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Specially dedicated for all rape victims

( In Kolkata crime beauro office ) Durgarasad (Cenior officer ) : From last two months, many men are brutally murdered. Still we are not able find who is behind all this. Laksh (junior officer) : I have been trying my level best sir… but someone is doing all these crimes so intelegently without leaving any proofs. Bhomkesh (assistant) : Yes sir, Laksh sir trying hard day and night… but.. but ragini bhabhi is still not pregnant.. Laksh taps Bhomkesh foot… Bhomkesh : Ahem ahem… I mean not able to find who is bhind all this.. Durgaprasad : I know you people are unfit… so specially called an officer.. my student, Swara Bose.

Swara comes in jeans and coat in a perfect officer look… Durgaprasad ; Swara I have confidence in you… take these two ppl help.. I hope you solve this case. Swara : I’ll try my level best sir.

( In meeting room ) Swara : I have gon through all the files… so someone is intentionally killing all men.. that for a reason.. if we observe dates, after every rape the accused getting murdered… so he is doing all these for girls. Laksh : Exactly what I felt only you said… very good.. Bhomkesh : (watching laksh ) Thuuuu… Swara : Do it as I say… take media help and speculate news that girls are illeagally being transported.. we will go there and act like victims all in civil dresses.. he will dfinitely come to save us.. operation start…

Next day at an old factory, Swara along with some girls start shouting for help… some other polices acts as rowdies torchering them.. Suddenly, the door of that room breaks… everybody shocks.. stunning silence.. Sanskar wrapped his half face with muffler comes like a tiger… the men go towards him.. Sanskar just punches them and breaks their bones.. he holds Swara takes her close.. looking into her eyes he says, ‘don’t worry… iam there to save you.. Swara : I never thought you will be caught so easily… Laksh and bhomkesh comes with all polices and surround Sanskar… Sanskar smiles sadly..

Huge news comes in all tv’s and news papers… the man who became nightmare for police finally caught.. the man who is murdering the idiots who raped girls brutally is being caught.. In all paper’s front page Sanskar’s photo is highlited… most of the people were sad that a real hero is being caught..organisations came forward… huge strikes started asking to leave Sanskar.. his big cutouts were placed at roads and girls also participated in these strikes… the media specially requested and got permission for court proceedings.. finally Sanskar was produced in court. Whole state was watching the court proceedings.

Judge : Do you accept that all these crimes are done by you ? Sanskar : Yes Judge : But what made you do so ? Sanskar : Uttara

***************FLASHBACK********************* ********** Sanskar and Uttara lived in Durgapur. Their father was a farmer. They were happy living family. Uttara was so close to Sanskar. They both had so much bonding. She was his doll. One day, Uttara was called by his friend Rajat to a party. She went to party with rajat at evening. After sometime as it was getting late Sanskar called Uttara. The phone was not connecting. Time was goin on but there was no response. Worried Sanskar go to Rajat’s house. He is a son of local m.l.a. There he was told that Rajat went to his grandfather in Kolkata. Sanskar knew it was all rubbish. He rushed to police station and asked to file case. But they denied to do so as it was against local mla. Sanskar crying madly searches everywhere… madly two days he kept searching alone crying. And the way he found her at a forest Broke his heart. She was brutally raped and killed. Sanskar fell there and cried loud madly.

*******************FLASHBACK OVER**************************************** Everybodies eyes filled with tears in court. Swara, Laksh and Bhomkesh also could not stop crying. Even judge. Sanskar : Not just my sis sir, many girls… every day do you know how many rapes are going on in our country ? 80% of rape cases are not even coming out in media.. all those girls are killed by those idiots once… and second time we are killing them leaving the idiots who did it.. ryt from Nirbhaya, how many ? how many sir ? shame on us… what to do with 70 yrs of independence, wen our sisters are not safe ? they are shivering sir to step out.. these politicians and leaders only know the loss and pain if such thing happens in their family… girls sir.. our so innocent dolls. If a small ant bites us we cant bare that pain… imagine hw much pain those victims suffered for being raped so brutally.. how should these mother fuc*ers be punished ? They should be hanged publicly… torched violently.. their mankind should be cut when they are alive. Girls… iam holding my hands and pleading you.. no one is going to protect you. Protect yourself. Keep a knife with you… injure them, you can even kill them if you suspect you are at risk according to newly passed bill. Our idiotic lusty eyes are watching you every day when you step out of your house. Please take care. Iam ready for your judgement sir…

Every body lower their faces with shy. Everbody cry. Every person watching this in their tv’s cry and salutes Sanskar. Judge : ( wiping his tears ) The judgment will be announced tomorrow. All the girls come crying and tie rakhiis to Sanskar…

( In jail at night ) Swara brings plate with meals to Sanskar… Swara : Eat it… don’t be hungry.. Sanskar ; You are just seeing the hunger in my stomach, not in my heart. Still that idiot is alive who killed my sis. Swara : Go… I’ll leave you till tomorrow morning 5. Do whatever you want and come back. After all iam also a girl. Sanskar becomes so happy…. He stands up and moves.. Swara holds his hand. Swara : First time I fell in love with someone… Sanskar smiles and goes..

( Next day morning at old binny mills ) Rajat opens his eye and finds himself tied to a tree nude… He gets shocked.. he shouts for help… Just then Sanskar wrapped his face with a muffler comes towards him… Rajat panics seeing him.. Rajat : (fearing ) Who are you ? Sanskar : When system fails, god himself comes to punish the evil on earth… the 11th incarcination of lord Vishnu.. KALKI !!!!! Saying this he opens his muffler. Rajat gets shocked to see Sanskar and remembers all she did to uttara.. Sanskar take a bucket full of rats, take it to rajat and puts in at his lower. Rajat shouts of pain and bleeds… Rajat : Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhh.. please leave me… Sanskar : Do you believe in god ? Rajat : Yes… yes.. Sanskar : GO TO HIM AND ASK TO FORGIVE !!!!! Saying this Sanskar shoots him with gun !!!!

Credit to: anup babblu jetty

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  1. Awesome, I’m laughing?….the ending was ?????? but whatever that idiot, kamina, Kutta, scoundrel Rajat did, he deserved it….Sanskaar did good by shooting that b*****d…. It was also ?…whatever happened to Uttra was bad….ugh! I don’t get why Men want to use girls….no offence…some men like Rajat are ???

  2. Ur concept is awesome the same thing happend to jisha from kerala

  3. Awesome…yeh ministr log roh kbhi smjhte h nhi..humsha pltcs me bg rhti h

    Ye sb kutta ko Assam me jo dimapur me rpe cse me pblc ne sja di thi aise dena chahiye

  4. nice concept…. awesome….

  5. Very nice….good concept!!!

  6. very nice yaar.thanks for wonderful story.

  7. nice concept
    very good os
    all the best for ur future stories

  8. oh.. god i love you for this story.. i want this to happen in real life.. when i heard of rape news and all i wanted to kill that blo*dy people.. i really loved your story.. i don’t know what to say.. but brilliant. just brilliant

  9. AN affective msg in a amazing .Really there sld be death sentece to rapists rather than carrying the case for yrs.

  10. The concept was excellent…a nice way to give a message to our society…

  11. Anup yaar I really salute u for writing such a meaning full story, this story has so much sense and believe me being a girl it is so depressing to be in such a society where we r taught hw to stay safe while men are not taught how to behave with girls…. And thank u for this.

  12. Very nice dear……I am very proud that in our society there are people like u…who are brave enough to forward these messages to us……very well written…..

  13. This is jst awesome
    im a silent reader I generally dont comment
    but dis made me 2 comment
    I seriously felt it as heart touching
    Its really awesome

  14. I think whatever happens to girls for that girls are responsible cause when you can not fight for yourself then what u want from world….. There is proverb” If you expect world to be fair with u cause you are fair with them, then you are fooling yourself. That’s like expecting lion not to eat you cause you didn’t eat him” so I say that girls should be much enough strong that they can fight for them selves, don’t expect mercy from anyone be strong emotionally and physically to fight with world alone… And my family has teach me that u r creator of your own life and they made me that strong that I can fight with anyone and I am proud to have such family ?…. And I request girls to be strong enough that there will be no Sanskar who have to be criminal for his sister….
    And about this ff this is the best ff I have ever read… I will not say anything about this ff cause I don’t have any work to express my feelings…… I just say that this is wonderful ff … Love ❤ u..

  15. Thank you for all who respect girls.
    Hats off to you. You cared for girls. It was heart touching.

  16. hats off dear. and i have another punishment for him. his nail want pluck. bcos that pain is really pains.
    nice concept.

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