Kambaqt Ishq (Intro & Episode 1)

What started off as an OS… quickly turned into an FF…
Hi everybody! My name is Trisha(my real name)… and this is my first ever fictional offering. So far, I have been thoroughly entertained by the brilliant and creative writers of Telly Updates…and now I’m gonna give it a try.
My FF is based on KKB. Same characters…slightly different story. New characters may or may not be introduced later on…haven’t decided yet.
Suggestions and recommendations are welcome…Let me know what you guys think. So… shall we begin?

Episode 1

Abhi sat in the wedding mandap awaiting his bride-to be. “Call the bride.” The pundit requested. What could be taking her so long? He wondered.
Abhi spotted Purab and signalled him to come.
“Why is she taking so long?” he asked.
“Well actually…” Purab hesitated.
“Call the bride. The auspicious time is going.” The pundit requested once again.
As the pundit spoke those words, she was brought out by Dadi and made to sit next to Abhi.
Abhi turned and saw her.
“Finally” he whispered. “Thought I was gonna have to send a search party for you. Wait…why is your face covered?”
Dadi stepped in and said, “Beta, it’s all part of the rituals…isn’t that so punditji?” The pundit nodded.

Dadi continued, “You will see your bride soon enough. Panditji you may begin.”
The wedding began and soon the pheras were taken…the sindoor was applied and the mangalsutra worn.
After the ceremony, the bride and groom were asked to take the blessings
of their elders.
Abhi was about to lift the veil when Dadi said, “Just a little bit longer, Beta…then you will have the rest of your life to look at her.”

After welcoming the bride into her new home, a few rituals were performed and then Dadi asked Aliya to escort her to her room. About an hour later, after most of the guests had left, Abhi went up to his room.
He opened the door and his eyes went straight over to bed, where his new wife sat. He closed the door behind him, walked to the bed and sat next to her. He held her hand and said softly, “Finally, we are alone” and plants a kiss on her palm.
She gets up to leave but Abhi holds her hand.
He says, “Since when are you this shy?”
He then trailed kisses up her arm and turned her to face him.
When Abhi finally lifts her dupatta, he is shocked!

Yeah I know it’s short…will try to make the next one longer…
So…you guys wanna read the rest of the story? Let me know…


  1. nannu

    y not yarrr …………………………….i am eargely waiting to see who is the bride ……………………..plz update the part fast

  2. rajesh

    That veil girl is tanu…then plze stop this ff k…v always want abigya reunion…ur writing skill is gud…i lyk it…

  3. durga

    Yeah ofcource need to read rest of the story how can u just end today’s episode lk tz making me too suspense shock to know who s that bride….??

  4. Shruthi

    I think so thats tanu i am not sure abt it….marvellous start….pls update next one soon pls…

  5. Saranya

    Suprrb yaar waiting fr nxt part???but can u say ur reel name which u used fr ur os coz i cant remember☺

    • Trisha



      Thank you Sanranya! This story was only supposed to be a One Shot… But there was too many ideas to put in… So I turned it into a Fan Fiction. πŸ™‚

  6. VarshaVenkat


    |Registered Member

    Dat girl will b prags n abhi will get shocked.as.he saw prags instead of tanu……anyways….it’s a fantabulous story track uve started

  7. anu

    Nice ff i am tamilian can u tell me the meaning of yr title?ishq means love what is kambaqt?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.