Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 29)

Kamala on hearing his words, lowered her face towards the ground. [pretending]. She wanted to go to the backside of the asura to at least harm him. She reduced herself into her human form. She pretended to cry. She turned back saw Rajkumar Abhimanyu, who was puzzled by her expressions.

Yuvraj Pradyumna was standing aside with no clue of what is going on. She turned to Veera who was standing close to her and spoke to him through mind-voice.

[I forgot to say that, they both had that ability from birth but only between themselves].

She said to Veera that “Veera, I am pretending to kill this Dusht-Asura. I have to do something to kill him. I request your help to achieve the goal. Inform Swami about this. I will have to handle him till that. I require all of your support to finish him off…Ask Swami to follow me”. Veera bowed and started heading back towards Dvaraka-sena, thereby leaving Kamala alone.

It was still mid-night [Must the part of next day]… Kamala stood without weapons looking at the ground. The asura thought she accepted his victory, and started pacing footsteps towards her. Rajkumar Abhimanyu was about to walk swiftly towards her, but Veera stopped him and conveyed the message. He agreed.

Kamala was still standing and the asura was slowly walking with pride towards her. Then, Kamala started walking away from that place. She remembered how her father killed Kaalyavaan. She started walking away. The Asura continued to follow her. Rajkumar Abhimanyu also followed her, then after a distance there followed Yuvraj Pradyumna along with Dvaraka-sena.

She felt that her legs were paining yet, it was a quest for her character, shakti and her father’s name. But, anyway she stopped in a place unable to walk anymore. She sat on the ground.

Sh found the place perfect as it won’t harm any part of the jungle and Nature, as it was the outskirts of the Jungle. She prayed to Mata Mahakaali [Her Guru] to bless her.
The asura came close to her. He walked around her and stood close to her and said “Hmmm… Wherever you run away, you cannot escape from me. That is why, your Pithashree – Krishna… even left you behind.” He laughed…

Kamala said “My Pithashree, never leaves anyone behind as he has 4 heads…” [meaning Brahmadev…]. He said “hah” in irritation. He said “You cannot do anything to me… But I can make you a daasi of Asura-vansh…”. Kamala said “Really, but I have heard you guru Shukracharya saying that he is daas of Mahadev.. That is my Pithashree…”. He said “Stop your lectures… I will take you to Asura-loka…”

He was about grab her hands, but Kamala stopped him. “If you want to give the most painful punishment to my Pithashree, then kill me… If you can…” said Kamala. The asura thought for a moment, but said “What will I get from that ?”. Kamala said “You cannot take a girl without her consent. But, you can kill a warrior with her consent. But first of all, answer my sword”. She raised her sword in front of him. He said “Are you still mad? You cannot win over me.”

“But, to my satisfaction, I cannot be killed by someone who has been bestowed with a boon, but with no valor…”. The asura got angry and engaged in a duel with her.

She fought as much as she can, but she was unable to even bruise him. The asura was not at all, injured by her attacks. He finally got hold of her by surrounding his hands over her neck. She tried to get off the hold, but she was unable to… He said “It is not fruitful to kill you, but I will brutally punish you to punish your Pithashrees for murdering my Pithashree.” He was about to take-off along with her, but a moment he felt something over his neck…

It was Rajkumar Abhimanyu standing behind him and holding his sword over the Asura’s neck from behind. He ordered the asura to leave Kamala immediately.

Today’s Question: What happened next ? Did the Asura die ? Is Shani-dev’s Vakradrishti behind all this ? Will Kamala be able to find the truth behind it? Who are all left to harm her on behalf of Krithvaangasura…?

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

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