Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 11


Episode 11

While Abhi and Tanu were talking at the party, Pragya was at home on the terrace.
Her heart pounded in her chest as she remembered Abhi’s kiss. The way he held her…the connection she felt.
She wondered if he felt it too…
Her first kiss…and it was with her best friend.
Maybe it was a good thing Abhi didn’t know it was her, else things would have been really uncomfortable between them. Their friendship might have changed and they would have become really awkward around each other.
When Abhi arrived home an hour later, Pragya was still on the terrace.
He looked for her all over the house and finally he found her there.
“Fuggi, it’s late, what are you doing here?” he asked.
“Couldn’t sleep” she replied. “So I came out for some fresh air.”
“Have you made progress with your studying?” he asked.
Pragya just nodded.
If she had told him “No” then he would started asking all sorts of questions she didn’t want to answer. “How was the party?” she asked.
“It was rocking, yaar…you missed out.”
“Next time for sure.”
“We played ‘truth and dare’ and Kiran dared Sunil to wear lipstick. All night long, he was wearing the brightest shade of red on his lips.” They both laughed. “And you? What did you have to do?”she asked.
He was hesitant at first…but then he decided to tell her.
“Well…I kinda had to kiss someone…with my eyes covered” he replied shyly. “You had to kiss someone? Did you do it?” she asked innocently.
He mumbled something under his breath.
“What did you say?” asked Pragya.
“Yes I did it.”
“Wow” Pragya said, “You actually kissed a girl?”
“Yeah…don’t tease me about it, yaar.” he said.
“I’m sure she slapped you afterwards” said Pragya.
She needed to make Abhi believe that she actually didn’t know what happened at the party.
“Actually no she didn’t.”
Pragya was expecting him to say the girl had disappeared afterwards….but what he said next had shocked her a little. “She was just angry at me for blocking the doorway. I tried to apologize to her…but she only wanted me to move out the way so she could pass. I’m sure she was embarrassed and angry didn’t want to speak about it…so I let her go…” Some girl came in right after she left?
She remembered passing a girl with a short black dress on her way out.
She looked like a model, Pragya thought.
“Anyway” , Abhi continued, “Kiran came and introduced us afterwards. Her name is Tanu…Tanushree and she is Kiran’s cousin.” He thought Tanu was the girl he kissed.
“Did you apologize again for the kiss?” Pragya asked.
“No I didn’t….didn’t want to bring it up again and she clearly didn’t want to talk about it as she made no mention of it at all. We got to talking and I realized she’s a nice girl. I like her alot.”
Pragya felt a twinge of jealousy.
“Will you continue to see her?” asked Pragya. “Yeah, I will…she already gave me her phone number.” said Abhi.
Should he tell Fuggi about the connection he’d felt with Tanu when he’d kissed her? Abhi thought, and then decided against it. “That so nice yaar, I’m so happy for you.” she said. “So when are we getting to meet the lovely Miss Tanu?” “Soon” Abhi replied.
They chatted a little bit more and then went off to bed.

Over the next couple of weeks, Tanu and Abhi spent alot of time together and Pragya was getting a little jealous.
She had hardly spent anytime with him in the past few weeks and she was starting to miss him.
He even stopped taking her to parties…instead he took Tanu. She was sitting on the sofa when Purab and Akash came in.
Purab said, “Di, would you like to play a game of football with us?”
“I’m not really in the mood guys.” she replied.
“What?!” asked Akash, “Since when? Are you okay?”
“Yes I’m fine.”
“Does your mood have anything to do with Abhi?” asked Purab slyly.
“No” denied Pragya. “Why would you think that?”
“Oh come on Di…aren’t you a little bit jealous that he’s spending all his time with Tanu?”
“No, why would I be jealous? I’m happy for him.”
“Really? Is that why you mope around the house all the time when he’s out with her?” Akash said and grinned. “I do not mope.” she said.
“Well come on then, let’s go play.” Purab urged.
“Ok fine” she said “Let’s go play!”
As they were heading out, Abhi came in.
“Hey guys where are you off too?” he asked.
“We were just gonna play a game of football. Would you like to join us?” asked Purab.
“Sorry guys, maybe next time.” he replied.
Pragya felt sad.
“Come on guys, lets go. Abhi is too busy these days for his friends.” she said bitingly.
And before Abhi could reply, Purab, Pragya and Akash was already out the door.
“What do you always come up here at this time?” Abhi asked Pragya as he once again found her on the terrace. “I love it here at this time of night.” she said. “It’s so calm, quiet and peaceful.”
She looked up at the stars. Abhi came to stand beside her.
“Were you looking for me?” she asked.
“Yeah. I wanted for apologize to you.”
“For what?” she asked.
“For today…and for the last few weeks. Not being able to spend time with you guys. I know you must have felt bad.” “That’s ok, you have a busy life now. Class, a girlfiend and working on your singing career. We can’t expect you to leave all that to spend time with us. I’m sorry about my earlier remark, I was out of line.” “You were right to be upset…and it looks like after tomorrow I will have more time to spend with you guys.” Abhi said. “How?” Pragya asked happily.
“Tanu’s leaving. She’s going back home to London.”
“Oh” Pragya said. “You gonna be ok?”
“Yeah, it’s just for a couple of years…till she finishes school and makes a headway in her modelling career..and then she’ll be back.” “In the meantime”, Abhi continued, “I can concentrate on my classes, career and friends.”

Precap: Abhi’s dream finally comes true…

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