Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 2

Episode 2

Fuggi?” Abhi said in disbelief. Pragya looked up at him nervously.
She had been dreading this moment ever since Dadi had asked her to marry Abhi. “What are you doing here…and where is Tanu?” he asked.
Pragya was silent.
Abhi took in her attire and asked, “Why are you dressed like that?” She didn’t know how to reply…
She couldn’t just come out and tell him Tanu had deserted him an hour before their wedding and she stepped in.
He looked really confused. After a few seconds, he shook his head and laughed.
“Come on out guys! Tanu! Purab! Akash! Aliya! I’m sure this must be your prank! You got me!”
Then he saw Pragya shaking her head.
“No? This is not a prank?”
“No” Pragya said, her voice barely audible.
Abhi was getting anxious. “Fuggi, what’s going on here?”
Pragya knew she needed to tell him the truth…but once he knew, he would be shattered.
Abhi was her best friend. She didn’t want him to go through that pain.
“Ta…Tanu’s not h-ere…” Pragya stammered.
“Where is she then?”
“I sent her away.” Pragya lied.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
Pragya could deal with Abhi hating her, but she couldn’t let him go through the devastation of knowing his love had betrayed him. “I made her leave” Pragya closed her eyes, “…so that I could marry you.” “What?!” Abhi asked.
Pragya couldn’t repeat it. She didn’t have to. Abhi had heard every word she said. “You sent her away so you could marry me. Is this some kind of joke? If it is…its not funny!”
Then Pragya’s words hit home and he finally understood…
“Are you telling me that you’re the one I married?!” Abhi asked.
Pragya was silent.
“Answer me, dammit!” he shouted.
Pragya jumped!
He grabbed her by the shoulders and asked again, “Did I marry you? Yes or No?”
Pragya nodded shakily, “Y-es…ye-s…yes.”
Abhi was stunned!
“How did all this happen?!” he asked, angrily.
Pragya turned away from him. She couldn’t lie directly to his face.
“I told Tanu that her father had been hospitalized. She took the first flight out to London to see him…and I took her place and got married to you.” He walked up to her and turned her to face him.
He looked into her eyes and said, “Why are you lying?! You and I have known each other practically our whole lives. I know you… you could never be this devious!” “You and I are married, aren’t we? So I guess I am” and gave him the most scheming look she could muster. Abhi stared at her, shocked! Then he thought, ‘Pragya would never betray Dadi’. “Does Dadi know about this?” he asked.
Dadi brought her to the mandap. How could she not know he was marrying Pragya?
“No” Pragya lied again. “She doesn’t know I was the one she brought out.”
“How could she not know?”
“My face was already hidden when she came to me.” Pragya stated falsely.
She had made Dadi promise that this will remain a secret between them only. She couldn’t let Abhi know this was all his Dadi’s plan.
It might weaken his relationship with her and Pragya couldn’t let that happen.
Abhi dropped into sitting position on the bed. It was all too much for him to take in.
How could she do this to him?
Pragya looked at him, her eyes filled with tears.
Abhi got up from the bed and went over to her.
“Well, congratulations Ms. Arora… sorry, sorry… Mrs. Abhishek Mehra.” he said bitterly.
Pragya flinched.
“You got what you wanted….hope you’re happy.” he said in a defeated tone and left the room.


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  1. rajesh

    Anyway gud…but when abi wil start his life with pragya????i am waiting for that scene…now abi totally shattered state…

  2. Asmitha

    Oh no in real kkb he was going through pain in ur ff same so sad abhi I think he will show his hatred towards pragya now but one when he knows the truth make it fast pls Nice writting skills

  3. nannu

    superbb yarrr………i loved it………………………….but today i am not the first commenter because i came late to home from clg

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