KANA KANUM KALANGAL- Season 1: An overview


Kanavugal kaanum vayasachu
Manasula aasa molachachu
Kanavugal kaanum vayasachu
Ilamaiku mugavari kedachachu

Oh oh oh lelelle
Oh oh oh lelelle
Oh oh oh oh oh

Hope nobody would have forgotten this beautiful season 1 of kana kanum kalangal serial.

A small intro:
Gang 1
Bala- son of a policeman who constantly insults Bala
Pachai- son of a single father who is financially struggling and has a big dream of making Pachai an IAS officer
Pandi- the biggest comedian of the gang who takes everything lightly and makes the situation smooth and sometimes worse
Joe- son of a very strict chemistry sir who works in the same school

Gang 2
Vinit: son of a rich single business mom who wants him to follow her way.. but vinit has his own dreams
Krish: son of rich parents who failed to show care and affection to him which leaded him to drug addiction
Unni- comedian of this gang who thinks himself as a playboy but constantly gets bulb from girls
Rishi- an over technical student who aspires to become a scientist but wastes his talent

Ragavi- a silent girl who lost her parents in tsunami and gets adopted by parents who lost their daughter named Ragavi.. later joins in gang 1
Sangavi- Her parents adopt Ragavi.. Sangavi hates Ragavi to the core as hurts her whenever she gets chance.. later joins in gang 2

Princi- a nice person who thinks about students basically good at heart
PT sir- a funny teacher who is a sidekick to princi.. he has never submitted his degree certificates and his famous dialogue is “yes sir.. no sir.. sorry sir..”
Gabriel- a strict chemistry sir who is the father of Joe.. he needs his students to follow his principles.. his famous dialogue is “discipline is important to me..”

The plot and idea of KKK (shortly- kana kanum kalangal) was damn good as it was the very first serial in Tamizh which said about school students, their feelings, triffling fights between two gangs, one side love, crushes, punishments from teachers, mark sheet, report card, parents and teachers association meetings etc. It was almost the hearthrob of many youngsters. It took many college students back to the school days.

The main reason behind the success of KKK was its simplicity and natural acting of the perfectly selected cast. Not overly reacted artists and not unimaginable and unrealistic tracks were emerged. Everything was going on very well.

Lets have a small overview of KKK.
Gang 1 and gang 2 never had good terms. Whenever they meet, there will be a big fight. The leaders of the gangs were Bala and Vinit respectively. Ragavi was adopted by Sangavi’s parents and joined her in the same school where Sangavi is studying. On their first day, both Sangavi and Ragavi were teased by both gangs individually. As usual the gangs got into fight where they broke the notice board glass. They were called by Princi. Ragavi supported Bala gang and Sangavi supported Vinit gang. This is how the gang formed with the girls.
Ragavi-Bala-Pachai-Pandi-Joe and Sangavi-Vinit-Krish-Unni-Rishi

Meanwhile, Ragavi and Bala grew close which made Pachai jealous who had a crush on Ragavi but only Pandi knew about this. Joe had two faces- a very serious and sad in his home and a jovial person in school. Pachai was a school topper till Ragavi came. After that, Ragavi and Pachai had a healthy competition in scoring marks. When Pachai came to know about the false rumour that Bala and Ragavi were in love, he started to score low marks not concentrating in his studies. Ragavi complained about Pachai’s low grades to his dad. Pachai shared his dad that he liked Ragavi to which his dad explained about their financial differences. Pachai understood this and started to score good marks again which made everyone happy.

Vinit and Sangavi had attraction towards each other which the whole school knew about it. Krish, Unni and Rishi were their best friends.

In between, they had a students SPL election. During this time, Sangavi had a small fight with Vinit. Hence she decided to support Bala’s team. On seeing Vinit’s helplessness, Ragavi decided to support Vinit’s team. This was how Sangavi befriended with Bala’s gang and Ragavi befriended with Vinit’s gang. However all their misunderstandings cleared. Both Ragavi and Sangavi became friends of both the gangs.

There were also few episodes which shown that KKK cast participated in Jodi No.1 show. The judges were Princi sir, Gabriel sir and PET sir. Those episodes were very funny and relaxing.

The season 1 had a drastic turn when Sangavi was dead UNEXPECTEDLY!! After that, it became worse by introducing juniors and shifting to another school, red and blue team bla bla etc. It was not needed.

The show could have let the way it was travelling. And yes before Sangavi’s death, somehow by reading Ragavi’s diary which explained how much she misses Sangavi- made a friendship bond than a sisterhood relationship between Ragavi and Sangavi.

Bala could have become a police officer higher official to his dad. That would have made his dad to understand the real value of his son.

Joe would have become a lyricist as he always tried to write kavidhai which turned out a real mokkai. He could have made his dad Gabriel to understand that life is to be enjoyed.

Pachai would have become an IAS officer as his father’s wish and made his dad to live in a big house, travel in a luxurious car etc.

Vinit would have become a musician as per his wish and showed his business minded mom that he too had an aspiring dream.

Krish would have become a drug addict reliever since he was addicted to drugs in his school days and hence he might have decided to bring out people away from drug addiction.

Rishi would have become a scientist. In the same way, Pandi and Unni would have become something in their lives.
Bala and Ragavi made a good pair whereas Vinit and Sangavi too.
But this show took a drastic turn by making Krish to accidentally kill Sangavi. The makers have made the storyline worse by taking this unexpected and drastic turn. I personally think that KKK could have ended with the above said end. And my dear friends, do you think Sangavi’s death made an impact on this show? I would say that, Sangavi’s death is not the end of Season 1. It was so mean. What do you think? And comment what you feel about this overview of KKK?

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  1. Hi ishu.. Iam frm Kerala.dis show was dubbed into malaylam.i really likd dis show..but i havnt seen it till end.. So i really want to read ur story.R u d same ishu who is writng perfect and imperfect?

  2. Hey ishu
    I’m die of fan of this serial but could not watched this serial regularly cox I was too young ( nearly 12 r 10)
    Now I really very happy to recollect this serial
    Now a day the serial are going unrealistic
    Like mother in laws serial
    IPA nan romba happy ya eruka
    I’m really gald to u
    Pls this is suggestion neega etha serial base pani oru fan fiction azhuthalam

    1. Thank you soo much deepika… indha serial telecast agum podhu i was in my 6th standard… if you guys support me, I will try to write a fan fiction….

  3. First of all thank you so much hima… and yes dear… I am the one who is writing perfect and an imperfect… and about this kana kanum kalangal, this is just my view about how the story could have brought to an end… and if anyone has an idea of writing a fan fiction about our favourite KKK?

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