Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 6


Pakiya comes to home and hugs kamla and vittal. He says AI baba I got job in a big company with a very good salary. Vittal says stop it pakiya. You must be dreaming. Pakiya says no baba. This is true. Kamla says, ha vittal that’s true only a nd all this happened because of our Raghav baba only. He loves and cares so much for us. I need to call him and thank him for this. Kamla calls on raghav’s mobile. He does not receive the call. Pakiya calls up kalpi and tells her that he got job and all that was because of raghav only. Kalpi is so happy to hear it. After talking to pakiya, kalpi takes raghav’s photo in hand and asks him, why do you love me so much. Not only me, you extend your love and care to my parents as well. You are the Prince of my life. I love you raghav more than anything else in this world. Can’t wait to see you today.

Raghav comes home from office. Kalpana runs to him and hugs him but Raghav is upset. He just gives a formal smile and goes to the room. Kalpi thinks what ‘s wrong with raghav. He comes for dinner. Kalpi serves him dinner. He does not say anything. Gauri asks raghav, what is wrong? Why you seem so upset? Raghav says nothing mom and gets up and goes back to his room. Kalpi tells gauri that she will take care of him. Gauri nods.

When kalpi comes to room, raghav is sitting on the bed thinking very seriously. She asks raghav please tell me what happened? Why you seem so upset? Won’t you share it with me? I am your r wife now.

Raghav shouts at kalpi, ‘so what? If you are my wife, it doesn’t mean I need to tell you everything. Please leave me alone now. Kalpi gets hurt she turns on the other side of the bed and sleeps while raghav sleeps on the opposite side. Kalpi is in tears. Raghav thinks, oh no. How did I hurt kalpana ? He says damn and is worried. He calls kalpana and says, actually what problem I had was… Kalpi interferes and says no need. I am not interested in your problems anymore. Btw thanks for getting my brother a job and having cared for my family. I am sleeping now. Raghav says oh really? I got your bro a job and this is your reaction, very bad. Kalpi asks, so what else can I do for you Mr. Raghav singania? Raghav says you could do so many things.. Kalpi is starring in anger and finally both smile and hug each other. Kalpi asks raghav what happened? Raghav says, today I lost in front of my enemy. I lost a very big project to that criminal sahil kapoor. I wanted to take revenge on him completely for my dad’s death by bringing him totally down in business, but today I lost to him. And I am unable to accept this. Kalpi says raghav please why do you worry so much. Getting and losing a project is based on quotations. Raghav says yes but I got to know from a source that kapoors quoted1 bucks less than what we quoted. How is this possible? Kalpi is shocked listening this…

Kalpi explains raghav, look this is not about just a business revenge. I have seen pain in the eyes of gauri ma. Your dad’s death needs justice. Please reopen the singania sir’s death case.

Raghav thinks about it and calls up a lawyer immediately.

Next day morning, cops enter the kapoor residency. They produce warrant to arrest sahil. Everyone in the house are shocked. Prem interferes and asks for what sahil is being arrested. The cop says, Mrs Gauri Singania has filed the case against for murdering her husband and having tried to murder her. Sahil says no this is not true. She is just trying to trap me. She is the true culprit. She killed her husband to hide her illegal relationship. Cop says to tell all that in the court and sahil is taken to custody.

Prem immediately calls his lawyer and arranges for the bail of sahil kapoor. Sahil is back to home. Everybody console him. Pakhi says, dad i hope all this is not true. Neetu and Prem scold at her for speaking that way. Sahil is fuming in anger at gauri and raghav. Next day when raghav is leaving to office in his car, sahil hires goons and the goons stop raghav’s car and hit him terrificly.

Raghav is admitted in serious condition in the hospital. Sammy, gauri, kalpi are all worried. Kalpi is praying god that she needs her love back. After severe treatments, raghav is saved but he is advised bed rest for 6 months. Raghav is taken to his home. Kalpi and gauri take care of raghav very well. Sammy asks raghav to be relieved and not to worry about business for the next 6 months and he says that he would handle everything. Raghav says i need to talk to you for sometime. Kalpana and gauri move from there. Raghav says i want kalpana to handle all these businesses in my position. Sammy says thats a very good decision. I know how talented Kalpana is. Raghav says not only because of that. I just married her and gave her a love and care of a husband, but what about her dreams, the dreams that kamla ma had seen for her. I want her to prove herself and i think the fate has turned in a way favoring the same.

Raghav tells all this to kalpana. But kalpana is hesistant to take up the responsibility. SHe says she cannot leave raghav even for a second and starts crying. Raghav says mom is here to take of my health, but what about my peace of mind and my tensions about my business. My peace of mind can be obtained only when you handle the singania group of companies.

Next day in the office, everyone are thinking that sammy would be coming in as new boss. Paki also thinks, cool if sammy is here i can easily steal the project informations and leak it out to bring up the kapoor business. Paki is waiting with a bouquet of flowers to greet the new boss. Kalpana enters their in a cool way, hifi way in a desinger saree. Everyone are shocked. Paki is looking on at kalpana. kalpi asks, what ms. kapoor, you are gonna just look at me or also greet me here. Paki hugs kalpi and says i am so happy for you but with anger expressions. Kalpi says, thanks everyone. SO i am your new boss until Mr. Raghav singania is back from his injuries. And everything in office would happen the raghav way. SO please get back to your work. because time is money and time shouldnt be wasted as raghav sir says.

Paki is burning in anger and jealousy that she should be reporting to this kalpi. Kalpi is very busy and handling all the projects in a very cool way. One day, Sammy and kalpi are out for a project deal meeting. Kalpi asks sammy if the project presentation was ready. Sammy says yes but paki has not yet arrived to the meeting. She is the one who has the presentation details. kalpi and sammy are worried. In the meeting, each company is giving their presentation. Firstly kapoor constructions name is called out and sammy and kalpi are shocked to see that Pakhi kapoor is about to present the presentation. Sammy says oh no, such a big cheat was pakhi kapoor. Pakhi turns out to be the new joint boss of kapoor construcitons along with prem. Before the meeting could get over, kalpana thinks no ways, I cannot let raghav loose here and she herself prepares everything and presents it before all. and kalpana wins the project deal for her company. Paki and prem leave from there in severe anger.

Kamla is deeply depressed about pakhi’s atittude. SHe reminiscenes how paki insulted her when kamla goes to paki to ask her bout her change in behavior. Paki says kamla bai you took good salary for having taken care of me but now you have no rights to judge me. Please get out.

Kalpana is working hard and Raghav is also recovering well. Sammy calls raghav and says, your choice is amazing raghav. Kalpana has handled things in a much better way than you. In 3 months time, she has brought up the company’s position from 10 to 5. If she continues I think our company would be the no. 1 company in the whole country. Raghav smiles and is so happy. The phone was in speaker mode and Raghav was making kamla listen to all this when she had come to visit raghav. Raghav says, kamla ma you asked me to show your daughter the right path. Now, she is turning your dreams true. Kamla holds raghav’s hands and cries very hard. She says thank you so much baba.

The scene switches over to the court. Sahil is being accused of singania’s murder. Sahil ‘s lawyer cross questions gauri and says that she is the one who had illegal affairs and to just win over her sons love, who is the owner of crores she came back as a caring mother and is creating all these dramas and there are no proofs for the same. gauri is in severe stress. she shouts no this is not true and cries. raghav goes and consoles her. Suddenly the judges assistant reads out that there is a witness who wants to talk here. judge grants permission and it is none other than sahil’s mom.

She comes and tells all that sahil did along with his wife. And how they pushed her from the stairs after she heard them talking about what they did. Prem and pakhi are so shocked and ashamed at what their dad did. Sahil and neetu are sentenced to jail for life. Gauri and raghav are in happy tears and they hug each other emotionally. Gauri says all this happened cos of kalpana. Raghav goes and hugs her tightly (tere liye hi jiya main…… plays).

Paki goes to kamla and falls at her feet for forigivness but kamla says i have no right to judge you and please go away from here. Prem hold paki and takes her back home.

kamla comes home inside and cries. She looks at kalpi’s and raghav’s photo and says I am proud of you my child. I wish my other daughter had also chosen the right path. God bless her to be on right track here after……

Show ended………..

(Sorry friends,quiet busy. so gave a drastic quick end to this story in a way i wanted it to happen. Even if you are a silent reader give me your comments about the track. I know its too speedy but the contents could have been dragged for many episodes. just leave your comments bout this.. thanks.)

Credit to: Kavitha K

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    So fast di…. its okay di i understood,…. actually even in my ff i had planned to make kalpi to take over Singhnia companies….. same pinch di….. Really awesome ending…. ur ff was amazing…….. i wish u a very happy life di…. take care of ur child di…. bye di….

    1. Thank you so much ww.. You are a true well wisher.. Wish you a very happy life sis 🙂

      1. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

        thank u sis…..

  2. Just loved it!!
    May the blessings of God fill your life with happiness!

    1. Thanks godvi.. So sweet of u.. Wish you all success and happiness.. 🙂

  3. Y so soon??? … I thought u would continue… Its okay. .. Ff was really gud

    1. Sorry ya.. Got busy in work.. So unable to continue this.. So gave a quick movie climax 😉 wish you good luck and happy days to come..

  4. Wow super kavitha then it’s even much better than the original show

    1. Thanks pavi 🙂 so happy to hear that from you.. God bless and wish you all success and happiness…

  5. If yu get free then plz do come back with your ff! Coz yu are too good in dramatizing!

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