Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 19

Episode 19

Abhi and Pragya came out of their reverie, both overwhelmed by all the memories.

Still dressed in her bridal attire, Pragya waited in the balcony for Abhi to come home.
Her husband Abhi…

It was so weird to call him as ‘her husband’.
They were married and yet, in her mind, he was still her cute, sweet and mischievous best friend Abhi….whom she had fallen hopelessly in love with. Yes, she loved him, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she’d end up married to him… But life had a strange way of changing things when you least expect it…
Abhi sat there staring out into the ocean.

A thousand questions plagued his mind…and yet, he had no answers for any of them.
Fuggi had been so desperate to go to Canada…why was she still here?
For a moment, he had been so happy to see her… but his happiness was short-lived as she revealed “her intentions”. ‘I sent her away so that I could marry you…’
Those words rang in his head again. He remembered the look she’d given him.
Was it an act or the real thing?
He need some answers and he was going to get them one way…or another. He got off the bonnet, got into is car and headed home.

It was just after two in the morning and Abhi hadn’t returned yet.
Where could he be? she asked herself.
Dadi must be awake in her room, worried about him.
Purab had spoken to him and said he was alright.
Still, Dadi wouldn’t rest until he was home safely, she thought.
She knew he was angry…and he had every right to be…but to worry his family like this?
She was still out on the balcony, when she saw his car pull up.
Thank goodness he was home safely! she thought.

Abhi headed inside the house with the full intention of confronting Fuggi.
He rushed up the stairs and was headed straight for his room, when he heard…
“Abhi Beta? Is that you?”
Dadi’s awake at this hour? He opened the door to her room and went in.
“Yes Dadi.” he replied.
She came over and hugged him.
“What are you doing awake at this hour?” he asked.
“I was worried.” she said.

“Didn’t Purab tell you I was alright?”
“Yes, but I wanted to see for myself…are you okay?” she asked. “I’m fine, Dadi” he said.
“Listen, I know today was a big shock…”
Abhi nodded.
“…and you are angry and hurt by your Fuggi’s actions.”
She continued, “But Beta, we cannot ignore the fact that you and Pragya are married.
Whatever the circumstances….whatever the reasons… she is your wife now….and you are her husband.” “What about Tanu, Dadi? Do I just forget about her?”
“Beta, in a marriage, there is no place for a third person. No matter how much you think you love her. Your life is now tied to Pragya. And you must both maintain this relationship.” “How can I maintain a relationship with someone who has deceived me?”
Dadi had promised Pragya she would not spill their truth. But she never promised not to give Abhi any hints…
“You have known her for most of your life. And you know she is not the type to do something like this. Don’t you think there might be a reason behind her actions?” she questioned. Abhi had been trying to figure that out since all this had started.
He needed to know the truth.
There was only one way to know if she was acting or not…
“Dadi, it’s really late. We will talk later. You need to rest right now.”
“Ok Beta” she said.

Abhi left Dadi’s room and went to his own, hoping to get some answers from his new wife…

Precap: Abhi put his hands on either side of her, preventing her escape. Then he began to lower his head towards hers…

Hi guys!

I know this is not the episode most of you were expecting…but please bear with me a little.

Thank you to all my double episode commenters:
Sabeenia, Di, Keerthi, Maahi, Asmithaa, Rosy, Sethidisha, Aishwarya, Nirmal, Saranya, Durga, Riyashri,
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To all my silent readers….Hi!

What did you all think?

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  1. nice episode trisha

    1. Trisha

      Thank you KD?

  2. Nice episode yaar…. So flashback ended…. I think now the real story is waiting for us… And moreover we are also waiting for their nok-joks and love filled life….

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Nirmal?…
      Real story is waiting …just needs a little ‘fine-tuning’…
      Thank you for waiting dear….

  3. Awesome di!!???????but it was a small update ?????please update next episode fastly??????????i am already waiting…..u know di it has become a habit for me to read your story….it is just ??????love you beautiful queen???????take care di?????

    1. Trisha

      Thank you honey?….sorry about the short update….will try to make the next one longer….
      Awww….thank you dear for always reading my ff…?????
      Take care lil sis…love you???

  4. Awesome di!!!?????????but it was a small update???????please update next episode fastly??????I am already waiting?????u know di it has become a habit to read your story……. it is just wonderful???????love you beautiful queen?????take care di?????.

  5. Super yaaaa update next epi soon pls give long epi…. Nice when will abhi find truth? Make it soon pls n not like it real kkb pls.

    1. Trisha

      Thank you so much Di ?
      Will try to make next epi much longer….
      Abhi will find out truth soon…I dont think I can drag this storyline for 2 years like real KKB???….even i will get bored lol…Take care Di….love u

  6. Riyashri

    Wonderfully Written! POPi Tweety Rockzzzzzzzz!!
    I felt it was kind of short! As I still did not come out from your Amazingggggggg double update!
    Waiting for the next one! Love U Tweety!

    1. Trisha

      Thank you so much M.A.D.???
      Yeah…will try to make the next one longer….Take care sweetheart…Love you ???

  7. Wow nice epie n when will make abhi find truth? Not make it like real kkb pls yaaaa Pls update long epi….

  8. nice episode but please revals the truth as soon as possible

    1. Trisha

      Thank you bro…will try my best to reveal the truth as soon as possible…

  9. nice episode but please revals the truth as soon as possible. please unite them soon

  10. Nice episode yaar…. So flashback ended…. I think now the real story is waiting for us…. And moreover we are waiting for their silly nok-joks and love filled life…. ?????

  11. Maahi

    omg omg omg girl ur turning out me crazyyyyy man with ur crazyyyyy writings i am screaming aloud tht I LOVE KAMBAQT WALA ISHQ A LOTTTTTTTTTTT ND I LOVE UUU FR SUCH CRAZYYYYY WRITINGS ITS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DR by the way may i know wat ur dng currently nly if u dont mind!!! but dizzzz is all the way super duper hit man!!!!after cing precap i just cant wait plzzz upload nxt part asap prettttyyyy plzzzzz darling!!!!

    1. Trisha

      Thank you sooooooo much Maahi????….I think I am hearing your screaming from here???. Currently i am replying to my sweet Maahi???….but i know that is not what u meant?….i have finished studies n currently working….will try to upload asap….take care honey…love you?

  12. RiyaDcruz

    Waiting fr nxt epi Pls upload soon…………..

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  13. Awesome di!!!??????but a small update?????pls update next episode fastly???I am already waiting….u know di it has become a habit for me to read your story..it is just wonderful.???.love you beautiful queen?????take care di..???

  14. Lol it has posted thrice….?????

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  15. please make a long episode and unite abhigya

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  17. Super… Waiting for next episode pls update soon….

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  18. Nice only really superb…

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  20. Awesome!!?? eagerly waiting for the next part….

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  21. very nice dear friend………

    when will abhi find the truth 2 make soon yaaaaa

    not like real kkb????????????

    pls update next one soon…………

    waiting 4 that

  22. Asmithaa

    Wonderful dii

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  23. superb!!!!!!!!

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    Nice dear but eagerly waiting fr nxt part???

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  25. I loved your all updates Trisha! You Rock man! And now i m waiting for your next update! This update had it’s charm! ???

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      Missing u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much !??????????
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