Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 3


Episode 3

“I sent her away…so that I could marry you.” Those words played over and over again in Abhi’s mind as he ran down the stairs and out of the house. Dadi called after him, “Abhi!” He got into his car and drove off…
Dadi rushed to Pragya as fast as she could. She opened the door and found Pragya slumped on the sofa with tears silently rolling down her cheeks. “Pragya?” Dadi called. Pragya looked up as she heard her name. “Dadi” she said.

Pragya stood up and hugged her. “I just saw Abhi rushing out of the house. What happened?” asked Dadi “I told him it was all my fault….” “Why did you do that?!” Dadi asked. “Why didn’t you tell him what Tanu did?” “I wanted to…but I couldn’t.” replied Pragya. “So now you let him think that you have betrayed him?! Pragya Beta this is not right.” “Dadi, what I did wasn’t right either. I married him by deceit.” “You did this because I pushed you into it. I agree it was not the right way, but Abhi’s reputation was at stake. Do you know what would have happened if people knew Rockstar Abhi got deserted on his wedding day? They would have mocked and laughed at my Abhi. That Tanu has finally shown her true colors. Don’t know what Abhi sees in her.” Dadi said in disgust. “He loves her, Dadi.” Pragya said.

“So now because of your lie he will continue to love her…and hate you? Why should you be the one to pay for her mistakes!” “Dadi, you know how we are…we fight one minute and make up in the next. He can’t be angry with me for long.” “Beta, this is not the little fight that both of you always have….this is a very big matter. He thinks you have betrayed him. Now he will look for ways to harass and torture you. Have you forgotten his temper?” “No Dadi, I haven’t forgotten.” Pragya said. “You have to be strong and stand up to his anger…just like you did when you were younger.” “Don’t worry Dadi, I will handle him. I won’t let him trouble me.” “That’s like my Pragya.” Dadi said.

At that moment, Akash, Purab and Aliya came in. They were all in on Dadi’s plan. It was actually Aliya who had discovered Tanu was gone… “We saw Bhai leaving. Everything okay?” Akash asked. “How did he take it?” Purab wanted to know..

“Not well” Pragya said. She then explained to them what happened betwwen her and Abhi. “You should have told him the truth. Bhai’s not gonna forgive you for that lie, Prag–” She was about to say Pragya Di, then corrected herself. “I mean Bhabhi.” Everyone grinned. Pragya blushed. “You all can still call me by my name. No need to be so formal. I am still the same.” Pragya said. “No” said Dadi. “You are their brother’s wife now… and they will address you properly.” “It feels a little weird to me.” said Pragya. “That’s okay. You will soon get used to it.” replied Dadi. “So what will we do about Bhai?” Akash asked. “Nothing.” said Dadi. “His Fuggi will handle him.”

They all smiled at Pragya. They knew there was gonna be alot of fighting and drama involved. “I wonder where Abhi went.” said Dadi. “I called him before we came in. He’s said he’s fine and that we shouldn’t worry. He’ll be home soon. He just needed to be alone for a little bit.” said Purab. “Okay good. Atleast he is fine. It’s getting late…you all should go to bed. Purab Beta, you must be tired… you should stay back tonight.” “Okay Dadi” Purab said. All three said their “goodnights” and left. Dadi turned to Pragya and said, “Beta, don’t worry it will all be fine soon.” She gave her a kiss on the forehead, wished her goodnight and went to her room.

Abhi looks out at the ocean, the cool breeze caressing his face, the moon glowing above.
He stares at the moon for a few seconds before returning his attent
ion to the ocean.
He just wanted to clear his mind and make sense out of all the craziness that occured earlier today and this seemed like the best place to do that.

Everyone would have found out the truth by now. He could only imagine their reactions.
His mind wandered back to the scene in his room.
He had known her for so long….when did she become like this?
And why would she want to marry him?
They were friends… that’s it. Their relationship never crossed that line.
They were best friends. If she was in love with him…wouldn’t he know? He racked his brain trying to come up with a plausible explanation for all this and came up with none.

All he knew was he was married to Fuggi…because she betrayed him.
What did he do now? Where did they go from here?
And what about Tanu…couldn’t she have phoned him…or even sent him a message?
Didn’t she think of him at all?
It was their wedding day for goodness sake! It was the least she could have done! Another thought crossed his mind…
What’s gonna happen when Tanu returns from London?
This was all one big mess…created only by one person, he thought angrily. Pragya…

Pragya stood in the balcony looking up at the moon. She couldn’t believe so much had happened in one day. She thought of Abhi and wondered where could he possibly be…? She sat on a chair, wondering and hoping that he’d be home soon…

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