Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 23


Episode 23

Pragya came back to the room to get ready for the rituals.
Good thing that duffer Abhi had already left.
She didn’t want to deal with him right now. Not after their earlier session. She ran into the bathroom, quickly undressed and stepped under the shower.
She turned the tap on, closed her eyes and let the cool water slowly run over her. She then opened her eyes and focused it on the ground.
What th-?
A red substance on the tiled floor had caught her attention. It looked alot like….Omg! Blood!
Looking up, she saw it flowing out from the shower-head and she was totally covered in it! “Aaaaahhhhh!” she screamed in horror.
Grabbing a towel, she quickly wrapped it around her and ran out of the bathroom as fast as she could… She bumped into Abhi and almost fell.

He held her by the shoulders to steady her.
His eyes widened as he saw her wearing only a towel, red colour dripping from her hair and face. “What happened to you?” he asked.
“Bl-ood” she stammered.
“The sh-ow-er’s drip-p-ing w-ith bl-ood.” she told him, petrified.
“Blood?” he asked. “Are you sure?’
She nodded her head.
Abhi took a good look at her frightened expression and then he burst out in laughter.
“Got ya!” he said. Pragya looked at him confused.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s not blood.” he said, still laughing.
“It’s… not… blood?” she asked slowly. “Well what is it then?”
“Red Powder.” he replied.
“Red Powder?”

Abhi nodded.
“How did —?” she started to ask, but Abhi interrupted. “I unscrewed the shower-head and poured the powder in and then re-attached it.” he said grinning at her. Pragya gave him an angry look.
“I’m going to kill you!” she said, advancing towards him.
Abhi moved towards the door but before he could turn the knob, Pragya caught him by the sleeve of his white kurta. Abhi turned and leaned his back against the door with an irate Pragya in front of him.
“What’s the matter darling?” he teased. “Why are you so angry?”
“As if you don’t know….and don’t call me darling!” she replied.
Abhi laughed.

Pragya got even more angry seeing his laughter.
She grabbed him by the collar of his kurta and pulled him down to her. “Let me tell you something, Mr. Abhishek Mehra” she said warningly. “I will definitely get you back for this.” Abhi moved his right hand around her waist and pulled her even closer to him. He placed his lips close to her ear and whispered, “Looking forward to it, Mrs. Mehra.”
Abhi turned his head and his lips came extremely close to hers.
He looked into her eyes and then down at her lips.
Pragya looked back at him totally mesmerized.

“Pragya Beta!” Dadi called from outside.
They both sprang apart at the sound of her voice.
“Dadi!” they whispered, looking at each other. Pragya looked down and realised she was wearing only a towel.
She tried to rush into the bathroom but…
Oh Oh, she thought. Too late.
Abhi quickly pulled Pragya behind him just as Dadi, Purab and Aliya entered the room, blocking their view of her. Pragya moved closer to him, leaning her head on his back so she wouldn’t be seen. “Abhi Beta, is everything alright?” Dadi asked.
“Y-yes Dadi.” Abhi stammered. “Why do you ask?”
“Robin heard a scream coming from your room and ran outside to inform us.” she said. “That was me!” Abhi said quickly, without thinking.
“You?” Aliya asked. “He said it sounded like Pragya Bhabhi.” “You screamed like a girl?” Purab asked, grinning at him.
He could feel Fuggi grinning behind him.
Yeah Abhi…that should teach you to think next time before opening your big mouth.
“Well actually…I stubbed my toe on the door and it hurt so bad, I just let out a scream.” he lied. “I think Robin may have misheard the tone of the scream. And It was not a girly scream…it was a very manly scream.”
“I’m sure it was, Beta” Dadi said, trying to stifle her laughter.
“What are you hiding behind your back?” Aliya asked. Oh oh Pragya thought.
Abhi realised he was still holding on to Fuggi’s hand. He immediately let go of it.
“Nothing” he said, showing them his empty hands.
“What were you guys doing outside?” Abhi asked, trying to divert their attention.
“We were thinking of holding the reception outdoors,” Dadi explained, “but then decided against it as the weather is very unpredictable these days and everyone would be more comfortable indoors anyway.” “Oh” was all Abhi said.
“Where is Pragya Bhabhi?” Aliya asked.
“She must be somewhere around here.” Abhi mumbled.
“What?” Dadi asked.
“She must be getting ready.” he replied.
“Ok, it’s getting late. You two get ready and come down fast for the rituals.”
“Yes Dadi.” Abhi said.
And then they were gone.
He turned to Pragya.
“Phew! That was close.” he said. “No need to thank me.”
“Thank you for what?” she said. “If it wasn’t for your stupid prank we wouldn’t have gotten in this mess.”
“You deserved it” he said.
“I’m going to complain to Dadi about you.” she said, walking towards the door.
“Go ahead” Abhi replied. “But you might want to put on some clothes first, sweetheart.”
Pragya glanced down at the towel she was wearing, shot him an angry look and then headed back to the bathroom to ready. She could hear Abhi’s laughter behind her as she made her exit.

Precap: Abhi gets a ‘make-over’

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