Kanchi ff – Falling for you (epi-1)


Hellooo frnds, myself smiley. I am new here. This is first time, i am writing a ff on kanchi. This ff will only focus on kanchi….mainly kanchi scenes will be there…no revenge drama between jaya and dr. malhotra. Hope you will like it.
Here is the first episode…..

A conference hall is shown where a meeting is going on. A person in black suit is addressing the meeting. All the members are listening to him keenly. Soon the meeting got finished.
“Congratulations Dr. Kabir, we are highly impressed by the presentation”one of the client seeting in the front chair stood up and shook hand with Kabir.(so person addressing the meeting is Kabir). Kabir- “Thank you Mr. George”
Then the client move to Dr. Malhotra, congratulating him and signing the legal papers of the deal. Then Dr. Malhotra came to Kabir.
Dr. Malhotra- Well done!!! Dr. Kabir….i am really proud of you. This meeting was really important to set up our hospital branch in Australia.
Kabir- Thank you sir.

Soon Dr. Malhotra and the client left the conference room with the interns present over there.
“Dr. Sanchi” Kabir called.
One of the intern turned back. A girl is shown in pink salwar kameez wearing white coat with “head intern” batch attached on left side of the coat. She is Dr. Sanchi.
“Yes sir”saying this she moves toward Dr. Kabir.
Kabir-” There is a surgery at 3 pm…you are going to assist me for that…read the details carefully..and also make arrangements for it.” he said while arranging the files on the table.
For a second, she just looked at him blankly lost in her thoughts.
“Sanchi….are you listening ?” still busy in reading the file.
Sanchi- yes….yes sir…files will be ready
saying this she immediately left the conference room. Kabir just looked at her going.

“hey Sanchi, what are u doing ? its lunch time….come” said Isha.
Sanchi- i have to assist Dr. Kabir in a surgery…so just reading the details of patient.
Isha- Ooho…so you are going to assist hottie…
Sanchi glared at her.
Isha- ok fine…sorry. But we have already decided to go for shopping today….you are going to get married next month..show some excitement!!! and here you are planning about surgery.
Sanchi- work is almost done..i will join you later.
Isha- okay…come fast
Sanchi glanced at the diamond ring in her finger, and then started studying the file.

At night in Kabir home
Kabir came in holding his bag. His mom called him for dinner. “ya mom, i”ll just come”, he said. After sometime, he came after getting fresh. Kusum served him with lots of food in his plate.
Kabir- maa please…itna saara khana mein kaiase khaunga
Kusum- arre golu!! eat the food… today food is special.
Kabir ate the food and really found it tasty.”ya mom , today food is really tasty…..from where did you order this food??” Just then Sanchi came in holding bowl of kheer in her hand. Kabir dropped the bite from his hand.
Kusum- today food is made by Sanchi.
Sanchi placed the bowl on the table. “I have come to meet maa…she was bored of eating boiled food, so i prepared this food…but i have cooked in less oil and also i have used sugar free…so this food is healthy” Sanchi quickly said before in fear of getting scolding from Dr. Kabir for cooking the oily food.
Kabir- Its okay…btw food is tasty.

To which Sanchi smiled in response.
Kusum- arre Sanchi, you also sit and have food.
Sanchi sat for the dinner. After finishing the dinner,
Kabir- Sanchi, there is an important surgery tommorrow at 8 am….you will assist me..so come early tommorrow.
Sanchi- ok sir.
Kusum- sir?? Sanchi, you are going to be his wife now….call him by his name…not with sir.
Sanchi- “wo..maa, he is my senior, so i just.” She immediately picked the plates and went to the kitchen.
Kusum turned towards kabir.
Kusum- Golu!! what is this?? she is your financee not just your intern..besides your professional life , you have a personal life too, please focus on this relation also.
Kabir- Ya..okay maa i will try….there is lots of work in hospital and i am very busy these days.
Kusum- “Again hospital ….you will never change.” saying this, she went away to her room.
So, Kabir and Sanchi are engaged . They are going to get married next month. Kabir is doctor in SDCH and sanchi is an intern there. kabir’s mom liked the Sanchi’s proposal given by a common relative and talked with Jaya, Sanchi’s mom. On their mother’s insistences, both agreed for the marriage. Though, they are engaged still there is senior-junior relation only. Except hospital, they hardly talk about any other things.
hope you like it. Plzz do give comments.

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  1. Hema69

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    1. Thank you so much

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    1. Tysm…next update will come tomorrow.

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    Nice ff… Loved it…. Eagerly wating for next one…. ?

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    Hey Smiley, Intro was great and awesome..post you next epi ASAP.eagerly waiting ?

    1. Thanks for liking it….will update next part tomorrow.

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  11. Nice start smiley hope you like us and post it daily and plz dont leave it in center

  12. It’s fantastic and just like ur name smily

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    Great start Smiliey ??? can’t wait to see how both will fall in love

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  17. As ur name this was so good that a cute smile appeared on my face . I just love this ff

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    Great start smiley n happy to see one more ff on kanchi n fan too keep it up update regularly

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    It was sooo sweet Yr…. Totally loved it and can’t wait to read further… Its really interesting!!! Keep going dear!!

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