Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 23)

[Thank you Shani dev…. Your adhyaay made my effort reach #2 position in Historical fiction in Wattpad… Sabhee aapki kripa hain Prabhu… But the main part is the response from all audience… Thank you all and keep supporting… In return, I am gonna reveal the greatest secret of Kamalanayani and Shani in the upcoming episodes… I will tell who Shani dev is for Kamalanayani…

I hope that the Karmphal Daata Adhyaay will be interesting…]

Back to the story…

Kamalanayani used her gyna-dhrishti to know who is the person is…

“KARMPHAL DAATA SHANI DEV…” said Kamala. Shani dev smiled and gave her his dharshan. She immediately boarded down from Veera and both Kamala and Veera bowed to him in reverence. She went near him and touched his feet. He blessed them both. “Prabhu, I am extremely sorry… I spoke rudely to you…” regretted Kamalanayani. “Respect lies in the heart… And I knew it” said Shani dev. “Prabhu, May I know about the Path… that I should take” asked Kamalanayani. Shani dev smiled.

On the other hand, Padmavadhani prayed to Lord Shiva for the safety of her elder sister. She asked Lord Krishna that “Pithashree, I don’t see any rays of worries in your face. Is my didi safe ? When will she return and hug me ?” with eagerness. Lord Krishna caressed her head and said “Don’t worry Padma! Your beloved sister will return soon. But when she returns, she would not the same as when she left. We can find some changes in her”. “Will she forget everything that has happened Pithashree?” asked Padmavadhani. Lord Krishna simply smiled and replied “No… But she will not only be your sister or my daughter or the princess of Dvaraka… But something more than that… which her atma-shakti is driving her towards… Her motive of this birth…”. Padma anyway did not just understand the words of Lord Krishna, hugged him tightly in fear. He patted her.

Rajkumar Abhimanyu and Rajkumar Pradyumna split their teams into two and started searching for Kamala. Yet they were unable to find her.

Devi Kamalanayani was talking with Shani dev peacefully. She had no resemblance of Rajkumari Kamalanayani. She was truly Devi Kamalanayani. She got to know about her motive.

Shani dev said “Kamalanayani, let me explain you – Jaganmata and also your mata Adishakti had taken various avatars. You were trained by your mata’s Raudra-roopa MahaKaali. When she taught you, she did not only teach warfare but also Dharma. I hope you remember all that she taught you…”

Kamala nodded in reply. “So, tell me what fact will preside over everything that is called Dharma in the universe. What is that which makes all dharmas as adharmas if not taken care of ?”. Kamala replied without thinking that “It is the respect and honor of a lady. Disrespect of a woman is the most worst karma. My mother has taught me that ‘The person who cannot respect a woman will loss all his good karmas that he has earned so far.’ Am I right dev ?”

Shani dev nodded. “So, even after learning all this… Why are you silent ?” asked Shani dev. Kamala was shocked. “But, what could I do ?” asked Kamala. “You could help the women in need right… Why can’t you?” asked Shani dev. “A woman’s need for dignity itself is a curse…” said Kamala. “Why can’t you cleanse this situation?” asked Shani dev. “In this case, people have to change on their own… we cannot wash the whole world… And I feel it is not my duty too..” said Kamala in a low voice.

“This is your problem.. Keep in mind.. You are not a simple girl. You have powers in you. You are born out of a tapasya of Tridev… You were named by Mata Gayatri and you represent the trio always. You were taught by Mata Mahakaali devi. Then, tell me isn’t this universe your home… Won’t you take care of your birth place… Your house…” said Shani dev. Kamala stood stunned.

“Just being the princess of Dvaraka… you think that all yadavas are your family.. Then, being the daughter of Tridev.. You are the princess of the kingdom called This Universe… Won’t you take up your responsibility…”. Kamala looked not convinced… “But, How am I supposed to change the mentality of everyone, Dev?” asked Kamalanayani. “It is your part.. Being the Swaminee and Mata of this universe, your mother fulfilled the need of this universe in all situations.. Now it is your time…” said Shani dev. Kamala looked tensed.

“Think slowly… And tell me your decision..” said Shani dev. Kamala thought of her battles with asuras. She said “I will follow my mother… My guide.. She is my creator and protector… Now she has proved that she is the destroyer of my ignorance… I will take your words as the order of Mata Adishakti… Thank you so much Dev…” said Kamala. Shani dev smiled.

“But, I request you is to keep your eyes on me… Please help me to assure that, I am always on the right path…” said Kamala. Shani dev nodded. “But, I might have to cast my Vakra-dhrishti on you for this to happen..” said Shani dev. Kamalanayani readily agreed.

Both the Rajkumars thoroughly checked the forest but were unable to find the princess… Rajkumar Abhimanyu was not ready to return without her.

Today’s Question: What will be Kamalanayani’s Karmphal ? Will Shani dev’s vakra-drishti create a havoc in Kamalanayani’s life ?

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

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  1. thank you Di. It is great story. Even it is great history.

    1. Kamalanayani

      thank you Kiara…

  2. Nitin priyanshu

    I like the story . you stop the story when interesting part come and it is very difficult to wait for next part . Thank you for this wonderful story.?????

    1. You are absolutely right Nitin ji. It’s so difficult to wait for next episode.

    2. Kamalanayani

      hahaha… Even Rajkumari Kamalanayani felt waiting is too long…
      But excuse me dears… I am a little busy with my schedules… I am doing it whenever I get time…

  3. Nandhini

    Very nice and very interesting…i am happy kamalanayani accepted her responsibilities being this universe’s princess…but little scared what would be her karmphal…Devi kamalanayani and shani dev’s divine conversation???

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you Nandhini akka…

    2. Kamalanayani

      Stay tuned… I hope your imagination would have done some guesses… Do share it in TU or wattpad…

      1. Nandhini

        I guess kamalanayani has to sacrifice her family and her love abhimanyu to achieve her mission…that maybe her karmphal…

      2. Kamalanayani

        Hmmm…. Some times.. creativity goes ahead…
        Stay tuned..

  4. Nymisha281

    sooo good dii…….am too lil bit scared of devis karmaphal….waiting for next part…plz post soon dii…

    1. Kamalanayani

      Stay tuned… I will do it ASAP…

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