Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 8


Episode 8

One year later, Abhi was on the terrace of their new home.
After the demise of his parents, the Mehra family couldn’t afford the upkeep on their old family home…so they sold it and moved into a smaller one. But the family didn’t mind as they were all together…and they were happy. Tayaji had taken over the family’s responsibility and although Abhi’s parents had left them money in their will, Tayaji refused to touch it, saying, that money belonged to Abhi, Aliya and Pragya…and it would be used for their education.
Dadi and Taiji had agreed with him.
But Abhi didn’t know how to explain to them that he didn’t want a formal education.
He wanted to be a famous singer and he planned to use all his time and effort into making that happen. No one except Fuggi knew of his dream. He’d been afraid to tell anyone else.
They might think it was a far-fetched or useless aspiration, he thought.
When he told Fuggi of his dream, about a year and a half ago, she’d supported him wholeheartedly, and said that one day his dream will surely come through…but it wouldn’t be an easy task. He had to be prepared to work hard and look out for all sorts of obstacles on the path to his dream. He had laughed and told her she sounded like Dadi.
He had been waiting there for over an hour for Fuggi. Where was she? She said she had one little thing to do first and then they would meet here. She had a ‘surprise’ for him, she said.
It was two days after his fourteenth birthday. He had gotten all his gifts and surprises already.
What could she possibly be up to?
He hoped it wasn’t one of her silly pranks.

Just then Pragya came and saw Abhi lost in thought.
“Oye, where are you lost?” asked Pragya.
Abhi turned and saw her.
“Look who finally showed up!” Abhi said sarcastically.
“Madam, do you have any idea how long I have been waiting here for you?” he asked. “How long?” asked Pragya.
“Over an hour” Abhi replied.
“An hour?” Pragya asked.
“Yes” Abhi replied.
“Only an hour, and yet, you are reacting as if you’ve been up here waiting for days.” Pragya retorted. “First you make me wait and now you are giving me attitude!” said Abhi.
“Me? I’m not giving you attitude! You are the one who’s giving me attitude!” she said, angrily.
“When did I—?” Abhi started to say, but instead he said:
“Forget all that, we will only end up fighting again. So tell me, Fuggi, why did you ask me to wait here?” “I told you already…I have a surprise for you.”
“What kind of surprise?” he asked suspiciously.
She went over to the corner, behind one of the chairs and lifted up a gift-wrapped box. She came back to him and said, “Here, this is a belated birthday present for you.”
“But you already gave me a present” he said.
“That present was for this birthday.” she said.
“And this present is for..?” Abhi asked, confused.
“Open it.” she urged. “But..”
“Just open it” she ordered. “I will explain afterwards.”
Abhi did as she requested.
He pulled off the wrapping paper and opened the box. When he saw the contents inside, he was speechless. “I got this for your birthday last year…but I didn’t get a chance you give it to you. Then, so many changes took place in our lives and I guess I forgot about it for a while…until we were getting ready to move to our new home.” “Fuggi…I…”
“Well don’t just look at it…take it out from the box, you idiot!” she commanded.
Abhi nodded and pulled out his brand new guitar from the box…his first guitar.
He had learned to play using the one in the music room at school, but this was the first one he actually owned. “Do you like it?” she asked.
“I love it” Abhi said.
“How did you manage to..?” asked Abhi.
Actually she had managed with the aid of her savings and allowances…and a little help from Abhi’s mom, who had asked her not to mention it to Abhi.
“That’s not important.” she replied.
“Why don’t you try it out? Pragya requested “Set it up first,and I’ll be back to hear you play… I have to go meet Dadi first.” As the turned to go, Abhi stopped her.
“Thank you so much Fuggi. This means so much to me.”
“Glad you like it” she said.
And then she turned and left.
Abhi installed the box fresh strings…tuned the guitar a bit and then played the first chord.
Abhi couldn’t believe it. He actually owned his very own guitar!
He actually felt like he’d taken a step further in realizing his dream…all thanks to Fuggi.
She was the greatest friend anybody could asked for.
While he was waiting on her return…he strummed his guitar and sang “Ghar Se Nikal Te Hi” from Papa Kehte Hain…

He sings:
“Coming out of my house, just a few steps away…
On the way, is her house…
Yesterday morning when I looked…
She was doing her hair… I saw her through the window.

Innocent face, downcast eyes…
A simple girl… with simple style…
She is not an angel… nor is she a fairy…
But this is her magic.
She makes one crazy…
She adds colour to life…
She blushes wherever she looks…
Coming out of my house, just a few steps away…
On the way, is her house…
Yesterday morning when I looked…
She was doing her hair…I saw her through the window.

I make the rounds of her house…
Even my friends are now laughing at me…
I am telling the truth, I swear on her…
Even then I am happy…except for one regret.
The one I love…the one I can die for…
She is not aware of it.
Coming out of my house, just a few steps away…
On the way, is her house…
Yesterday morning when I looked…
She was doing her hair… I saw her through the window.

This girl is like a mystery, Yesterday, I met her friend
I told her to go and tell your friend…its not good to stay away from me.
Tell her to take a stroll tomorrow evening…if she wants to meet me…
Coming out of my house, just a few steps away…
On the way, is her house…
Yesterday morning when I looked…
She was doing her hair… I saw her through the window…”

Pragya stands at a distance looking at him and smiling…..


Hi guys! Sorry for the late update 🙁
Spent time reading some awesome fan fictions…I almost forgot I had to update my own lol…

So to:
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Tisha, Krishnani, Aditi, Keerthi, Hateera(congrats on crossing 50 episodes) and Somiya…congrats on all your wonderfully written stories…
If I’ve missed anyone, I’m sorry…:(

And to my wonderful commenters:
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    it’s really nice Trisha… actually I am looking forward for abhis reaction to pragya… is he accept her or not? abhi knew about what happened at the time of wedding… please tell it fast dear…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you soo much my dear???
      Actually Haritha, when I went into the flashback storyline I had only intended it to be one long episode. But as I was writing I felt that there should be more to Abhigya’s childhood… and to their friendship and that’s how I ended up writing so many flashback episodes. Even I am waiting to get back to the present storyline… But first I have go a little more in depth into their story… Then I will return to present… Hope you don’t mind too much?

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