Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 13

Episode 13

Four days later, Abhi received a call from “Purple Star Records”…the same company he’d had his last interview with.
They had reconsidered their decision and had decided to give him another chance.
As the company schedules were a bit hectic and they were pressed for time, they decided that the meeting will be conducted after business hours outside of the office.
“There will be a dinner meeting tomorrow evening,” the secretary stated. “Seven-thirty at “Zen” restaurant.” Abhi thanked her and hung up.
Wow! He couldn’t wait to share the news with Fuggi and Purab.
Fuggi was out with Aliya so he decided to call Purab and give him the good news.
Purab, as usual, was happy for his friend. “Wait…don’t you have other plans for tomorrow night?” asked Purab.
“What?” Abhi asked dumbly.
“Di’s graduation party…you promised you would go with her.”
“Oh my goodness, I totally forgot, yaar. What shall I do now?”

Abhi was in a dilemma.
“Why don’t you try rescheduling the meeting?” said Purab.
“Can’t… they’re too busy. This was the only available time they could find.”
“Then I guess you will have to tell Di you can’t go to the dance.”
“Yeah” said Abhi.
“She will understand and she’ll be really happy for you.” said Purab.
“Yeah, she will….but I was actually looking forward to going to the dance with her.” “I know yaar, but both are basically at the same time.”
They chatted for a few more minutes and then Purab had to go.
“Good luck with your interview… and with Di!” Purab said and hung up.
When Pragya returned home, Abhi had tried his best to talk to her. But she was too busy.
So he’d simply told her to meet him on the terrace after she was finished.
Pragya came to him about a half an hour later.
“What’s up?” she said, “Everything okay?”
“Yeah” Abhi replied.
“Listen.. there’s something I have to tell you…”
“I…I um…”
This was really hard.

“You what…?” she asked.
“I…can’t make it to the dance.” he said, finally.
“Why not?” she asked.
And Abhi explained everything to her.
“Well that’s great!” she said. “I’m so happy for you!
“Thanks” he said. “Look I’m really sorry…I…”
“Listen don’t worry about the dance, you just concentrate on your interview.”
“But…” “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine…It’s just a stupid dance.” she said.
“You sure?” he asked.
“Yes I’m sure. You should go get some rest. You have work in the morning.” “Yeah…OK…goodnight Fuggi” he said.
“Good night” she replied and then he left.
“Abhi! I’m leaving for the dance.” Pragya yelled outside his door the next day. “Good luck with your meeting! See you later!” and then she was gone.
Abhi, who was getting ready for his interview, rushed outside to meet her…but Fuggi was already gone by the time he’d made it to the door. Damn…he didn’t get a chance wish her on her big night.
Sadly, he went back to his room and finished dressing.
As he stood in front of the mirror fixing his hair, he thought of Fuggi.
He wished he had gone with her. This was the only thing she had ever asked of him…and he had let her down.
Yeah, she was happy for him…but what about her?
This was her graduation party and all she had wanted was to share it with her friend…and he’d bailed out on her. Some friend he was! He finished fixing his hair, grabbed his jacket and headed for the interview.

At the graduation party, Pragya sat at a table looking across at her friends on the dance floor.
She had been asked to dance many times…by her friends and by some guys from their school.
She had refused them all….mainly because she wasn’t in the mood.
She kept thinking about Abhi, wishing he were here with her…but she knew that wasn’t possible as he was on an extremely important mission.
One that could possibly make his career. She hoped his interview was going well.
He had waited a long time for this opportunity and she wanted him to be successful. Pragya looked over at her friends once again, who were thoroughly enjoying themselves.
They looked over at her and waved. She smiled and waved back.
I need to get some fresh air, Pragya thought.
She tried to signal her friends to let them know she was going out, but they were too busy dancing to notice.
Finally one of them saw her and Pragya signalled to her that she was headed outside for a bit.
Her friend nodded and got back to dancing.
She turned and was heading outside when she heard a voice just behind her say, “Going somewhere, Princess?”

Precap: No Precap
Hi everybody!

Well…I have good news and bad news…
The bad news is…we lost the cricket match 🙁
The good news is…it’s all over now so I have more time for writing 🙂
It was still alot of fun though…

Thank you:
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    Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb !!!! ??????Loved it ….. !!!??????? That’s ok winning or losing .. I am sure u would had Great Fun with your family & friends !!???? But anyways u r Rocking in your Updates na !!??? Keep Rocking !!???? Love U Trisha !! ????And very happy that u would be regular here after !!???

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    • Riyashri


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      I am reading your update for the fifth time now !!??? I am seriously loving it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!?????????? Thanq for the Wonderful updates !! Love u Trisha di !!????

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      Thank you so much Sweetheart????????????
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    Nice episode yaar…. ?? I’m sure that you got a great time with ur family and friends…. ???

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    Nice episode.it’s ok yr .what if u hav lost the game, the more impt thing is that such games r conducted only to increase the bonding between the families.I hope that would hav happened for sure.so now u said that u hav more time to write ,so plz update the nxt part asap.

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    Sorry for late comment trisha…..nice episode….. Eagerly waiting for next episode ??

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