Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 17

Episode 17

“I can’t do this!” Pragya said, as she paced the floor of her room at Mehra Mansion, almost five years later. “I can’t see him getting married to Tanu.”
Purab sat on the sofa looking at her. “I know Di, but running is not the answer!”
“It’s the only solution I can think of, Purab!” she said.
Just seeing them together now made her burn with jealousy.
How would she cope when they got married…being around them and witnessing their ‘love’. That would kill her for sure, Pragya thought.
“So… you’re going away from us…just like that.” he stated.
“I’ll be back someday…” she said.
“Someday?” Purab asked in disbelief. “You’re not coming back, are you…”
“Purab, please try to understand….”
“Yeah, I understand Di. Dadi, Akash, Aliya, Raj Bhaiyya, Mitali Bhabhi, Tayaji, Taiji and me….we mean nothing to you…only Abhi and your feelings for him matter, right?” he said.
“It’s not like that…” she tried to explain.
“Tell me something, Di. If I hadn’t overheard your phone conversation just now…how long were you planning to wait before you told us?” Pragya was silent.
“Well….?” he prompted.
“I would have told you all eventually….I was just waiting for the right time.”
“The right time? You mean, at the last minute, when it was too late to make you change your decision.” he said. “No…I…” she said.
“It’s ok Di. No need to explain…I get it. Good luck telling the rest of them. ” he said sadly and left. “Purab!” she called after him, but he’d already gone.
Abhi came in seconds later and asked, “What’s wrong with Purab? Did you guys fight?”
“No” she said.
“Of course not, you only fight with me.” he said jokingly.
But Pragya didn’t laugh…she didn’t even smile.
He looked at her serious expression.
“Everything okay? First Purab storms out of here and now you’re like this…What’s going on, Fuggi?” “Nothing’s going on. He’s just a little miffed with me right now…nothing to worry about.”
“About what?” he asked.
“Nothing important…”
“You sure?”
“Yeah” she replied.
Abhi didn’t think it was about nothing…. but he didn’t press further as she clearly didn’t want to talk about it. “Okay then. Listen, Tanu and I going to a club later with some of her friends…would you like to join us?” he asked. What she wanted to say was…. ‘Hell no! I’d rather be hit by a bus.’ Instead she said: “No thanks…maybe some other time…”
“Ok” he said. “But just in case, lemme know if you change your mind.”
“I will” she said.
And then he left.
Yeah right, Pragya thought, like I wanna spend another evening watching Tanu try to set me up with one of her stupid friends. She wondered if Tanu felt threatened by her friendship with Abhi.
That would explain why she was always trying to get Pragya to meet other guys.
The first time she did it, the guy tried to misbehave with her and before Pragya could teach him a lesson, Abhi showed up and had given him a beating he would never forget.
You would think that Tanu would have learnt her lesson the first time…. but no, she had tried it once again after that. But it turned out to be yet another failed attempt. Pragya had spent most of the time staying close to Abhi…which she knew had made Tanu really angry. But Pragya didn’t care. Tanu herself had caused all this to happen with her desperate need to find a match for Pragya. After that, she had avoided going out with Tanu as often as possible.
Even Dadi had tried to get her to agree to marriage, but Pragya simply gave an excuse each time saying that she wasn’t ready. Her heart belonged only to Abhi. She didn’t want anyone else in her life….
Right now she had bigger problems to deal with: Informing the rest of the family she was leaving. After Purab’s reaction, she dreaded telling the others…especially Abhi.
But they had to be told…because she couldn’t stay here anymore.
She decided to start with Dadi….

Pragya knocked on Dadi’s door.
“Come in” she said. “Oh Pragya Beta, come in and join us.”
Pragya walked further into the room.
Everyone was there, minus Abhi of course, who was probably getting ready for his date with Tanu. Everyone was talking about Abhi’s upcoming nuptials. Dadi saw her expression and asked, “What’s the matter, Beta?”
Everyone turned to look at her.
“Actually Dadi, there’s something I need to tell you…well, all of you.” she said.
“Yes?” Dadi prompted.
“I’ve got a job offer….and if you have no objection Dadi, I would like to take it.” Pragya said.
“Well that’s great news, Beta!” Dadi exclaimed happily. “Where will you be teaching?”
Oh Oh, Pragya thought, here it comes…
She mumbled her reply.
“Where?” asked Dadi, not hearing her words correctly.
“In Canada” she repeated.
“So far?” Dadi asked.
“Dadi, I know it’s really far, but I think it’s a really good opportunity for me. Please permit me to go Dadi.” “How can we let you go that distance all by yourself” Tayaji asked.
“You’ll be so far away from your family” Raj Bhaiyya chimed in.
“Yes but…” Pragya tried to say.
“Why do you want to be away from us?” asked Akash.
“Won’t you miss us?” Aliya chipped in too.
Pragya was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by all the questions. Then Dadi said, “Everyone out, I wanna speak to Pragya alone.”
They left.
“Pragya Beta, what is all this?”
“Dadi, please don’t refuse…”
“You alone…. far away from your family… in a strange country? I don’t like this, Beta.”
“I’ll be fine Dadi. There will be two other teachers going. So I won’t be alone there. Please say ‘Yes’ Dadi!” “When do you leave?” Dadi asked.
“Next two weeks….Friday.”
“But Abhi’s wedding festivities will be taking place that weekend.” said Dadi. “You’re not gonna be here for his wedding?” “I’m sorry Dadi” Pragya said. “But the job starts the Monday after.” “Have you told Abhi yet?” she asked.
“No, I wanted to tell you first.”
“Is this what you really want, my dear?”
No, Pragya thought. But what other choice did she have.
If she stayed here then she’d just be more heartbroken and miserable. It was time for her to move on… “Yes Dadi” she replied.
“Give me sometime to think about it and I will inform you of my decision later.”
Pragya said, “Ok Dadi” and left.

As soon as she came out of Dadi’s room, Abhi grabbed Pragya’s hand, pulled her to his room and closed the door. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Have you gone mad?”
He ignored her questions and got straight to the point.
“What is this I’m hearing…you’re leaving? he asked angrily.
“Who told you?” she asked.
“It doesn’t matter who told me..but it’s true, isn’t it? You’re going away from your family….you’re going away from me…” “It’s not like that!…” she said.
“Then explain it to me then…” he said.
“I’ve gotten a job offer in Canada and I want to take it.”
“There are alot of good teaching jobs here. What’s wrong with the one you have now?” he asked. “Nothing. I just think it’s time for a little change…”
“On the other side of the world?! That’s not a little change, Fuggi.”
“No!” he said. “You’re not going! I won’t let you…” he said furiously. “You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not the boss of me!” she said defiantly.
“Just watch me!” he said.
“So when were you planning on leaving us?” he said sarcastically.
“Next two weeks….Friday.” she said.
“You’re weren’t even gonna stay for my wedding?!” he asked in disbelief.
“I don’t have to stay. I’m not the one you’re getting married to.” she retorted jealously. Abhi looked at her.
“What does that mean.” he asked.
“It means that you and Tanu are gonna get married whether I’m here or not. It’s not that important for me to stay.” Abhi stepped closer to her. He looked into her eyes. “Why are you so hell-bent on leaving? he asked softly. “Does this job mean that much to you?” “Yes” she said quickly and looked away from him.
“Fine” he said. “You wanna go….then go!” he said angrily. “It’s not like you care about my feelings enough to stay anyway.” Pragya turned and rushed out of his room before her tears began to fall.
She didn’t want him to see her weakness.
In fact the last time Abhi had seen her cry was after her mom’s death.
When his parents had died, Dadi had comforted her and told her she needed to be strong for Abhi and Aliya.
If they saw her weakness, then who would they turn to for comfort?
Since then, whenever she felt like crying…she’d just locked herself in her room and cried her heart out. Just like she was doing now….

Precap: Episode 18 comes up right after this one….so stay tuned!
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