Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 12


Episode 12

“I can’t believe my bad luck.” Abhi complained to Pragya and Purab three years later. “It’s been so long and I’m still almost back at the place where I started off. I don’t know…maybe I should just give up!” Good thing he had his education to fall back on, Abhi thought.
When he’d explained to Dadi and Tayaji that he didn’t want to go to college, they were outraged and had given him a long lecture.
They had no problem with his dream, but they’d stressed on the importance of a good education. He could see their point now.

After performing at so many small-time gigs, and failing two record deal interviews, Abhi was getting a little frustrated. Finally at his latest performance, just over a week ago, another talent agent saw his performance and and was impressed. He was called for an interview…but as usual things didn’t go as planned…. he had taken the wrong CD. What an embarrassment! What was wrong with him? he asked himself.

He’d finally got another shot and he blew it!
“Oh come on, yaar” said Purab. “This is just a ‘speed-bump’ on your way to success.”
“Yeah” Pragya chimed in, “Just give it some time. You’ll secure another interview soon.”
“Thanks for the support guys. Will keep trying. I’m just a little frustrated that little things keep stopping me from achieving my dreams.”
“Didn’t you explain to them what happened?” asked Purab.
“I tried, but the music company thought I wasn’t serious enough about a career in music and ended the interview.” “It’s their loss if they can’t see what a wonderful artiste you are” Pragya said supportively.
“Thanks Fuggi” Abhi said.
“Yeah, you’re better off without them.” Purab seconded.

“Thanks man” Abhi replied.
“Have you heard from Tanu as yet?” Pragya asked.
“No, not yet.” Abhi answered.
It had been four months since he had heard from her.
“I’m sure she’s probably just busy” Purab said.
“Yeah” said Abhi “Probably”
“Well guys, I should be leaving now. It’s getting pretty late.” Purab said.
“OK, see you tomorrow, man”
“Bye Purab” said Pragya
“Bye Di…See you Abhi” said Purab and then he left.

“So Fuggi are you all set for your graduation party on Friday?” asked Abhi.
“Yeah” replied Pragya.
“What’s the theme of the dance this year? he asked. “Our theme last year was ‘Legends of Yesteryear’. Remember when I dressed like Rajesh Khanna?”
Pragya laughed and said, “Yeah, I remember. Ours is ‘Happily Ever After’. We have to dress up like characters from a fairy tale story.” “Which character are you going as?”
“Dadi and Aliya insisted that I go as a princess.”
“Wow! So you’re actually going to be wearing a dress?” he teased.
“Don’t tease me, yaar” said Pragya. “I’m dreading it enough as it is. All this just to dance and drink juice…. we could have done the same thing in comfortable clothing.”
Abhi laughed.
“Don’t worry it’s going to be fine.” he said. “You’ll have fun.”
“I doubt that” Pragya mumbled.
“What did you say?” he asked.

“Nothing” she replied.
“Well I should to go bed. I have an early day at work tomorrow. Good night Fuggi.”
Abhi had worked as a Public Relations Assistant for about four months now.
“Good night.” she said. But before he could leave the room, he heard:
“Will you go with me?”
He turned to her and asked, “Where?”

“To the dance” she replied.
“Me? What will I do there? I won’t know anyone.”
“You know almost everyone there!” She made a face. “And they know you. Have you forgotten how popular you were?” “But…”
Pragya knew he was gonna come up with some lame excuse.
“It’s OK if you don’t wanna go. You don’t have to make up excuses.”
She gave a sad face, trying to emotionally blackmail him. “OK fine, I’ll go.”

“You will?” she asked happily.
“Yes I will”
“Oh thank you so much, yaar.” she said excitedly. “We’ll have so much fun, you’ll see.”
He smiled at her.
“OK I really need to get to sleep now. Good night.” He said and turned to go.
“Good night.” she replied.

Precap: No Precap
Hi guys…Did you miss me?

First of all I must apologize to you for….
1. Not updating for almost a week( actually my family has planned a cricket competition with another family and basically all my attention has been focused on that only. We’re playing the game later today…hope we win lol)

2. For the short update…(Had little time to write but just wanted to get in at least one episode before a full week was up…will update regularly after tomorrow.)
3. For the last precap: (I know i said that Abhi’s dream will finally come true in this epi…but another idea came to mind so I’m changing the story a little… hope you all don’t mind)
I know you guys are getting a little tired of the flashback episodes…but I promise I will return to the present story sometime this week 🙂

Thank you:
Haritha, Rosy, Somiya, Reshma, Deeps, Krish, Mukund, Deepika,
Abhigya, Nirmal, Varsha, Di, Aishwarya, Riya, Durga & Saranya for all your comments!

Hope you all liked the episode 🙂

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