Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 24


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Episode 24

After completing the rituals, everyone sat down and dined together.
Abhi glanced briefly in Pragya’s direction and saw her glaring at him.
Guess she was still mad at him for this morning’s shower incident.
Abhi, you have to be alert.
She will definitely try to take revenge from you.
What? You’re scared of a girl? he asked himself.
No…but Fuggi was no ordinary girl. There’s no telling what she might do…

When they were finished, Dadi sent Pragya to rest.
Even after being up for most of last night, she wasn’t really tired.
After ‘chilling’ with Aliya for about an hour, Pragya walked into their room and saw Abhi asleep on the bed. He was probably exhausted after getting so little sleep last night.
She walked closer to him.
He looked so cute when he was asleep like this.
And as she continued to gaze at his sleeping face, an evil thought entered her mind and she smiled mischievously. She rushed back to Aliya’s room.
“Alu, I need your help.” she said.
“What’s the matter, Bhabhi?”
Pragya explained her plan and Aliya laughed out loud.
“Bhai’s gonna be so mad when he finds out.” Aliya said. “I know…but I’m just returning his ‘favor’ from this morning.” she replied.
“What happened this morning?” Aliya asked.
“Your brother played a very dirty trick on me…” and told her about the shower incident.
Aliya laughed.
“Not funny, Alu.” she said. “So will you help me?”
“Ok Bhabhi, I’ll help you…..but what if he wakes up?”
“You know your brother sleeps like a log.”
“True” Aliya said and grinned. “Let’s go!”

They entered the room with their ‘tools’ and got to work.
Pragya did his make-up while Aliya painted his fingernails, both of them trying extremely hard to contain their laughter. Abhi moved his head slightly and both girls ducked.
Pragya breathed a sigh of relief as Abhi settled back down.
“That was close.” she whispered to Aliya and they continued their task.
When they were finished, Pragya looked at him.
“Something’s missing…” she said.
She went into the changing room and came back with a red dupatta.
She draped it on his head, took another look at him and said, “Perfect!”
She took out her phone and snapped his photo. “Bhabhi, let’s take a selfie with him.” said Aliya.
“Okay” Pragya agreed.
Both of them went on either side of him and snapped their selfie and then Pragya took one with Abhi and her. “Shall we post it on Instagram?” Aliya asked evilly.
“No!” Pragya said. “Your brother is famous…what would happen to his reputation if people saw him like that?”
“Okay Bhabhi, I won’t post it.” she said sadly.
Pragya took the dupatta off his head.
Okay, let’s leave before he wakes up.” she said and they both exited the room.

A couple hours later, Abhi woke up.
He rubbed his eyes and thought, Wow! How long have I been asleep?
Someone knocked on the door.
“Come in.” he said.
Robin walked in, “Sir, Purab sir is here to see you.”
Abhi turned to face him. Robin was looking at him strangely.
“What?” Abhi asked.
“Actually….” Robin started to say but was interrupted by Abhi. “Never mind, tell him I’ll be right down.”
“Yes Sir” he said and left.
Abhi got up and went downstairs.
Purab, Akash, Aliya and Fuggi were seated in the living room.
“Hey guys!” he said.
They turned to face him.
Purab whistled at him.
“My sweetheart is looking so pretty.” he said,
Purab walked closer to him with his hands outstretched. “Come give me a kiss!”
Abhi swatted his hands away “Get away from me!” What is wrong with him? Abhi thought.
Then Akash winked at him.
What th-?

Aliya and Fuggi were trying hard to keep a straight face. “What’s the matter with all of you?” Abhi asked.
They looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“You all have gone mad.” he said and went back to his room.
He went to the bathroom sink to wash his face, thinking that he must still be half asleep because everyone was acting so weird. He stood in front of the sink, about to turn on the tap, when he caught his reflection in the mirror. “What the hell?!” he shouted.
His face was painted with lipstick and all sorts of other make-up he really couldn’t name.
He turned on the tap to wash it off…. and that’s when he noticed his pretty pink nails. Omg! he thought. What did Fuggi do to me? She turned me into a girl!
He started scrubbing his face….
This must be real quality make-up, he thought. ‘Cuz it’s not coming off so easily. Now he knew why they were all behaving so weirdly.
So much for being alert Abhi… she got you while you were asleep! Well played Fuggi…well played.
He finally rinsed off all the make-up, wiped his face and looked at his fingers.
“I’ll deal with you later.” he said and headed back downstairs.

Later that night, Pragya sat on the bed looking at Abhi’s photo on her phone.
She smiled at his picture. When Abhi came back downstairs after washing off the make up, he didn’t say anything. He chatted with everyone in his usual manner, showing no signs of anger.
Maybe he was silently plotting his revenge, she thought.
“What are you smiling at?” said a familiar voice.
Pragya didn’t even hear him come in.
“N-nothing” she replied.
“You’re smiling at nothing?” Abhi asked. “Lemme see.”
“No!” she shouted.
“What are you trying to hide?” he asked and made a grab for the phone.
Pragya moved her hand away just in time so he couldn’t get to it.
She stood up on the bed, trying to get away from him.
Abhi reached out and swiftly grabbed the phone out of her hands.
She jumped on his back, her hands around his neck, trying to grab her phone.
“What the hell! Get off me!” he shouted, trying to untangle her hands.
“No! Give me back my phone!” She repeated.
“Not until I see what you’re hiding!” he said.
“You giving me back the phone?” she asked. ‘
“No!” he replied…..so she pulled his hair. “Ouch!” he yelled.
“Now?” she asked.
“No!” he replied again…so she pulled his hair again. “Will you stop that!” he shouted.
He untangled her hands and dropped her on the bed.
But she swiftly grabbed on to his t-shirt and pulled him next to her on the bed, climbed sideways over him and tried to grab the phone. Omg! Abhi thought. He had forgotten how feisty she could be!
He pushed her aside on the bed and tried to get up, but she pulled him back once again.
Then she did the unexpected…she kissed him on his cheek!
What th-?
He was so shocked, he didn’t even realize she took the phone and left…

Omg! Pragya thought as she ran out of the room.
She didn’t mean to kiss him.
She just wanted to distract him for a bit so she could take her phone back….and in that time it was the only solution she could think of. As she made her way to Aliya’s room, Abhi came from behind and lifted her in his arms and took her back to their room. “What are you doing?” she shouted. “Put me down!”
He dropped her on the bed. “Are you out of your mind?!” she asked loudly.
Abhi put a hand over her mouth to silence her…and she bit him. “Ouch!” he yelped and shook his hand.
He looked at her and she stuck her tongue out at him.
He snatched the phone out of her hand and started going through it.
He really wanted to know what she was trying so hard to hide from him.
Once again, she tried to fight him.
He grasped both of her hands in one of his and used his other hand to go through her phone.

And then he saw it…
Pictures of him lying on the bed, asleep, with make up on, his head covered with a red dupatta.
Then he saw selfies… with him and Fuggi… and then both of them with Aliya….
What the hell? Aliya helped her?
He should have known. His little sister was just as mischievous as she was.
“So, this is what you’ve been trying to hide.” he said, showing her the picture.
Pragya nodded.
“Are any of these on the internet by chance?!” “No” she replied. “They’re just on my phone.”
No use in telling him Aliya’s had the same pictures on her phone…he would just get more angry.
Poor Aliya, Pragya thought.
She had tried her best to stop Abhi from seeing her photo.
“You’re sure I’m not gonna be surprised by these photos on Facebook or Instagram?” he asked.
“Positive.” she replied.
“Ok then” he said, not completely sure whether he believed her or not.
“Ok well…good night” Pragya said, pulling the blanket over her.
“Oye, I’m sleeping on the bed.” he said.
“Too late…I’m already comfortable.” she said. “Besides, you’re the one who put me here.”
“Well in that case…” he said “I’m gonna put you somewhere else.”
He lifted her up in his arms and headed for the balcony.
“Let go of me, idiot!”
And just as she requested, Abhi let go of her and dropped her straight onto the lounge chair.
He turned and went back into the room, locking the sliding doors to the balcony behind him.
“Abhi!” she shouted. “Open the damn door! You can’t leave me here!”
She ranted on for a few more minutes before settling back down into the chair.
“He just left me here to freeze!” she said.

A minute later the door opened and Abhi came back, bringing with him a blanket and pillow.
He dropped it on the nearby chair.
“Good night” he said and turned to go back into the room.
“Wait! You’re just gonna leave me here?” she asked.
“Yes” he replied and turned to go once again. “What an ass!” she said loudly enough for him to hear, but he just ignored her and went back inside, again locking the doors behind him…. and this time, he closed the curtains too.
What am I supposed to do now? She asked herself.
She lied back on the lounge chair and covered herself with the blanket.
She looked around the balcony, bored.
Her eyes spotted a ladder.
How could she forget about the ladder?
Abhi had used it a couple of times, to sneak into his room whenever he came home late from partying and didn’t want to be caught by Dadi. “Well, Mehra…” she said, calling him by his surname, “It’s payback time!”
She descended the ladder, thankful that she was wearing jeans, which made the climb down a whole lot easier. She reached the bottom and thought, Where to go from here?
It’s late and the doors are locked for sure.
The window to her room was closed…
She was sure Aliya was in her bed with her headphones on…so there was no way she would hear her. Akash! She was sure he was awake.
Probably exercising, she thought.
He was such a work-out freak!

She shifted the ladder towards his room, climbed up and knocked on the window. “Akash” she called, trying not to be too loud.
The window opened and Akash saw her.
“Bhabhi?” he said. “What are you doing here?” She extended her hand to him and he pulled her inside.
“Just passing through” she said.
She then turned and pushed the ladder down and then dusted her hands off.
She turned towards the door saying, “Thanks Akash! Now be a good boy and don’t tell Abhi you saw me! Goodnight!” “No problem, Bhabhi” he replied. “Goodnight.”
She was probably up to some mischief again, Akash thought to himself. “Poor Bhai!” he said and grinned as she left his room.

Pragya went inside her old room, locking the door behind her.
She could have gone back to their room, but she wanted Abhi to sweat a little when he couldn’t find her. And if Dadi came looking for her, then Abhi was sure to get scolded again.
That should teach him a lesson for locking her outside.
With that thought, she jumped into bed and fell fast asleep.

And that was how Abhi found her the next morning. He had gotten up earlier than usual and went to check on her…only to find her missing.
He had been so worried, searching for her like a crazy man…and here “Sleeping Beauty” was, resting without a care in the world. She had even locked the door. He had to use a pin to pick the lock open. Imagine that! He had to pick a lock like a thief, in his own house!
All the spare keys were with Dadi and he definitely wasn’t going to ask her.
He looked down at Fuggi. She looked so adorable, he thought.
But he couldn’t leave her like this.
What if Dadi saw her here? Then he’d get scolded again. He knew Fuggi had done this just to get back at him.
He would deal with that later. Right now, needed to get her to their room.
“Abhi!” he heard Dadi’s voice calling.
Oh crap…Dadi!
Why is she up so early?

It’s four in the morning, for goodness sake!
Maybe she’s too excited about the party later…
“Pragya!” she called, this time her voice was right outside the door. She might be here any second…
Omg! Think Abhi, think! he told himself.
Then he did the only thing he could have done at that point….
He jumped into bed beside Pragya and got under the covers with her. He put his arm around her, hugging her close….and closing his eyes, he pretended to be asleep. Dadi walked in at that precise moment and saw them.
She smiled seeing them both and then turned and walked out the room, closing the door behind her. As soon as she was gone, Abhi opened his eyes and breathe a sigh of relief.
Phew! That was close! he thought.
Fuggi chose that moment to turn in her sleep.
She snuggled closer to him, burying her face between his shoulder and neck on the bed, her hand resting on his chest. Abhi’s heart raced. He could feel her warm, soft breath on his neck. He’d never been with her like this before…
It felt so…intimate.
Like they were a normal married couple… and he had to admit…he liked it.
It felt so natural…
He smoothed the hair away from her face and hugged her closer.
Then he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with her in his arms…

Precap: Abhi and Pragya’s Wedding Reception.

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