Kanchi ff – Falling for you (epi-10)

Helloooo friends, I am back. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.It just make my day awesome. Now here is todays episode.my 10th episode…..yippeee???
So read and enjoy
In the hostel room
Sanchi is pacing in her room, “Hope everything got perfectKabir should like the surpriseif he got angry.oh noplease god make him like the arrangements.”
She was struggling with her inner thoughts when she heard a knock on the door.
Sanchi- must be Isha and Pragyanow I will get to know exactly what happen there
She opened the door and to her shock, she found Kabir standing there.
Both looked at each other.unable to say a word. But Kabir broke the silence.
“Sanchi..i.” said Kabir.
Sanchi was about to shut the door, but Kabir pushed it with more force and entered inside closing the door behind him. Sanchi turned away.

Kabir- Sanchivo.i.
Sanchi- no need to say anything.
But Kabir hold her from shoulders and made her face him.
Kabir- I am sorry.
Sanchi looked at him, fresh tears start forming in her eyes but she controlled them from coming out and looked away.
Kabir hold her chin and made her face him again.
Kabir- I am so sorry.i was completely unaware that you are planning such a great surprise for me..whatever you have done today.i.i just cant express in words.thank you is such a small word for thisafter maa, only you have understood me..my feelings.SanchiI am very glad to have you in my life..
Continuous tears were coming from Sanchis eyes.
Sanchi- but you said that this relation.
“Sshh..” Kabir placed his finger on her lips.and wiped the trails of tears on her cheeks.
Kabir- no Sanchi, being with you is never a regretinfact I am lucky to have you with me..that day .i just said in anger..that too because I was concerned for your studies..you are very special to me..and for me, your career is my priority…..so am I forgiven ??
Sanchi shook her head negatively. Kabir looked on asking, “then..”.
Sanchi- hold your ears and then say sorry…..
Kabir was about to hold his ear, but Sanchi hold his hands, nodding in no.
Both looked at each other, still in each other embrace..Later they came back to their senses, feeling awkward both move away.

Kabir- by the way, I wanted you to be there
Sanchi- vo.i thought only you and maa should be there.afterall its a special moment for both of you.
Kabir- now you are also a part of our life.i want you in my every moment
Sanchi looked at him.
Sanchi- mmm.idea!!! you just wait here.
She went out of the room, while Kabir looked on. After sometime, Sanchi returned with a plate in her hands having a bread-jam cake in it with a lit candle on it. She placed the cake on the table and called Kabir, “come here”. He went there.
Sanchi- sorry, I couldnt present there, but I too want to celebrate uncles birthday.(looking at the cake)..in the short time, only this cake is available.
Kabir smiled at her innocence.
Kabir- this cake is the best.come lets cut it.
Both blew the candle. Kabir took a piece of bread and fed it to Sanchi. Sanchi too feed him.
Sanchi- you really miss your dad.
Kabir looked at her, ” yaa, he was my superhero.and I was his superkid.but my stupidity.spoiled everything”
But Sanchi cut off, “noo.whatever you did.you were a small kid at that time.a parent can never be upset from his kid”

Seeing him lost in his thoughts, Sanchi smirked, “you know.celebration is still incomplete.”. Kabir asked questioningly, ” how??”
Sanchi took some jam and applied it on Kabirs nose.
Sanchi- now it is complete..
Soon she bursts into laughter.
Kabir glared at her, “now you are gone!!!”
He was about to grab her hand, but she ran away in nick of time. He started chasing her around the room, while Sanchi giving him tough time as she was escaping from him everytime. But soon Kabir got hold of her pinning her to the wall.
“now how will you escape.” Kabir said huskily moving close to her ear.
Sanchi closed her eyes feeling his proximity.
He gently rubbed his nose on her cheek smearing the jam on her too. “You cant escape from me” he said tracing her cheek, while Sanchi tightly clutched her dress. Both were lost in their own world, when some whispering sound broke their trance.
Kabir moved away. Sanchhi opened her eyes too. Both looked away, feeling shy.
Kabir- I think I should go
Sanchi- hmm
Both noticed some sounds from outside.
Sanchi- by the way how did you come..i mean at this time..in the hostel..
Kabir- actually..
Sanchi- Isha and Pragya!!!!!!
Kabir- hmm..yes they both helped me.
Sanchi- help???? What bribe did they get in return?
Kabir looked shocked, “actually..duties in the department of their own choice.for one dayas I cant give them full day leave..”
Sanchi- what!!!! I already knew this..
Kabir give a weak smile. Then he opened the door to find Isha and Pragya standing there with a killer smirk on their faces.
Pragya- what happen??
Isha- is everything sorted??
Pragya slightly hit Isha, “arre everything must be sorted..cant you see the redness of the nose (indicating to his nose)”
Isha- ohhh!!!
Kabir immediately wiped his nose. Also, Sanchi cleared her cheek.
Kabir immediately moved out of the room. Isha and Pragya giggled at Sanchi while she glared at them.
Kabir came back.
Kabir- Isha and Pragya..tomorrow at 9 am sharp..
Isha/Pragya- but sir, you have said that.we will get department of our own choice.
Kabir- I know, department will be of your own choice, but duty hours will be fixed by me.
Isha/Pragya jaws dropped, “thats not fair.jijuuI mean sir”
Now Sanchi smiled at them.

Both Sanchi and Kabir looked at each other sharing a smile. Then Kabir left from there.
Both Isha and Pragya entered the room. They noticed the blush on Sanchis face.
Pragya- ohho!!! Someone is blushing!!!
Isha- I think everything is sorted now.
Sanchi- please guys.shut up
She turned away blushing. But Isha and Pragya get hold of her and turned her.
Isha- Waise Sanchi Kya hua?? Did he kiss you??
Sanchi- hawww!! What are you saying.nothing happen as suchwe just talked..
Pragya- arre yaar.matlab itna sab kuch karne ka koi faida nahi huagayi saari mehnat paani mein.
Isha- yaa
Sanchi- offoo.guysplease stop thinking too much and now sleep.
She immediately went to the bed and covered herself with the blanket. A smile appear on her face remembering the moments with Kabir. Soon she drifts into sleep.
So, todays episode ends here. I have tried to add romantic scene….Actually, I think I am not good at writing romantic scene….but still I tried….hope you like it…..
Please do give your reviews….Keep smileying☺??

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