Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 28

Episode 28

All cheered for the bride and and groom as they arrived on stage. As the romantic sounds of “Tere Naina” from the movie “Chandini Chowk To China” played in the background, Abhi held one of her hands in his, and put the other at the curve of her bare waist, while Pragya rested her hand on his shoulder. He snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.
He looked down and gave her a naughty smile as they moved to the soft beat of the music, the voice of Shankar Mahadevan filling the air…
“Your eyes smiled…
Your eyes have settled in my heart.”

What was that smile about? Pragya wanted to know.
He was definitely up to something…

Before she had time on think about it further, Abhi twirled her really fast as Shreya Goshal’s voice came in …
“There is desire in my heart…come close and see it. ”
There is melody in the strings of the heart…now someone is playing it…”

“What th-?” Pragya said, as Abhi spun her around quickly.
He pulled Pragya back to him… and then twirled her again…

Abhi brought a slightly miffed Pragya back to him once again. Was he insane? Pragya asked herself. Good thing her years of dance had given her great balance…else she would have surely fallen. Now she knew what that smile was about…
Well, if Mehra liked to play dancing games, then that’s exactly what they were gonna do…

Before she could do anything, Abhi spun her around.
With her back now facing his chest, he touched his cheek to hers and swayed with her to the music. Pragya’s heart raced.
Then Abhi turned her once again to face him.

Pragya removed her hand which was in his, and then moved both hands up to the the back of his neck.
Abhi rested his hands on her waist.
She locked her fingers at the back of his neck and pulled him closer to her, looking straight into his eyes. Abhi looked back at her.
He was so engrossed in her eyes that he didn’t even notice her fingers were inside the collar of his shirt. A stinging pinch brought him out of his trance.
He was about to yell “Ouchh!”, when he noticed the audience and stopped at once, gritting his teeth. Pragya smirked at him.

Abhi used the hands on her waist to drag her to him and he moved his face a little closer to hers. He wouldn’t dare, Pragya thought looking at him.
He would never kiss her in front all these people, especially in front of Dadi. Then again, when Abhi was in a competitive mood, there’s no telling what he would do…

He had no intention of kissing her, Abhi thought, but it was so much fun to see the panicked look on her face when she thought he was actually going to do it.
He brought his lips a little closer to hers, to freak her out a little bit more, but she stepped closer to him, putting both of her feet on his. His eyes widened as he felt her pointy heels digging into his shoe. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Get off, Fuggi!”
Well saying that only made it worse as she pressed on her heel even more and replied, “No!”
“No?” he asked.
“No” she replied again.
“Fine” he said and then he lifted her into his arms.
The crowd applauded. While it looked romantic to the others, Abhi just wanted to prevent Fuggi from damaging his toes with her killer heels. “Put me down!” she said through clenched teeth.
Abhi smiled and replied, “Should I drop you on the floor?”
“N-No” she replied.

“Your eyes..your eyes..your eyes…”
At that moment, the song come to an end and they heard the applause and whistles from the crowd. With Pragya still in his arms, Abhi took a bow and exited the stage which made everyone cheer.

“Will you put me down now!” Pragya shouted, as Abhi carried her to their room.
“Gladly” he said, and dropped her on the bed.
Pragya sat up.
“You could have put me down gently, you know.” she said.
“Yeah, but I didn’t want to.” Abhi said and sat next to her on the bed.
“Was is necessary to bring me all the way back here?” she asked.
“Yes” he said.
“Why?” she asked.
“Because I didn’t want everyone to witness our ‘fight scene’.” he explained.
He took his shoes off and examined his feet.
Fight scene? He wanted to fight with her?
Well bring it on, Mehra!
“Look at what you did to my poor feet with those deadly heels of yours!” he said.
“Stop acting like a little girl…there’s nothing wrong with your feet.” she said.
“It hurts!” he said a little loudly.
“You deserved it for trying to kiss me in front of everyone!” she shouted. “I wasn’t going t- ” and then he stopped. She didn’t need to know that part. “You pinched me!” he said instead.
“You tried to make me fall!” she countered, pushing him back on the bed.
Abhi pulled her on the bed too and she fell on his arm.
She pushed at his chest, trying to get up, but Abhi wasn’t letting her go that easily…
He grabbed her waist and pulled her back to him once again.
This time she fell directly on him, their lips so close together…

Mitali Bhabhi chose that moment to enter the room…. “So this where you two are hiding…sneaked off for a little romance?” She asked naughtily. “No!” Pragya said.
“Yes!” Abhi said.
Both answering at the same time.
Mitali Bhabhi looked at both of them, confused.
“So..yes or no?” she asked.
“Yes” Abhi said. “…but then we realised that this is no time for romance, as we have guests waiting for us downstairs and it would be so rude of us to neglect them. So we decided to continue our romance later on.” Pragya’s eyes widened and Mitali Bhabhi giggled. “Come on, sweetheart.” he said, holding her hand and pulling her out the door.
“Aren’t you forgetting something, dear?” Pragya asked as they reached outside the door. “No…what did I forget?” he asked.
“Your shoes, Genius” she replied, pointing at his feet.
“Oh” he said and went back to the room to get them, while Pragya headed downstairs.

“Achooo” Pragya heard someone sneeze behind her, a half hour later. She was about to turn toward them, when she heard the sneeze again.
This time it was close to her left ear and she felt a watery substance on the side of her face, neck and arms. “Omg! Ewww! That is just nasty ” she said, looking totally grossed out and wiping her face with her hands. She turned around to face the offending individual and saw Abhi. “You!” she said.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, smiling naughtily at her.
“You sneezed on me!” she accused.
“And you didn’t even say ‘Bless You'” he said making a sad face, pretending to be hurt.
“You are such a —” Pragya stopped immediately when she noticed a glass of water in his hand. Then slowly she realized…. That idiot was only pretending! He sprinkled the water so she would think he sneezed on her. “Omg! You are really unbelievable, you know that?” she said frustratedly.
“Thank you” he said and gave her cute smile.
“That wasn’t a compliment.” she said, nodding toward the glass of water.
“What…” he said, following the direction of her nod. “I was thirsty.”
“Yeah right!” she said. “Now thanks to you, I have to go fix my face.” “You both have started this fighting again!” Dadi said, sneaking up behind them.
“No Dadi” Abhi said. “We were shouting with love.”
He then put his hands around Pragya’s shoulders. Pragya gave him an angry look.
“Pragya Beta, your face is all wet.” Dadi said.
“Yes Dadi, I’ll go fix it.” and then Pragya left.
“Something tells me that was your doing.” Dadi said to Abhi.
“No Dadi.” Abhi said innocently.
Dadi gave him her ‘I don’t believe you’ stare.
“There’s the cake-cutting ceremony in a little while. Please get your wife and I want to see you both there in fifteen minutes. Got that?” she said. “Yes Dadi” Abhi replied.
“And no more mischief…” she warned and then left.
Abhi breathed a sigh of relief as Dadi left…and then he headed off to find Fuggi…

Precap: “Abhi!” Purab said, worriedly. “What did you do?”
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