Kaleerein And Zindagi Ki Mehek Mahasangam 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Rejects Vivan’s Friendship Proposal

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Wedding ceremony continues. Terrorist prepare garland bomb. Mehek says she wants to give a surprise to her friend, bride, and dances on Hawa Hawaii song with bride. Shaurya silently slips off. Terrorist shouts Shaurya escaped and they all search him.

In Meera’s house, pre-engagement party continues. Vivan says Meera will not do what he will say. Meera accepts challenge. Whole family eagerly looks at them. Vivan extends friendship. Meera says friendship with him, never. He asks what qualities she expects in a friend. Meera says a good heart and good intention, which he lacks. Vivan says he told she will not do what he will say. Silky and Daadi insist. Meera says Vivan has some vested interests. Sumer asks her to befriend Vivan for his sake, what will Vivan get from it.

Shaurya reaches a garage and asks junior terrorist if work is done. Terrorist says he is wasting time. Shaurya shoots his leg. He shouts for help. Shaurya warns him again that he can do anything for his family. Main terrorist on the other side threatens Mehek to tell where Shaurya is, else he will order to kill her grandpa. mehek says she does not know where Shaurya is. At home, terrorist points gun at grandpa and asks his boss to order if he should kill grandpa.

Silky tells Meera that Vivan is super rich, so attitude is obvious, he knows she is getting married, so he will not think of affair also, so she should accept his friendship. Meera says she will if he befriends even Silky. Silky says she will try herself. Amaya asks Vivan why he wants to befriend Meera, if he is thinking of flirting with her. Vivan says she knows many girls try to flirt with him, but he never reciprocates, he really wants to befriend her. She says thank you for believing her belief that Meera is a good girl. Vivan thinks she does not know why he is befriending Meera.

Terrorist continues pressurizing Mehek to tell where Shaurya is, else his man will shoot her grandpa. She says she does not know where Shaurya is and pleads not to kill her grandpa. Shaurya returns.


Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ooshi

    thanks for the update MA

  2. Chaaya

    According to the poll comments first impressions are good but this is another mini Mahek world. Only a matter of time this story will smell like soured milk once the brewing issues of evil cousins and jealous aunts etc. Another negative view of Indian extended families yet to unfold. Wait and see.

    1. Chaaya

      Making reference to the new soap with Vivan and Meera.

  3. Chaaya

    On another note, there has been no matched chemistry like Mahek and Shaurya.

  4. You are right Chaaya,Bittu and his wife Sweety are already showing their colors.And this is not unusual,most of the joint families disintegrate because of self interests of some members.Nowadays ,we don’t see many joint families in India, and the few that still live together are not happy either ,for tradition sake,they adhere to this system but live with differences,jealousy and frustration.Nuclear families are better,atleast there will be cordial relations ,as they stay away from each other and meet once in a while.But as you said ,indian writers’obsession with joint families and their internal politics is becoming tiresome.On top of it ,there is absolutely no chemistry between the leads,they simply freeze in the close scenes,but Arjit Taneja used to have lovely chemistry with Pragya’s sister( I don’t remember the name of the actress) in Kumkumbhagya.May the problem is with direction,even the Antakshari scene was dull and the stupid bangles mystery is getting on my nerves.After ADDN’s sudden wrap up,I had lot of hopes on this serial ,but it is turning out to be a disappointment.As of now ,nothing is interesting on Zee tv.So looking forward to Eisha’s Ishq Subhaan Allah .

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