise Kabir bhai will definitely make me patient in his hospital.
Sanchi and Kusum smiled at his words.
Kusum- Sanchi..he is veer.Kabirs cousin
Veer- ..and your one and only cute and handsome devar.so friends??
Sanchi looked on and then said, “ok apology and friendship both are accepted.my devarji..”
Veer- thank you so much bhabhi
Sanchi( to Kusum)- maa..have some snacks..i just come.
She excused herself and went inside.
Todays episode ends here.
Veer- He is Kabirs cousin. Son of Kusums Sister. His parents died in an accident. Lives in Canada. A guitarist by profession. Kind of flirt but never disrespects women. And of course, a prankster.
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