“Kambaqt IShq – “Seven Deadly Sins” CS

Hey guys…i have thought of rebooting the story…

the story will restart..with new cast and story !!! it will be a super natural saga !! What happens when the 7 deadly sins unite !!


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Dharmika Agarwal (Mouni Roy)

Dharmika agarwal, is a mysterious , beautiful young lady. she is a business woman. Dharmika, is alluring and claims to be a widow. she is soon attracted to Udayveer Rudrishi.

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Parinita Bisht (Alisha Panwar )

Parinita Bisht is a beautiful ,aspiring model. she is the love of the life of UdayVeer Rudrishi, the heir of Rudrishis. She is his finacee. Parinita is a symptom of perfection, sweet and pretty.

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Vinaiya Shivansh ( Adaa Khan)

vinaiya is hot, stylish and damn beautiful. she is arrogant, proudy but loving in her own ways. she is Aanvi’s sister and loves her a lot.

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Aanvi Shivansh (Tanya Sharma)

beautiful , and bold, she is the twin sister of Vinaiya. she is a journalist and loves her job.

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ShivRaj Rudrishi

head of the industies of Rudrishi Empire, he is married to his love. He has 2 sons and a younger brother. Shivraaj is workahlic, cool minded and deadly dangerous !!

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Gauri Rudrishi

she is Shivraaj’s wife. very sweet, but bold, and an influencial woman .

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Udayveer Rudrishi

A young entrepernuer, he is fun, talented and lively. he is a responsible, caring and family loving man. he loves his girlfriend and fiancee Parinita alot, but gets attracted to the mysterious personality of Dharmika, a travelling lady.

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Aarv Rudrishi

Aarv is free spirited, hot,flirty and young. energetic as anyhting, he loves his brother alot. For aarv, love means nothing !!

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Om Rudrishi

om is a workaholic, arrogant, strong man. he is a widower. he is the main pillar of the industries !!


So, this shall start soon. its based on NAAGIN ! the couples are ArDeep, RiVanya , VarDaa, Dheera !!

pls pls share your views !!!

lots of love !!



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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow..a supernatural concept based on naagin.loved all the jodies esp rivanya,dheera n varuda.varun ada jodi was surprising.but u shud’ve started this as a new FF instead of KI.Bcz the 1st KI-ek paheli was interesting n a lot of readers were enjoying it.It had Gohem Arya n ragsan.i request u to continue that too

  2. Wow I cannot wait for your FF your introduction was power pact (the cast) Adaa Khan is beautiful,and Om looks hot well aunty jayashree is old so she has to go for the older ones right? Lol waiting on your FF NairA_KhAn

  3. Salley145

    Waiting eagerly for ur ff

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