Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 20)

[Hi everyone…. Sorry for the delay in the next chapter… The reason why I post it in Shani serial page of Telly updates will be revealed in the next episodes…]

Here we continue the story,

After the conversation with the royal priest, Lord Krishna got immersed in thoughts. Mata Satyabhama and Mata Rukmani enquired him, but he did not disclosed the fact of the curse in future with them… Both of them, thought that Lord Krishna is feeling worried that he is gonna miss his daughter…

On the next day, Kamalanayani did her regular task of doing her father’s makeover. At that time, Lord Krishna said, “Putri, I will be missing you… After that, who will take care of these things…”. Kamalanayani smiled and said “Pithashree, who said I will be away from you after my wedding… I will always be near you only…”.

Lord Krishna thought that “Putri, You have not realized what is gonna come in your life in the near future…”. Kamala finished her routine and received the peacock feather that Lord Krishna has worn on the last day. She felt so happy and hugged him and then touched his feet. He blessed her. She went back to her room and shared to Chandrika and Veera that “Pithashree, is worrying just like regular fathers… Even though he is Shakshat-Paramatma…”. Chandrika replied “Kumari, you also know that Shakshat-Paramatma has taken the form of a human, then I have heard from my mother that ‘God comes in human form to understand and live the life of a human’, that is why Prabhu feels like that…”. Kamala agreed, but Veera said “Kumari, but my inner sense tells me that, there is some other reason behind this…”. Kamala said “May be Veera, but we have to wait to know if something else is there…”

A week later, the royal priest said to his co-priests that “The day I had not wanted to come in the history of Dvaraka is gonna come in 2 days…” He turned to a Shiva linga and said “Hey Bholenath, Please do something…”.

Lord Shiva heard the words of the priest and spoke to Lord Narayan. “Hey Narayan, we know what is gonna happen next, but we are in such a dilemma that, Kamalanayani is our daughter and we have to look at all the living beings with an unbiased eye. I am worried about How she will take the happenings..”

Lord Narayan replied “Hey Mahadev, Please don’t worry about her… She is our daughter first of all. She has the essence of our power. She was created by us, her main ambition for every birth is protection of women and their safety… Let her know it by her karmas and let her take a decision.”

Lord Shiva asked him “That curse…”. Lord Vishnu replied “If it has to be, it has to be… Mahadev..”. Lord Brahma intruded and said “I have the pen to write the future but I am unable to write it for her.. How will I do it to my daughter?”. Lord Vishnu replied “Brahma dev, please do your karmas… I know she has the power to bear, tackle and destroy the barriers of her life… We are the sculptors and we must not step back to hurt the stone… Else it will not become a beautiful statue…” But Lord Shiva said “But we must be very cautious that, the stone is not hurt too much, else we cannot replace it, if it breaks…”. Three of them, agreed to proceed.

On the other hand, At Dvaraka….

Kamalanayani went to the war practice camp and practiced well. Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram came there to inform the princes and princess that, they have got a letter from Mata Devaki and Lord Vasudev that they want to meet the Yadu-vanshis… So who all are coming with us…

Everyone except Rajkumar Samba and four others were willing to go.. [Note: Not all the children of Lord Krishna was born at that time… totally 10 princes and two princesses + Rajkumar Abhimanyu were there.]

Lord Krishna asked him, but he rejected that he is not willing to travel anywhere… Lord Krishna did not force him… On hearing this, Lord Balaram said “Krishna, then you take the remaining, I will stay here… I will go and meet Pithashree and Matashree, on another day. Just inform them that I am so sorry and I will come afterwards..”

Lord Krishna also asked Mata Subhadra to come, but she did not as she was feeling ill and not ready to travel… Instead she agreed to sent Rajkumar Abhimanyu with Lord Krishna..

On the next day, Lord Krishna set up his journey to Mathura with Rajkumar Pradyumna, Rajkumar Abhimanyu, Rajkumari Kamalanayani, Rajkumari Padmavadhani and a few more… All the Ashtabharyas did Lord Krishna’s Aarti and wished them a safe journey…

Today’s Question: What happened in Mathura ?

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

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  1. Thank you ma’am. I think Shani dev is coming in this epic. If the curse is about the untoldness of Devi kamalanayani?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Keep thinking… The answer is on the way….

  2. Hey. Can you please help me find some more stories like this. If you tell me where can I find, it ll be very helpful. Thanks
    By chance I opened this website and too *Shani* and I was so happy to find this that I can’t express.

    1. Kamalanayani

      I am glad to know…
      I think you may see the historical fiction category of wattpad…
      It has a lot of stories like this…

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