Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 10


Episode 10

What the–?
Pragya thought in shock, as another pair of lips touched hers.
Some idiot had ambushed her, just as she stepped inside! She was about to pull away from him….with the full intention of giving him five fingers across his face.
But as she opened her eyes and her gaze inched upwards, she realized… OMG…It’s Abhi!
Abhi had kissed her!
Correction…Abhi was currently kissing her!

He had intended for the kiss to be just a peck on the lips…but as his lips touched hers, he felt a strange connection.
The party…his friends…all were forgotten. Something was pulling him towards her and he couldn’t find the willpower to move away.
Abhi wondered if she felt it too…

Pragya had felt the connection between them.
She closed her eyes and melted into the kiss… for about ten seconds, before her conscience started bothering her. I shouldn’t be doing this, she thought. Abhi is my friend. He doesn’t know it’s me.
He’d be mortified if he finds out I’m the one he kissed. I have to leave now before he sees me!
Pragya moved herself out of his arms and left the party.

Abhi felt her pull away from him.
He braced himself for the slap he thought was coming next.
He waited for it…but it didn’t happen.
Why wasn’t she saying anything? Wasn’t she angry?
After he got no response, he untied the bandanna, and opened his eyes….

He saw a girl looking angrily at him.
So this was the girl he had kissed…
Not bad Abhi, he thought to himself. She looked like a model.
“Look…I’m sorry for…” he started to apologize for his behavior…
“Do you usually block the doorway at other people’s home?” she asked, irritated.
“Sometimes” he teased, “My friends and I were playing a game…I was just completing a dare. I’m sorry I….”
“Stood in my way?” She finished for him.
What was wrong with this girl? Here he was, trying to apologize for the kiss and she was giving him attitude?
Really? This was the girl he felt such a strong connection with just now?
Didn’t it bother her that some strange guy kissed her?
Maybe she was embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it….
“Please excuse me” she said and Abhi let her pass.

Pragya was sitting in the car on her way home.
Thanks to the traffic caused by the party, Raj Bhaiyya wasn’t able to leave immediately after dropping her off.
She called out to him and went and sat in the car.
“What happened?” he asked.
“I just remembered there was an assignment I need to finish for tomorrow…I totally forgot about it!” she lied.
“And you remembered it at a party.” Raj Bhaiyya laughed.
“Did you meet at least meet Abhi?” he inquired.
“No” she lied. “Raj Bhaiyya, please don’t let him know I was there.”
“Why not?” he asked.
“He would just make an issue about why I came to the party and didn’t meet him. If I had met him, he would not have let me leave….and I really need to complete my assignment.”
“OK, I won’t tell him.” he promised.
Abhi was still at the party.
Fuggi should have been here, he thought. He was starting to miss her.
His friend, Kiran, who was also the host of the party, came over with the girl ‘he had just kissed.’
“Abhi, meet my cousin…Tanu” said Kiran.
“Hi Tanu” Abhi said and held out a hand to her. “I’m Abhi.”
Tanu took the hand he offered and replied, “Hi”
Kiran intervened, “Hold on guys, I’ll be right back….I think Sunil is trying to wipe off his lipstick.”
Abhi and Tanu laughed.
“I’m sorry about before…I was just…” Tanu apologized, just as soon as Kiran left.
“Don’t mention it.” he said, interrupting her in mid-sentence. “Let’s just forget about it and move on.”
“Agreed.” Tanu replied.
“So is Tanu a shortened version of your name or is that the whole thing?”
“Tanushree” she answered.
“Nice name” Abhi said and they continued talking…

Precap: Pragya remembers her kiss with Abhi…
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    oh.. this tanu is always a shadow between abhi and pragya.. I too think this must happened.. really Trisha if this real tanus track didn’t end… I will arrange quotation for her.. ???

    1. Trisha

      Will send her away for a while… Even i cant stand her for long… ???

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Lucky?

  2. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Trisha

      Thank you Reshma?

  3. abhi mu pragya as tanu……..

    1. Trisha

      Yeah… So his love for Tanu is based on a lie… He loves the one he kissed… which is Pragya… But he thinks its Tanu. ?

  4. Nice episode yaar ohhhhh god tz tanu s always a obstacles 4 our abhigya love…

    1. Trisha

      Thank you Durga? … Will send her away for a while… Getting tired of tanu… This one and one in real kkb???

  5. pls one req really pls end tanu track as fast pls yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Trisha

      Sending Tanu away for a little while Di… Then she will return… But only for a little bit?

  6. Amazing yaar….?

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      Thank you Aishwarya?

  7. Superb

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      Thank you Abhigya?

  8. Superb da waiting fr abhi to knw it????

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      Thank you Saranya???

  9. super…

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      Thank you Sugan?

  10. nice

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      Thank you Mukund?

  11. It was awesome I loved it plz unite abhigya soon

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      Thank you so much Monesha???

  12. Krish

    Nice epiii yaarrr waitng fr te nxt epiii………..

    1. Trisha

      Thank you so much Krish?

  13. Nice…..!!.Why this pragya always wants to become mahaan by hiding the truth?? Here n also in that damn serial kkb.

  14. Trisha

    Thank you Rosy?
    Thats how she is….caring and selfless… If she wasnt like that she would be like Tanu???

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