Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 14


Episode 14

“Going somewhere, Princess?”
She could barely recognize the voice because of all the loud music…but the “Princess” made her spin around.

As she turned around to face him, he was taken aback by her beauty.
All the girls here were elegantly dressed, but somehow…tonight…none of them could compare to her. She was beautifully dressed in a cream fairytale-like gown.
Silver earrings adorned her ears and a simple but beautiful necklace hung around her neck.
A hand band on her wrist and a beautiful tiara completed her stunning look.
Her shoes were hidden beneath her long gown… but he’d bet anything that it matched with the rest of her accessories.

He held out a red rose to her… she took it and smiled. “Thank you” she said. But wh–?”
And before she could finish her sentence, he put a finger to her lips to silence her. “This is no time for questions, Madam.” he said. “This is a time for enjoying.”
He knelt before her and extended his hand. “So My Lady, may I have this dance?”
Pragya giggled and put her hand in his. He got up and led the way to the dance floor….

After a few upbeat songs, Pragya went to sit at her table, while her “prince” went to get them something to drink.
She was enjoying so much and it was all thanks to him.
He came back a couple minutes later and sat next to her.
“Having fun?’ he asked.
“Alot!” she said, “Thank you so much for being here.”
“My pleasure” he said.
A few friends came over to them and dragged them back to the dance floor.

An hour later his phone rang. He told her he would take the call outside as it was too loud in here.
She nodded and then he left.
Outside, he answered his phone.
“Yeah bro, how was the interview?” he asked.
Then came the reply…
“Really?” he said “That’s awesome news man!”
They chatted a bit and then he hung up and went back inside.
“Everything OK?” she asked.
“Yeah…I’ll tell you later.”
After a while, they went back to their table.
“Does this juice taste weird to you?” she asked.
“A little but it’s still good.” he said and drank the rest of it.
Both were unaware that the juice had been spiked by some of the naughty boys, and now they were both a little tipsy…

Precap: Abhi’s dream finally comes true and Pragya’s night becomes more memorable…

Hi guys!

Before I close off the “Flashback” chapter in the next couple episodes…
Is here anything you to would like to add to Abhigya’s memories
…a special moment or bonding you would like them to have…or anything like that?
Think about it and let me know…

Thank you…
Riyashri, Anu, Sugan, Nirmal, Asmithaa, Di, Abhigya, Rosy,
Saranya, Tharu, Reshma, Somiya, Mukund, Monesha
….and just in time…Miss Aishwarya 🙂

Hello Silent Readers!

Feedback time…. Who do you think is Pragya’s date?

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  1. nice yaaaaaaaaa

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Di?

  2. It’s good …nice episode

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Anu?

  3. Nice episode yaar…. Who is that person, who danced with her.. Some confusion… Waiting for the next update…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Nirmal?…It will be revealed in the next epi…so stay tuned?

  4. nice episode

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Mukund?

  5. Riyashri

    I am very weak in guessing….But I do think the person is Abhi only !! ???And U asked about some special moment na …… If possible try adding an incident where both are missing each other very badly …… I mean either of them going out alone without the other person for some work !! And realising how important they hav become in each other’s respective lives !! It’s just something I wanted to see in your Update as U make incidents & moments Sooooooooo Special in a Cute & Sweet Manner !!???????????????? It’s not necessary that u hav to add it in the flashback if u don’t feel so !! It’s upto My Talented Trisha Di as whatever she writes would be surely Loved by this sis of hers !!????
    Finally coming to your update …. this was Superb To The Core !! ????Description of her was Perfectly Perfect !! ???????I mean I could imagine it as U hav written it sooooooooo beautifully !! ????
    Keep Rocking Trisha Di !!!??? Love U ! ???

    1. Trisha

      Thank you soooo much my dear?????….for your beautiful comment and for your lovely suggestion??…will reveal pragya’s date in the next epi…only then u will know if your guess was good?….Till then…take care…love u ?

  6. Awwwwwwesome episode dr.who was that person danced with pragya? Was he purab??.ya u can add some memorable moments that makes Abhi to realize that he always loved only pragya n not that tanu.it’s my suggestion only but u carry on according to ur script dr.

    1. Trisha

      Thank you sooo much Rosy?…will reveal Pragya’s date in the next update…and thank you for your wonderful suggestion…Abhi only thinks he likes Tanu because of a misunderstanding….

  7. The way you write always gets me like this: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????! It’s a way too fantastic!

    1. Trisha

      Thank you sooooo much my dear???????

    1. Trisha

      Thank you dear?

      1. Sethidisha002

        ur welcome swty

  8. Super.. Who is that person…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Sugan???. It will be revealed in next update!

  9. Nice episode really superb

    1. Trisha

      Thank you soo much Durga???

  10. Maahhi

    awesome awesome awesome uu princess u rocked ittt

    1. Trisha

      Thank you soooo much Maahhi???

  11. Today episode was awesome??…..now days I’m addicted to your ff?…keep rocking my dear sister trisha??….waiting for your next episode. Take care ?

    1. Trisha

      Awwww…thank you so much my dear???…you are so sweet ???…Love you?

  12. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Trisha

      Thank you soooo much Reshma???

  13. Superbbb….

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Abhigya?

  14. Asmithaa

    It was Damn awesome… I guess that guy was none other than Abhi.. Ke siting for ur next episode..

    1. Trisha

      Thank you sooo much Asmithaa???…You’ll find out soon…posting d epi now…

  15. Asmithaa

    I mean waiting..

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