Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 9


Episode 9

Six years later…

“Come on Fuggi…Let’s go na, pleeeaseeee.” Abhi pleaded.
“No,you go. I have to study.”
“How much will you study? Can’t you take one evening off for me? Please Fuggi.” He pleaded again. “No” she replied.
He snatched the book she was reading from.
“How will you study if you don’t have your book?” he teased and ran from the room.
Pragya ran after him.
“Give me back my book!” she shouted at him.
“No!” Abhi said. Not until you agree to come to the party with me!”
“Abhi yaaar…why don’t you understand? I have alot of work to do. Exams are near and I still have my projects to complete.
You know I would not have refused otherwise.”
Abhi made a sad face and said, “Ok fine, but next time you will have to come with me…promise?” Pragya promised and they shook hands on it.

Abhi gave Pragya her book and said, “Here bookworm, go study. I’m going to get ready for the party.”
Abhi arrived at the party and greeted his friends. He then went with his friend, Sunil, to get a cold drink. Someone yelled “Who wants to play truth or dare?!”
They all cheered!
The game is very simple.
If you choose truth, you will be asked a question, to which you must answer truthfully….and if you choose dare, then you must do what your friends tell you.
“Will you play?” asked Sunil
“Sure, why not?” replied Abhi. And they headed off to play.

Pragya sat in her room, trying her best to study. But she couldn’t concentrate.
Her mind was on Abhi and how disappointed he was…
What was the harm in taking one evening off? She thought to herself.
You said ‘no’ to the party…and now you can’t concentrate on your studies.
Nice going, Pragya!
She buried her head back into her books and tried once again to study.

The game was in full swing. Only a small group of them sat playing.
All were laughing at Sunil. Someone had dared him to wear lipstick…and he had to keep it on all night. The bottle was spun again and this time it ended up on Abhi.
“Truth or dare?” he was asked.
He had chosen ‘truth’ three times already….so this time he chose ‘dare’.
“Wow!” They said surprised, “Our Abhi has chosen dare.”
“Guys we should not waste this opportunity.” said Sunil. “Lets make this a really good one!”
“Be gentle, guys.” Abhi said laughingly.
“Ok Abhi” a girl said. “You have to… kiss the next girl or lady who walks through that door…blindfolded.” The group cheered!
“Good one, Kiran!” one of them shouted.
“Agreed?” asked Kiran.
Abhi was hesitant….but then he thought, ‘Why not?’ “Agreed” Abhi replied.
“Wait! How would I know who walks through that door if my eyes are covered?”
“We will give you a tap on your shoulder.” replied Sunil. This was his first kiss…he only hoped that some Aunty didn’t walk through that door next. He would be scarred for life! His eyes were covered with a red bandana handkerchief and then he was steered close to the door. He waited and waited…and then he felt a tap on his shoulder…
As he felt the tap on his shoulder, Abhi walked two steps ahead.
His heart raced. He could sense the girl’s presence in front of him.
What was he doing? Abhi asked himself.
He shouldn’t have given in to this friends…look at the trouble he was in now! And before he had a chance to change his mind…Abhi reached out and kissed her!

Precap: Abhi meets Tanu…
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  1. Trisha so nice it’s me sheerapthini from other account

    1. Trisha

      Thank you so much my dear???
      Was missing your comments… didnt know you were here all the time? So should i call you Sheera or Manju? ?

  2. Nice episode yaar thn I hv a request plzzzz end tz fb scene as soon as possible r else give some present scene too alternatively it’s my humble request if u feel it won’t work according to ur story thn do as ur story goes…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Durga! Trying my best to wrap up flashback scenes… Should be over in 2-3 epis hopefully… Even i am eager to get back to the present story…?
      Thank you so much for your suggestion dear?

  3. nice yaaaaaaaaaa

    pls that girl is pragya?????????????

    not make tanu………………

    pls update regularly

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Di???
      I want to tell you… But I will let you wait for the story?

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice……

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      Thank you Reshma?

  5. super…

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      Thank you Sugan?


    so… story Is soon reached on the present track… is that girl is tanu… that’s why their relation start… but there is a chance that may be pragya.. very nice trisha…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Haritha ???
      I am tempted to reveal it to you now… But i will let u wait for d epi?

  7. nice……..is it pragya or tanu??plz continue yaar….

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Anu?
      Epi will be uploaded soon!

  8. Awesoeeeeee To the Core!!Waiting for the next update!! KEEP ROCKING TRISHA DI!!!!LOVE U!!!

    1. Trisha

      Thank you my sweetheart???… Epi will be uploaded soon! Love u 2 dear?

  9. I am in love with your flashbacks! This one was so awesome ,i won’t ask you to end it soon because i find it interesting as usual ? this time i would comment because luckily you forgave me last time now i can’t take risk ??? so this one was a way too awesome!

    1. Trisha

      Thank you sooo much Somiya???… I am in love with your comments…
      Good girl…you remembered to comment

  10. It was nice

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      Thank you Aishwarya!?

  11. It was nice ?

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  12. Woww superb waiting fr nxt part???

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