Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 5

Episode 5

After a few months, Pragya had settled in nicely. She loved her new family, was doing well in school and on the weekends she played football with the guys.
One day, after the game, Abhi and Pragya came into the house, arguing with each other.
“Don’t tell me”you’ve started fighting again.” Dadi said.
“She started it, Dadi!” exclaimed Abhi.
“No I didn’t!” replied Pragya. “He pushed me first, Dadi!”
“Fuggi, you hit me!” Abhi said.
“Okay Okay” said Dadi. “Enough! Both of you, go get cleaned up. We will talk afterwards.”

She looked towards Purab and Akash.
“What happened to them this time?” asked Dadi.
“Dadi, we were playing and both of them were heading towards the ball. Abhi saw her getting closer to the ball, so he gave her a light push and she fell. Then she got up and hit Abhi…and the fight started.” explained Purab.
“We managed to separate them, but it wasn’t easy, Dadi.” said Akash.
“And where was your Raj Bhaiyya?” asked Dadi.
Purab and Akash looked at each other and grinned. “Well?” Dadi prompted.
“Dadi, he was busy.” said Akash.
“Doing what?” asked Dadi.
“Talking to a girl.” They both said together and grinned again.
“Really, ” Dadi said in an amused voice. “He didn’t want to come with you all?”
“No” Purab said. “He said he would meet us at home.”
“Okay, you both go get cleaned up too.” Dadi said.
Purab and Akash left.
When Raj Bhaiyya came home, Dadi questioned him about the girl.
“She’s just a girl in my class, Dadi.” Raj replied evasively. Dadi looked at him as if she didn’t believe his answer, but then she just said, “Okay, you may go now.”

After a few days of peace, Abhi and Pragya had started again.
Dadi got tired of it and told Abhi that she would send his Fuggi away, if he didn’t stop fighting with her. Abhi told Dadi that he was sorry and pleaded with her not to send Fuggi away.

Taiji, Raj and Akash’s mother, was worried that Praya would grow up to be just like one of the boys.
She was already dressing like one…wearing hoodie t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and bandana headbands. She shared this with Abhi’s mum and Dadi, who didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.
If Pragya was happy, that was more important than anything else.
This was just a childhood phase and Pragya would soon grow out of it sooner or later.
But Taiji was insisting, so Dadi and Abhi’s mum decided that they would send both Pragya and Aliya for dance class.
Dadi was excited about the idea as she was very fond of dancing and had been a really good dancer in her younger days.
Pragya didn’t mind taking dance classes, because it gave her the opportunity to spend time with Aliya.
While she had already bonded with the guys over football, but she and Aliya didn’t have much in common.
With dancing, they would have atleast one shared interest.

Over a few weeks time, Pragya had begun to love dancing. Abhi had teased her about it many times…but she didn’t care.
Dance lifted her spirits and made her feel better…it made her happy…just like football.

Abhi knew he gave her a hard time about dancing.
Because deep on the inside, he knew she loved it. And he’d feared that one day, she would decide that she didn’t wanna play football with them anymore because dance was more important to her.
Fuggi, Purab, Akash and him were a team… and he didn’t wanna lose that for anything…

Precap: Abhi’s Birthday.

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