Kanchi ff- Falling for you (epi-11)

Hellooo friends, I am back..Firstly, sooo sorry.kaan pakad kar badaa wala sorry for late update..and for not replying to your commentsI was busy with my studies..kya karoon studies important haa na..Thank you so much for your precious comments.
Here is todays episode
Kabir got to know that Sanchi has planned his Fathers birthday. He went to her hostel to apologize where they spent some good moment.
Next day
Sanchi is shown sleeping peacefully. Isha and Pragya were moving here and there in the room.
Pragya- je dekho, ye maharani aaram se so rahin hain
Isha-.and here we are running late for the hospital.

Both shouted- Sanchi!!!
Sanchi woke up with a start- kya hua??
Isha- nothing..wake up yaar.
Sanchi- oh!!! Okay..but how come you both got ready early today.
Pragya- oh.now dont say you remember nothing??
Then Sanchi remembered the last night incident. A smile appear on her face. She got up from the bed.

Sanchi- so you both are going for your rewardor rather punishment.
She smirked while they glared at her.
Isha- we both helped you..and see what we got in return.
Sanchi hugged them.
Sanchi- oh my lovely deariesnow go otherwise you both will be late.
Pragya- ok fine..but you also come fast.dont engage yourself in Kabir jijus dreams again
Sanchi frowned at them, but then the trio bursts into laughter. Isha and Pragya left.


Sanchi got ready and went to the hospital. Ms.Fernandes called her.
Ms.F- Dr.Sanchi, here are the reports of the patient on bed no. 103 in general ward.(giving her the file).verify the medicines accordingly.
Sanchi- ok mam..ummm..mam where is Kabir..sir??
Ms.Fernandes looked at her.

Sanchi- I mean..i need to take his advice for my patient and he is not in his cabin.
Ms.Fernandes smiled at her, “Dr. Sanchi dont you know, Dr. Kabir and Dr. Malhotra have gone for a conference.”
Sanchi- okay mam.i’ll leave.
She turned and left from there.

Sanchi was checking the patient.
Sanchi(in mind)- He has gone for the conference..couldnt he inform me.
Just then her phone beeped. She took out her phone and it was a message from Kabir, “Hi Sanchi, I am going with Dr. Malhotra for conference at Cutis Hospital.Sorry, I coulnt tell you yesterdayI have reached here..will return in two days..Take Care”
A smile crept on her face. She messaged, “All the best for the conference.Take care”
Rest of the day spent doing the usual hospital duties.

In the night at Hostel,
Sanchi, Isha and Pragya entered their room.
Isha- I am going to sleep.today was quite hectic..i need to have good sleep otherwise I will get wrinkles
Pragya- haan humein bhi bahut neend aa rahi hai.
The trio got fresh and went to their bed. Isha and Pragya soon slept. But Sanchi was still tossing around in the bed.
Sanchi(in mind)- should I call him?
She got up and took her phone and messaged Kabir, “hi.”
She waited for his reply. Seeing no reply, she was about to put her phone back, but her phone rang. It was a call from Kabir. She picked it.

(S for Sanchi and K for Kabir)
S- hello..how was your conference?
K- It was good.mm.have you taken your dinner?
S- yaa.you?
K- me too
Sanchi(in mind- what should I ask him now).well.when will you return?
K- Day after tomorrow..i have told you in the morning
S- hmm.okay
K- so..

S- so..okay good night
K- good night..have sweet dreams
Both cut the call. Soon Sanchi slept too.
Next two days passed as such doing usual hospital duties and preparing for the test.
After two days in the morning
All the interns were present in the hall. Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir entered.
Dr. Malhotra- Good Morning interns!!! This weekend is going to be your final test.So best of luck for that.as this test will be prepared by the senior faculty of the hospital..so do perform well..and show your best.
All interns- Thank you sir!!!

Dr. Malhotra- now all can disperse to their duties
The interns went to their duties. Some interns were shown studying, taking notes, and doing group discussions..
In the evening
Sanchi entered Kabir cabin.
Sanchi- sir these are the latest reports of the patient you have asked for.
Kabir took the file and read it, “okay.but still do his regular check-ups”
Sanchi- okay.
She turned and was about to leave the cabin, when Kabir called her again. She went to him.
Kabir- Sanchi.maa was asking you to come to house today..so we will together go in the evening..
Sanchi- okay I will wait for you..by the way why maa has called us?
Kabir- I dont know..she just said its important for both of us to be present there.
Sanchi- okay.when will we leave?
Kabir- 6:30 pm.

Sanchi nodded and left from there.
Both reached Kabirs house. Both entered the house and sanchi was surprised to find Jaya already present there with a priest.
Sanchi- maaaap yahan??
Jaya- haan beta.Kusum ji has called me
Kusum entered the hall.
Kusum- aa gaye tum dono.come sit here.
Kabir- maaye sabaur yeh pandit ji??

Kusum- I have called him.dekh golu.now I cant wait for both of you to get married.and I have called pandit ji so that he can find an auspicious date(shubh muhurat) for the wedding
Both Sanchi and Kabir looked at each other.
Kabir- par maa.abhi Sanchi ki internship bhi puri nahi huyi hai.

Kusum- arre..main konsashaadi kal karwa rahi hoon.bas abhi date hi nikal wani hai
Both Sanchi and Kabir sat there.
The priest after going through his usual books (I dont know what it is called), said “there is a date after two week..after that there is no auspicious date for six month..”
Kusum- ok.so date after two week is good.what you say jaya ji?
Jaya- this is good.but how will the preparations be done in such short time?
Kusum- what is there in preparationsif I could doI would make Sanchi my daughter-in-law tomorrow itself..so Kabir Sanchi, you both say.are you fine with the date?
Both looked at each other. Sanchi lowered her head being shy.

Kabir-(looking at both Kusum and Jaya)- okay maa.as you say.
Kusum asked the servant to serve sweets to all. They talked for sometimes and then Kusum asked Kabir to drop Jaya and Sanchi. First, he dropped Jaya and Kabir and Sanchi reached the hostel. Both came out of the car.
Kabir- you okay..

Sanchi- means?
Kabir- I mean.with the wedding date so close..i know we are not like normal couplesbut Sanchi, I will try my best to make this relation successful.
Sanchi- Dont worry.i will not ask you to do anything like other couples..yea, but there is one thing.
Kabir- what?
Sanchi- just learn to complement me.

Kabir give her a “what?” look. Sanchi laughed.
Kabir- hmm..i will try..this weekand is final test so all the best for the preparations.
Sanchi- yes sir
She turned to leave but he hold her hand and turned towards himself.
Kabir- Kabir
Sanchi narrowed her eyes, “I know your name”
Kabir smiled, “i know..sanchiI want you to call me by my name”. Sanchi looked on.
Kabir- In hospital, I am your senior.not hereso.

Sanchi( in Kabirs tone)- hmm..i will try.
Sanchi- okay bye si.kabir.

Sharing a smile, both left from there.
Here todays episode ends. I know that was boringit was just to progress the story.
Many of you have asked for the precap..As I dont write the whole episode in advance..so giving a definite precap is difficulthope you understand.
Till then keep smileying.

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