Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 21)

[Hello everyone… My Grandma was also excited to know that, this story is getting a good response from you all. Thanks once again for your support. And coming to @Krishnapriyaa29, I had a long discussion with my Grandma and got clear with a fact… The fact is Kamalanayani is the daughter of Lord Krishna only. But not that of Lord Balarama. (Anyway their relation is elder father and daughter only). You all might have known the story of Sasirekha… But Kamalanayani’s story also has a small coincidence with the story of Sasirekha, which will be revealed in the upcoming episodes… I said both are same to you earlier because of that coincidence only but they don’t actually seem to be… And I am sorry for that… My grandma added a word that may be Lord Balarama would have called Kamalanayani with the name Sasirekha… I am not sure about that fact… The lack of any written elements about this character makes me to say so…

I just wanna ask @Krishnapriyaa29 that what source did you get about Kamalanayani… As you have quoted in your comment earlier… I will be pleased to know if anyone else also knew this story…]

Ok… Let us come back to the story…

Everyone in the Dvaraka’s palace did a send off to Lord Krishna, Yuvraj Pradyumna, Rajkumar Abhimanyu, Rajkumar Svarbhanu, Rajkumari Kamalanayani, Rajkumari Padmavadhani & few more to Mathura to meet Mata Devaki and Lord Vasudeva.

Mata Rukmani asked Lord Krishna to take care of everyone and himself, especially both the Rajkumaris. Kamalanayani replied, “Mata, please don’t worry. Your daughter Kamalanayani has grown up… I will take care of my younger sister in your absence”. Mata Rukmani patted her head and blessed her “Yeshashvibhava!”.

Mata Jambavanti asked her to keep safe during the journey. Kamalanayani said “Mata, please don’t worry… First of all, Pithashree is with us and I am taking my weapons with me. And all princes are also taking their weapons… In any case, We will fight for Dvaraka and for its safety…”. Lord Krishna asked all of his wives and Mata Subhadra to stay calm and assured that everything will be fine.

All Rajkumars boarded their horses. Lord Krishna boarded his chariot. A Palaquin was kept ready for the two Rajkumaris. Rajkumari Padmavadhani boarded it but, Kamalanayani boarded a horse. To everyone’s astonishment, that horse had numerous small dots on its skin which usual horses don’t possess. That horse is none other than Veera.

[I am sorry that I forgot to mention that, Veera had the ability to change its form to any form which he wishes to… May be a Icchadhaari Cheetah!]

Mata Satyabhama asked her whether she would be able to reach Mathura on horse. She replied yes.

As they moved forward, they diya in Mata Subhadra’s hands went off. She felt that it is an apshakun… She prayed to keep everyone safe.

The horses of the princes and that of Kamalanayani moved first. Then, followed by the chariot of Lord Krishna and palanquin of Rajkumari Padmavadhani at equal speed. Lord Krishna wanted to keep all his children in his sight… [Even though nothing can escape from his sight]. They were also guarded by the Dvaraka soldiers.

On the other hand, at Dvaraka… Mata Subhadra went to Somnath temple and after worshipping the lord, she met the royal priest. She told him about the diya went off when everyone started moving… The priest understood and replied that “Devi, I have informed this earlier to Lord Krishna. But who knows the decision of Paramatma… He wants to enact a play and who could stop him…”. Mata Subhadra got even more shocked… She inquired him more and asked that “Is anything wrong gonna happen to my son”. He replied “Devi, there is no problem for your son”. Mata sighed in relief… “But your future daughter-in-law could get affected…”added the royal priest. Mata Subhadra got tensed… “What??” asked Mata Subhadra.

The royal priest explained that “From today afternoon onwards, she gets into Shani Dasha… She had to go through a lot of barriers… But I am sure that our Rajkumari has the will to succeed… But the seriousness of the problem might even cause a havoc in her life. And you don’t have to worry, your son is protected by a divine shakti… ie, your future daughter-in-law. She had once saved him already and got hurt herself. Lord Krishna knows everything. Devi, you are Yogmaya yourself… You know about her… All she needs is, more support and affectionate words…”. Mata asked “Is there any means to save her from those barriers…”. The priest replied “No one can escape from their karmas… Not even Tridev… So, no one can save her… But we can help her… She needs more power to tackle the situations in the future.”

Mata Subhadra said “I, Subhadra, swayam Yogmaya, will do anything for my daughter-in-law…” and headed towards the palace with a determined mind.

On the other hand, Lord Krishna and his children paused their travel for lunch near a water pond. Kamalanayani while washing her hands in the pond, saw the reflection of a black bird coming towards her.

Today’s Question: I will give you a hint, she will have a conversation with Shani dev… What will be the conversation and what do you think will Kamalanayani get as her Karmphal.. [I am posting this story in Tellyupdates’s Shani serial page for this reason only…]

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  1. Mothers love for their children ….
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    1. Kamalanayani

      Yeah, that is called mother…. And ichhadhaaris exists….

  2. Why did lord Krishna not protect her daughter from again drishti……. And like the story .. Plz written update of kamalayani episode release quickly not late …… ,/’????????

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you 852nitin…
      It may be because even Tridev cannot escape from Shani dev’s drishti… So there won’t be an exception for Devi Kamalanayani too….

      And I am getting less time to type and post it… Even I wish to post one episode per day… But I couldn’t… I am trying my best to do it…

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