Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 16


For Di….just as you requested…. the continuation of Pragya’s graduation…hope you like it!

Episode 16

What the hell happened out there?
Abhi asked himself, as he sat looking at Pragya taking pictures with her friends. What was he thinking?! He almost kissed Fuggi!
Maybe it was just the magic of tonight, he thought.
The atmosphere….her sudden change in appearance…the dance….the intimacy they’d shared outside a few minutes ago…maybe the alcohol had lowered his inhibitions… he didn’t know….
All he knew was, in that moment he had felt so close to her. What would have happened if he’d actually kissed her? he wondered.
It could have changed things forever between them. She was his best friend…and he didn’t want to lose her by doing something stupid.
“Abhi!” they called. “Come on yaar. We need you for more pictures.”
He had already taken like a dozen already!
Abhi, you might as well get used to all this now ‘picture-taking’ now, he said to himself, because later on you’re going to be doing this this alot! He got up from his seat and went over to them.
Pragya saw him coming.
He looked over at her and her stomach was instantly filled with butterflies! She couldn’t believe it… they almost kissed!
Of course, they had kissed before, but that was an entirely different scenario as Abhi didn’t even know it was her, as he was blindfolded. But this time, he knew exactly what was happening…
What would have happened if her friends hadn’t come there on time and he had actually kissed her? Pragya wondered. She didn’t get time to think it over further as the school’s photographer had started clicking photos once again…

After taking a few group pictures with all the award winners and then separately with the king and queen, the photographer then said, “Ok let’s get some pictures with the prince and princess.” The rest of them went back to their respective tables and the dance floor as Abhi came and stood next to Pragya. “Ok Pragya, you have a seat here” he said, indicating the high chair in front of him, “….and Abhi you stand just behind her.” Both of them complied.
The photographer clicked the picture and then said, “Ok Abhi, now put your both arms around her…yeah like that.” Pragya closed her eyes as Abhi’s arms came around her and hugged her close. Oh Oh…she thought. Now the butterflies were out in full force.
Totally by instinct, she opened her eyes and turned to look up at Abhi.
He looked back at her, his expression unreadable.
Both were so lost in each other that they didn’t realise the photographer was looking at them. “Perfect!” he whispered and then took their photo. They both came back to reality as the camera flashed in front them. He took a few more pictures with them and then he said, “Ok guys… that’s it!” Abhi and Pragya left and went to their table.
Their friends came and pulled them back to the dance floor… and for a couple hours both Abhi and Pragya had managed to forget their tensions regarding each other and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the party.

Three hours later, Abhi and Pragya arrived home.
All lights were out and it seemed as though everyone was asleep.
Pragya turned toward Abhi with the intention of thanking him and heading off to bed when she heard him say, “Fuggi, we need to talk.” Oh Oh, thought Pragya. She really didn’t want to have this conversation now.
Couldn’t he atleast let her enjoy that moment, just for tonight atleast…
Oh well, she thought…Let’s get this over with…
She nodded and then he held her hand and took her to the terrace. “Look, I’m sorry for…” Abhi started to say…
“Please don’t be sorry.” She said. “Nothing happened.Tonight just got to us, that’s all.”
That’s not what he wanted to talk to her about. But like always, Fuggi had a way of letting her mouth get ahead of her. “Umm Fuggi, that’s not…” he was trying to say, but she interrupted him again.
“Let’s just forget about it ok.” she said.
“But…” Abhi was trying to get in one sentence atleast. “I know what happened was…”
Abhi couldn’t believe it…she interrupted him yet again!
He touched her nose and she stopped talking…for about two seconds..
“Why did you do that?” she asked.
“I had to find some way to get you to stop talking!”
“But you could have just…”
“Shut up Fuggi!” he said and put a finger to her lips.
Pragya hushed.
“As I was saying…I’m really sorry… for waiting till now to give you this…” he held out a small box to her. “But I didn’t get a chance to before now so….”
“What is it?” she asked.
“Open it” he instructed.
Pragya opened the box and pulled out a simple yet very beautiful chain.
She looked up at him puzzled. “But why did y–?”
“It’s your graduation present.” he said. “Do you like it?”
“I love it” she said.
She took it out of the box and saw the engraving on the heart shaped pendant…
‘Fuggi Arora: Class of 2011’…with a tiny graduation cap at the top. She smiled when she saw ‘Fuggi Arora’.
“Thank you so much, yaar! Will you help me wear it?” she asked.
“Sure” he said.
He draped the chain around her neck and Pragya closed her eyes as she felt Abhi’s fingers touch her neck. This has to stop, she thought. Is this how it’s gonna be every time he comes close to me? Anxiety…Excitement…Butterflies…
“Fuggi?” he said softly, while trying to hook the chain.
Pragya could feel his soft breath on her neck. “Yea?” she answered in the same soft tone.
“About tonight…” he said.
“Don’t worry about it.” she said.
“You sure?” he asked.
“Yeah” she replied.
“We should get some sleep.” she cut in before he could say anything else.
She really didn’t wanna hear how sorry he was for almost kissing her. “It’s almost four in the morning.” “Yeah” he said.
She turned around and hugged him tightly, initially taking him by surprise… and then he hugged her back. “What was that for?” he asked, still hugging her. “That was for everything…. Thank you for making tonight so special. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.” she said. Abhi felt happy hearing those words. He didn’t know what to say…so he just nodded. “Well goodnight” she said.
“Good night” he replied.
Pragya turned to leave, when she heard. “Fuggi?”
She turned “Yeah?”
“You looked really beautiful tonight.” he said.
Pragya smiled and said “Thank you” and then she went.

Abhi and Pragya lied in their respective beds, still not able to sleep.
Both were remembering their moments with each other….from the time he met her at the dance…till their talk on the terrace.
Why was she so calm about the whole thing?! Abhi thought.
She should have been a little miffed with him. She should have fought with him.
He wanted her to!
Instead, she behaved as if it was not a big deal and they should just forget about it!
Maybe it didn’t really matter to her, he thought sadly.

Abhi might have some regrets about their ‘almost kiss’ but tonight was the best night she could have hoped for… Pragya thought.
Simply magical….
Pragya twirled the rose Abhi had given her between her fingers and kissed it.
Then she smiled shyly and whispered,’I love you Abhi…’

Precap: The night before the wedding….
Hi guys!

Finally, Pragya’s graduation night has come to an end….hope you all enjoyed it!

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      When they were outside…Abhi had felt close to her…even if it was because of the alcohol….n now hes wondering if Pragya doesnt feel the same…he feels that she should react in some way…even if its anger because he tried to kiss her…so he would know that their closeness had affected her in some way…just as he was affected by it…only pragya chooses to forget it as she thinks Abhi regrets it…

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