Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 22)

[Hi everyone… I am extremely sorry for the delay.. I got struck with my work and was unable to work on this series… Anyway I am not in a mood to hold it on… Here after I will try my best to keep on time.. I received many requests to post the next chapter soon, but apologies to you all for keep you waiting… But, I thank Lord Krishna for this… because he made me know that many of you are waiting to know his daughter’s story…

I would name the upcoming chapters involving Shani dev and Kamalanayani’s Shani dasha as Kamalanayani – Karmphal daata adhyaay]

Here we go – Karmphal daata adhyaay…

I left at the statement thay Kamalanayani was washing hands in a pond and turned back to see a black bird coming towards her. She turned back and saw that it was a crow and drinking water from the same pond and walking gently near her, but not towards her. She was astonished that it was not afraid of her. When she tried to move closer, it jumped a few steps ahead. She felt playing with it, yet the bird was not afraid of her.

But, after a few moments, the bird started leaping forward swiftly. But it also checked back whether she follows or not. She understood that it wants to take her somewhere. She was not supposed to go alone and felt unsafe. So, she went to the temporary tent created by the soldiers for the stay of the royal family. She was unable to escape from there. So, she had her lunch with her father and her brothers and also with Rajkumar Abhimanyu.

Rajkumar Abhimanyu noticed Kamlanayani looking at the pond’s direction again and again. He enquired about that. But she said “Nothing…”. Lord Krishna knew it. She ate food quickly and went back to the same pond to wash her hands after food. She noticed the crow standing there and seemed to be waiting for her. She got hold of her sword tightly.

She marked an arrow pointing to the direction the crow is trying to lead her in the soil bank of the pond and started following the crow. The crow started flying and it led her to a distance. She carefully followed the crow as well as kept an eye on the environment.

After sometime, she missed the crow and understood that she is in the mid of the forest. She heard some sounds and felt that someone is coming towards her.

She took her sword out of its case and held it in her hand. She turned to all directions and observed the situation. She then heard a sound of someone clearing throat. She turned back and saw a person wearing a black outfit. [hint: it is Shani dev]

She asked “Who are you?”. “I am someone who made you come here to show you your path…” said that black dressed man. Kamalanayani frowned and asked him that “Was that crow yours? And you fooled me to come behind it…”. “Not only that crow but all crows belong to me. But, I did not fool anyone. And this time, it is my duty to take you to the same path”. Kamalanayani felt it strange and wished to return to the camp.

On the other hand, everyone in the camp, started searching for her.

She said “I don’t know who you are prabhu, but I am the Yuvrani of Dvaraka. I am not supposed to be in the mid-forest with a stranger. And it is not my path though…”. By saying this, she folded her hands and turned back to return.

When she moved a few steps, that person said “Who said you are only the Yuvrani of Dvaraka? Rajkumari Kamalanayani…. or Devi…. Kamalanayani”. On hearing this, she turned back in shock. She felt, this might be something else like Krithvaangasura or Prathikaasura. And took her sword out and said “I don’t know who you are, but you know my identity. And you are saying you are going to take me to the right path… Tell me who sent you…”

That person said “You karma made me come here…”. “My Karmas… So you are monitoring me and my karmas?” said Kamala with a angry face. “Kamalanayani, just calm down… I am not here to harm you but I just wanna show you the right path that you have to follow in your life…” said that person.

“I am not going to listen to the person who is not ready to tell who he is ? I am not supposed to listen to the words of strangers…” said Kamalanayani. “Just close your eyes and you will find who I am…” said that person. With a lot of irritation, Kamala tried closing her eyes, but she did not find anything..

“Sorry, I did not get anybody’s identity” replied Kamala.

On the other hand, Veera found her location and came there. He appeared from a bush and stood behind Kamala.

“Your vahan is a cheetah right, it can be swift but, mine is a crow, it is not swift but is not crazy…” said that person and the same crow came and stood behind him. He sat on it. So did Kamala on Veera. Kamala got a bit angry when he indirectly said that Veera is crazy.

Kamala spoke to Veera mentally… “I don’t think that this person is harmful, in that case, he might have attacked me… But he did not, so there might be something else”. That person smirked.

Rajkumar Pradyumna found the direction mark on the pond’s bank and everyone followed him for searching Rajkumari Kamalanayani. Lord Krishna and Rajkumari Padmavadhani stayed in the camp itself.

Kamalanayani once again used her gyna-dhrishti to know who is the person is…

“KARMPHAL DAATA SHANI DEV…” said Kamala. Shani dev smiled and gave her his dharshan. She immediately boarded down from Veera and both Kamala and Veera bowed to him in reverence.

Today’s Question: What will be the karmphal of Kamalanayani’s Karmas ?

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