Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 1)

You guys might have known the story of Mahabharat. But now I am going to tell you the story of an untold character who also played a role in that great epic. I got to know about this story of this young damsel from my Grand-mother. I searched in the internet and wiki pages but there was no fact or even a point left for this character. But now I feel it is Lord Krishna’s order to unveil you the story of his daughter.

Sure this is gonna be a valour-love story & a mythological story about a strong & important damsel of Mahabharata but who is forgotten. And this is a mythological story, but not a myth. It time to know about her.

Again I am saying guys, till date, I did not find any puranas having her story but my Grand-mother told me this story. I enquired her and found that this story was told to her by our ancestors generation-by-generation. The reason why this character was not shown in the history will also be revealed at the end of this series. Just as my Grand-mother did. And guys I believe that you will enjoy this story.

I wanted to share this story to everyone as only a very few people even in my family know about this character. So I take up this as a chance as a pleasure to share this story with you all. I dedicate this series to her true love and its clarity and also to my grandmother who made me to know about her. This story is told only to a lucky young girl in our family, to make them understand the beauty of what true love is. I am grateful that I am so lucky. Ok Ok lets begin the story.

So lets begin from her atma-dharshan.

Once upon a time, in the early-Dvapara yuga, an asura (My Grandma had told me his name, but I forgot it now… Sorry) was doing harsh tapasya towards Tridev for 1000 years. Pleased by his tapasya, Tridev appeared in front of him and asked him want boon he wants… The asura just always asked the boon of Chiranjeevi (no death), but Tridev refused it.
So he claimed that he wants his death only be in the hands of a new shakti. It should be a girl by body & character. But should have valour of a man. She should have many hands with weapons but is calm natured. She cannot resist to see dush-karmas happening in front of her. She should have the identity of Tridev. She should have the tejas/tapasya shakti of Tridev. She should not be born out of any boon or from any woman’s womb. But she should be born out of tapasya of the tridev. They have to perform tapasya for 1000 years towards Adishakti devi to get this daughter. But during that tapasya time, Tridev should renounce all their duties and to perform a clear-harsh tapasya.

Even though this boon shocked Tridev, they had no choice other than bestowing him it with. The Asura’s ideology was so simple. Even if Tridev perform those austerities and bring out a girl as he described, it will take them 1000 years. But, during that time, they cannot perform their regular duties – Creating, Protecting, Destroying. So he is chiranjeevi for atleast 1000 years and Tridev cannot even think about him and he will definitely have powers so he can harm the tapasya.

As usual as all asuras, he started doing all kinds of Dush-karmas. But Tridev who knew this would happen, started their tapasya the moment they vanished after bestowing him this boon. They did tapasya towards Devi Adishakti. But the asura did not care about their tapasya until they crossed 750 years. He got a bit, afraid and started to disturb them but Devi Adishakti did not let him get near the Tapovan of Tridev. So, disturbed Asura started hurting Mata Bhumidevi (Mother Earth). So she rushed to Devi Adishakti who, advised her to be safe in the tapovan of Tridev. She also started to mediate along with Tridev and her tapo-shakti also started to join with them. Because all of their motive was to put an end to the asura. (Note: Her tapasya was added as extra-power of the new shakti to be formed.)

The asura was not able to concentrate in any task when there was only 1 year left for the end of the tapasya. The asura ordered then begged to Devi Adishakti not to bestow the boon for Tridev. But she refused because Tridev did not refuse the asura’s boon even though they knew that he will cause havoc.
Finally their tapasya ended successfully and Devi Adishakti appeared in front of them and asked for their wish. They asked a girl with all the identities told by the asura. She also asked Mata Bhumi devi for her wish. She said she wanted to have the new girl as her daughter as her wish. And Devi Adishakti asked Tridev to create a girl with their tapasya just as they want.

The birth of Devi Kamalanayani happened as following.

Tridev – Mahadev, Narayan & Brahmadev created forms each representing themselves.

Mahadev’s form – She was a Raudra-Veera-Kannika (Fierceful & angry damsel).She was a girl warrior ready for battle. Her outfit was war-ready & had rudrakshas. Her hair was not plaited but had jatas. She had weapons in her hand. She had krodha (anger) in her face. Her eyes were eager to see the enemy. Her legs were eager to stand in the battle field. She was fierce-ful. Her thoughts were only about destroying. It was her Raudra avatar.

Narayan’s form – She was a Haasya-Karuna-Kannika (Delightful/happy & Pathetic damsel). She was a girl who is and wants others to be happy. Her outfit was like a homely-girl. Her hair was neatly plaited. She had lotus flower and Abhaya-mudra in her hands. She had eagerness to spread happiness to all people and to preserve happiness. Her eyes had karuna. Her thoughts were only about preserving. It was her Haasya avatar.

Brahmadev’s form – She was a Shanta-Adbhuta-Kannika (Calm & Wonderful damsel). She was a girl who is really calm and wants to perform tapasya. She was also clear that her tapasya should be used for the Universe’s welfare and not for herself. She wore a outfit like a vanavasi (it is also called maravuri in tamil). Her hair was not braided but neatly combed. She had spatikamala (the holy beads used during meditation) and Sin-mudra in her hands. She was ready to perform austerities and get powers and use them to create goodness to the Good and creating havoc to the bad. Her thoughts were only about creating. It was her Shanta avatar.

Then finally Devi Adishakti merged them 3 into one form and made her as described below:
She was a beautiful damsel. She holded various weapons in her hand but had calmness and smile in her face. She had the abilities to perform as a trained-warrior but was a homely-girl. She wore ornaments all over her which reflected the Tridev. She wore Rudraksha garland, holded a pink lotus and a spatikamala (the holy beads used during
meditation). Her weapons also resembled Tridev – A Trident, a chakra, and a bow with Brahmastra.

Mata Bhumidevi presented her a male cheetah named Veera as her Vaahan.

Now Devi Adishakti summoned Mata Gayatri devi to name her. She took the names of Tridev – Kailashanatha (Lord Shiva), Malavan (Lord Narayan) and Ayan (Lord Brahma) and Combined them to blend it as Kamalanayani (last i for girl). And also it was a female version for Lord Vishnu’s name -Kamalanayana. She also blessed the girl to represent Tridev throughout her life.

This was the story of the creation of the Atma of Devi Kamalanayani.

This series’s next episode will be released soon. Stay tuned…

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  1. i want shani written update nt some silly stories.nkt

  2. Shaira Naazim

    Is she a form of Durga or another goddess??

  3. But how is she related to Mahabharata???
    Pls tell, very eager.

  4. Sakash.

    Hi i am sakash.Loved ur FF.Firstly i like ur way of writing,secondly i like ur dedicating
    nature i mean u want to share ur story to all.Thirdly i think u r a girl & love ur grand maa.If u like me will u
    be my friend,brother or sister ur wish give ur reply i am sakash.

  5. Superb kamalnayani

    Don’t mind what others say you just post this story here

    And as we decided others on param avatar sri krishna

    Really interesting story keep going

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you Sandya…
      Hope you like it…
      But I dont understand what has been decided on param shri krishna avatar..

      1. We will post all the related stories to krishna on param avatar sri krishna?

        I have few stories which I like to share

      2. Kamalanayani

        Sure Sandya…
        I am really keen and blessed to post the stories of Lord Shri Krishna….
        But I think we will do it once the serial airs on-screen…

        Do you also know that they are gonna telecast Bahubali-The lost legends, an animated series on the side-stories of Bahubali in colors tv. Might be from July. But the precise date has not been revealed…..

    2. Sorry, it’s a Shani update page. Other stories have to be posted in other categories.

      1. Kamalanayani

        I am doing this with the permission of Tellyupdates admin.
        And don’t worry this is also related to Shani dev…

  6. Kamalanayani

    Thank you for your response…
    The next episode of this series will reveal her relation with Mahabharatha.
    Do wait to know about it….

    And for people who don’t like it. You may skip reading it. But always keep in mind that it is not a silly story.
    We wont keep it for generations if it is a silly story & i am posting it with the admin’s permission only also for this section.

    1. Wow so many interesting shows are going to on air soon

  7. Its really interesting, waiting for the journey of kamalanayani….. .

  8. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Great work. Have presented in neatly with an excellent English. Eager to know more about her.

  9. Kamalanayani

    Again I thank for your response because it is more than I expected…
    I wish this retains for the complete journey of the story…

    Another thing is she had a strong heart… but finally got broken into pieces… And then sticked together by Tridev…
    She is very stubborn by character but very affectionate….
    DO wait to for the next post… I am actually working on it…
    I will release it tonight…


    Nice story Kamalanayani & keep it up my dear friend.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you so much madhu….
      I hope your exams are over….

      Keep on enjoying the story of Devi Kamalanayani by this Kamalanayani….


        ???? YOU R SO SWEET.

      2. Kamalanayani

        Actually I adopted the name of this charming princess Kamalanayani from when I knew her story. Its actually not my name. And don’t ask my name in this forum…

  11. Dear Kamalnayani.
    The story which you have narrated is truly very informative and less known to people.
    I would request others to refrain from using words like Silly which really hurts the sentinments of people.
    Please go ahead with your next episode. iti is really a treat and pleasure to read.

    Warm Regards
    Ramesh Rao

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you
      I will surely keep on posting the next episodes….
      And I have no sentiments on this story…. But the only thing is I want to share this story to everyone but I won’t keep out my ears open for those people….

  12. Nandhini

    Its an honour to hear an untold historical story from ur family…so please continue posting it kamalanayani?…the description of Maa Adi shakti’s new formation was very delightful to read…

    1. Hey Nandhini!!!
      U comment on Naagin page Naa.

      1. Nandhini

        Yes Abhi i comment in naagin page too…i know you dear.?

    2. Kamalanayani

      Sure Nandhini akka…
      I am glad to know it that it was delightful…
      Sure I will post the next one tonight…
      Romba Santhosham akka…

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