Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 9)

To all readers: That was such a great support…. Frankly speaking, I did not expect such a great support overnight… When the last chapter was released, the position of this story series was in #56 in Chicklit but today it’s in #41…. Thanks to all of the readers… Kindly support me till I complete this wonderful story.

For the question of the last chapter, I received some replies from readers that, “Rajkumari Kamalanayani would have simply talked Rajkumar Abhimanyu about her feelings and what he have any feelings for her” and another reply that “She would have agreed for the swayamvara”… Nice tries… Let me explain you what has actually happened. But to be clear, I really love the way how the readers see this story (unknown history). Keep it up dears….

Ok… Let me resume the story…

“A lot of thoughts and questions in a moment inside my heart” – Kamalanayani said to her best friend and companion Chandrika. Chandrika is only person, whom Kamalanayani shares everything in her heart. She replied, “Rajkumari, I can understand your feelings. But do you think you can hide everything from Dwarakadhipathi Shri Krishna…”. Kamalanayani replied “I don’t think so, Chandrika… I have never hidden anything from Pithashree…”

Chandrika said, “Kumari, I think Dwarakadhipathi has found everything in your heart but, he is pretending that he does not know. But I am pretty sure that, he wants to hear it from you, in your words.”. “But, how can I tell my Pithashree that, I am in love with my Cousin when he is asking me about my Swayamwara. I feel like, this will break Pithashree’s heart.” – Kamalanayani replied.

“Never Kumari, Yadukulashrest Shri Vasudeva Krishna has another name representing that he has a very rigid and stone heart. But I will say that it’s not stone, but an unbreakable rock.” – Chandrika said by holding Kamalanayani’s shoulders… On hearing this, Kamalanayani starred at Chandrika and said “What did you say Chandrika ??”… Chandrika was a bit frightened by Kamalanayani’s look. She had ever seen her beloved friend and Rajkumari with this anger. She immediately pleaded the princess to forgive her. Kamalanayani said “It’s ok, my dear… I can understand… But the truth is even I have seen and heard stories of Pithashree, doing many activities which will turn other’s heart into fine powder, but always it ends with a reason. Even, when Pithashree supported Padmavadhani, sometimes I felt that he is doing partiality. But I finally understood that, she also deserves the right of a daughter. I am sorry for starring in such an arrogant way at you, but what can I do? If someone blames my Pithashree in front of me, I am unable to stay calm.” – Kamalanayani kneeled on the floor by saying this and dropped a few droplets of tears…

Chandrika too, kneeled near her and wiped off her tears… “Kumari, it simply justifies the immense affection and devotion you have for our Dvarakaadesh… Just listen to me, I said like that, because Shri Krishna’s heart never breaksdown.. So you straight-away you can, tell him, what is in your heart…”

Kamalanayani wiped her tears and said “No Chandrika, I cannot tell Pithashree directly. Mata Subhadra and Mata Satyabhama had always told me that, there is always many meanings in a single word of Pithashree. He asked me to ask all my questions to my heart, my soul and to the one, whom my heart longs for…”. I can ask my heart, my soul but how can I ask Rajkumar Abhimayu that “Rajkumar Abhimanyu, I love you, Do you love me ??” What will he think about me and he has also been my guru in archery… Already he scolds me for even small mistakes and precisions… But if I say this, he might do anything… Anyway he is my Guru…”

Chandrika said “Kumari, you know a fact very well that, Father is the first Guru of every girl, but her husband is the second guru in her life….So there is nothing wrong…”. She also added that, “My suggestion is you may directly go to Rajkumar Abhimanyu and speak about this to him in person and private. You can get to know what is his opinion in this matter… Be careful Kumari, you have even told me that Rajkumar Abhimanyu may easily get angry…”

“You are right Chandrika” said Kamalanayani. “It is gonna be lunch time, Rajkumar Abhimanyu will be coming out of the war practice camp by this time. Let me go and talk to him. And Pithashree’s words also notified the same” she added.

After that, Kamalanayani headed towards the war practice camp of Dvaraka located on the other corner of the palace. She had been there a month before, for her weapons training. On her way towards the war practice camp, Rajkumari Padmavadhani caught her in the middle and asked her to help her in making a dish. Kamalanayani was not ready to miss Rajkumar Abhimanyu who will then not be free and it will be impossible for her to talk to him alone in person. So, she tried her best to leave Padma immediately and promised her that she help after Lunch. But Padma asked Kamalanayani were she is heading this urgently… Kamalanayani blinked in fear that she should not let her younger sister know about this else, Padma will make each and every one in the palace know about it.

On the other hand, Rajkumar Abhimanyu and Rajkumar Pradyumna finished their morning practice and were about to leave for lunch. At that time, Lord Krishna came there and asked both of them to not have lunch this day. Both were shocked and asked for the reason. Lord Krishna said “You won’t be eating lunch during the war day. So, you need practice for that from now onwards…”. Both were actually hungry, but can’t do anything, they resumed mild practice sessions. Lord Krishna did an indirect help for his daughter…

Inside the palace, Kamalanayani escaped from Padma by suggesting her to ask, Mata Subhadra who is an expert in making sweets. Padma accepted it, but had a doubt on her sister’s urgency. Kamalanayani thought it’s late and rushed to the other corner of the palace.

But to her surprise, both the princes were inside the camp. She was about to enter the camp, but the guards did not allow her to enter. She said, “I am the eldest princess of Dvaraka, Daughter of Dvarakaadeesh Shri Krishna. How dare you to block my way ?”. But they said “We are sorry Rajkumari, but it is the order of Shri Balaramji that, no one should enter this camp without his permission.”

Kamalanayani felt, “My God, if Chachaji knows, then I cannot even imagine what will happen… Till now Pithashree even does not know it.. Chachaji always get angry very easily.. What will I tell him… But, going back without meeting Rajkumar Abhimanyu will also be not nice.. But I feel nervous, even while thinking about him…”. She was blinking nervously while one of the guards asked her permission to seek permission from Balaram ji.. Without any choice, she agreed..

The guard returned with the acceptance of Lord Balaram. Kamalanayani stepped inside the camp very nervously, because she needs Lord Balaram’s permission to talk to Rajkumar Abhimanyu. When she went in, she saw her brother and Rajkumar Abhimanyu sitting and having a fruit as they were unable to control their hunger. She also saw Lord Balaram, monitoring a weapon being made just near them. She approached him and greeted him “Pranaam Chachaji..” with a gulp of tension.

Lord Balaram, turned towards her with a stare. “What are you doing here Putri” he asked.. She gasped and said “Chachaji, I came here to meet Rajkumar Abhimanyu…. and also my brother..” she smiled by hiding her nervousness. On hearing this, Rajkumar Abhimanyu asked her “For what Rajkumari..”. She thought, “Mahadev, what kind of trouble, I have gotten myself into.. He is asking me the matter, infront of Chachaji…”…

With a gasp, she was about to say something, while Rajkumar Pradyumna intervened and said, “Did Mata Rukmani searched for us”.. Feeling that she got a point of escape and thanking Mahadev inside her heart, she nodded and asked him to come for lunch.. But Lord Balarama, said “they won’t, it’s gonna be a practice for them.. for war”. “So won’t they come for lunch, Shall I inform this to Mata..” – She asked Lord Balaram. He agreed.

She was about to go but Rajkumar Abhimanyu asked her, “Wait a minute Rajkumari… If Mata Rukmani searched for them, she could have sent a guard regarding this, but why she sent you here…” – Kamalanayani felt her heart pounding and also was even able to hear her heartbeats…… She thought in her mind “Bholenath, What kind of problem he is doing… Help me Mahadev…. Kindly make me escape from here, I will come to Somnath temple with a basket full of flowers for you.”

She turned back and said “Rajkumar…” – without knowing what to say… He replied “Yes, What is the reason, Rajkumari…”. With a gasp, she said, “Tomorrow onwards, I will resume my archery classes…”. “Ok.. You may come from tomorrow. So what..”. Actually, Mata was about to send a guard, but I asked her permission to come here and tell this also…

“You could also have told this to the guard right” – Yuvraj Pradyumna asked… Starring hardly at her brother, she said “What are you telling Jyest… Pithashree has taught us that, we must respect guru like God… He might be simply your cousin, but for me…” (She actually meant her love, but they understood as a guru..).

On hearing this, Lord Balaram laughed… Kamalanayani sighed.. She also asked Lord Balaram to inform the guards of this camp, to allow her from tomorrow. He agreed…

She headed towards her room by looking at Rajkumar Abhimanyu with a shy.

Today’s question:
1)What do you think about Rajkumari Kamalanayani’s actions…
2)What could have happened next ???

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

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  1. But Rajkumar abhimanyu married with rajkumari uttara according to mahabharat……let’s see what happen…

    1. Kamalanayani

      Do wait to see what happens at the end…

  2. Chachaji?? Balram is elder than krishnu so he is tauji
    Waiting for next part

    1. Kamalanayani

      I am sorry dear I was confused with the father’s elder brother and younger brother in hindi..
      I searched in Google translate still it gave this answer only…
      In tamil it is Periyappa.. (I am clear in that)

      1. Yaa I can understand n Google translate sometimes gives wrong info???

      2. Kamalanayani

        Many times… But now, I understood it.. Thanks for the info..

  3. Amazing and lovely untold story. Waiting for next part.


    Nice story Kamalanayani keep it up. ?

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