Kaleerein 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gets Vivan Arrested

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Meera continues tongue lashing Vivan and leaves with her family. Vivan thinks now he has to free his mom and sister from kidnapper at any cost. Kidnapper calls him and says let us play truth or dare, he failed playing dare, now he should play truth, asks if Meera has a mole on her left side or right side of neck, if she has injury maark on her knee, etc. Vivan warns him to shut up. Kindapper says he can smell kerosene. Vivan smells kerosene outside house and runs out. He kidnapper’s goons burning documents and tries to throw away kerosene can. They run away. Meera comes and mistakes him as burning documents and shouts what is he up to now. She tries to set off fire. Vivan asks her to say away. Meera warns dare not to come near her. Vivan sees can blasting, jumps and rescues Meera. Meera

collapses with burns on her hand. He lifts her and takes her inside home. Sweety and Aman yells why he is behind Meera, get away from her. Vivan counterattacks to leave his house and stop their drama. He walks out. Family sees Meera’s burnt hand and apply medicine on it. A romantic song plays in the background. Meera writhes in pain. Vivan walks on fire reminiscing Meera’s burns. Meera gets up and walks down. Family asks her to rest. She says she has to start a new shop. Biji says Aman is working on it, she need not worry.

Vivan gets near his car when he sees droid and Meera’s torn jersey in it. He gets worried thinking kidnapper can barge into Meera’s house easily. He then sees Meera’s pics falling from droid. Kidnapper calls him and asks if he knows more details about Meera and reveals he is Meera’s old admirer. He sees 2 men operating droid on bike and runs behind them. They speed away. Vivan then walks to Meera’s house and insists to leave his house. Meera challenges they will not and calls inspector Brar and alleges that Vivan tried to burn her, he did not even wait till their divorce finalization, arrest and handcuff him. Vivan says he is ready to cooperate, then there is no question of hand cuffing him. He challenges that he will return in 1 hour and leaves with Brar.

Dolly and other family member panic and cry till when they need to bear this torture, when will they get peace. Each family member yells. Biji loses her mental balance and shouts to stop, they don’t. She collapses. They rush to her then.

Vivan is thrown in jail. Inmates discuss he must have looted bank or done some heinous crime. Vivan says he married their city girl and betrayed her, he heard whole city is like a family, so they should punish him. He forcefully makes them beat him. They brutally trash him, and he falls down injured.

Precap: Biji’s condition worsens. Dolly gives her jewelry and asks Meera to sell them and get money for Biji’s treatment. Meera walks in street, goons snatch her jewelry bag and speed away.
Vivan tells Brar that Roma with her puppet kidnapper has kidnapped his sister and mother, so inspector should track Roma. Inspector finds Roma’s location. Vivan is shocked to see it is his house.

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  1. what you think guys is it roma or someone else… who blackmailing vivaan.. there’s lots of spoilers and gossips regarding this track… is anyone have idea about upcoming track i am hell confused… i think vivaan tell truth to meera then they together find his mom and sis

    1. i think it is Meeras Old groom the one she was suppose to origonally marry

  2. The previous track ,however frustrating and annoying it was ,was much more pleasant than this one…inspite of those occasional temper flare ups of Vivaan and accusing Meera of empathising with his mother,Vivaan had been pleasant,intense and romantic in his own way…Meera ,on her part ,never took his insults seriously ,did everything to help him out and finally fell in love….but the current track really looks rubbish…Somehow I don’t like a man crying..and that’s what Vivaan is doing on a regular basis now….first he insults Meera and her family ,then cries his heart out…There is something very pathetic about such a confident man feeling helpless and blank and Ofcourse Meera hating him….the fun loving Meera is nowhere to be seen…..I sincerely hope that this unpleasant track ends soon and we will get to see the same old intense natured guy deeply in love with his wife…

    1. Can i ask u one question lakshmi why do u think men should be strong and stone hearted like vivaan was before . Why do People and society always wants to show men aren’t allowed to cry or show their emotions like girls do. If girls can show their emotions like getting scared , crying every human can do that especially men can also show their emotions like womens do. Men are not made of stone, don’t u think. Crying is common emotions to everyone anyone can do that irrespective of age. It is a human feeling. after all vivaan is suffering now more than meera did in previous track. Atleast meera has someone to support her in the previous track but vivaan here poor guy he himself is suffering to free his mom and sister from those lousy goons and those bastrad idiot who is not showing his face is making vivaan do all he never wanted to do to his lovely wife and in laws. So what are expecting from vivaan to do right now i don’t get it, he is doing all to save his mom , sister ,in-laws and wife within his power. U are only observing vivaan crying can’t u understand the pain vivaan is going through.

  3. Neeti ,I think Roma’s character has n’t yet ended….if you remember,nothing was shown of her after her confrontation with Vivaan in the masjid…she was neither arrested nor shown leaving the country which means she is still very much present in Vivaan and Meera’s life but inspector Brar indicating Kapoor Mansion as the current location of Roma is confusing…How can she call the shots from the house without being seen by anyone OR it is not Roma but someone from the family who is blackmailing Vivaan,,,if so ,who can it be????? Whoever the kidnapper is ,it s clear that he /she doesn’t want any money or property but wants Meera and her family on the roads …doesn’t sound like Roma ,then who can it be .Sumer or Pammi herself for some unknown reason????? Ofcourse it s just a wild guess…..

    1. Lakshmi, if it is a family member it could be Laali. I have been wondering about her whereabouts since we have not seen her in a while. After all she did want Vivaan to marry Silky. If however it is Sumer I wonder what happened to his great love for and romance with Silky after all they went to such great lengths to defame Meera in order for the wedding to be called of so they could be together.

      My analysis from watching the show so far regarding Vivaans’ behavior is that he and Meera were never given a chance to establish a proper relationship with each other either as friends or husband and wife and therefore there is no trust between them and he doesn’t think to confide in her about what’s going on with him. After being under Romas’ influence for all these years it is difficult for him to express emotions other than hate and anger (although we see his love for his sister Amaya) he is still learning. He keeps everything bottled up inside and when it does come out it may not be in the best way therefore the tears and anguish when he is alone. We saw how he was finding it difficult to express his love when he was practicing his proposal to Meera. (I will disagree with you about a man who cries, I see nothing wrong with a Strong Alpha Male who is able to express his emotions through tears it’s s*xy once he does not become sniveling and simpering then that’s pathetic). We saw how he was finding it difficult to express his love when he was practicing his proposal to Meera.

  4. Hiyori I have never said that men should not be human or express human feelings…I only said there is something pathetic about a man crying…Crying is not the only way of expressing sadness…I don’t know whether it is the bane of indian society ,but here men are not expected to cry …tears in eyes or choked voice is different from wailing ….Yes ,where I hail from ,men are expected to be strong hearted but not stone hearted and we know there is a sea of difference between the two…whether we like it or not ,by Nature ,women,unlike men ,don’t hesitate to show their feelings particularly tears… Otherwise also ,do you really appreciate Vivaan’s efforts to save hs mother and sister …O.k ,first few hours anyone goes blank ,but doing whatever they are asking him to do really looks odd and stupid….if he thinks that going to the police is risky,atleast he could have confided in Meera and helped them indirectly …like arranging for another temporary accomodatiion ….a wealthy man like him can help in any number of ways and find any number of solutions to tackle the criminals but sadly he had preferred to subject Meera to hell and in the bargain torturing himself…

    1. Sorry to say lakshmi maybe I don’t think the way u do I don’t see difference between men and women I see them as equals and they have equal rules in my point of view.All humans can show their emotions it maybe anything . Boys and men can show this and boys can show that, girls are supposedly can only show this emotions i don’t believe in such nonsense i think it is silly to think like that. Every human has emotions and feelings they can show. boy crying is good thing,finally they are learning to express their emotions it maybe through tears, i find nothing wrong in that ,If girls can cry whenever they want why can’t boys they are not different from us. If girls can achieve anything in this world boys can too. I believe girls and boys have equal knowledge and smartness and skills and emotions in them. But boys as we know they are shown dumb in the serials we all watch mostly i am not telling all heroes are dumbly shown. Vivaan falls in that category. After staying with roma all those years, listening and believing her all those years what are u expecting from him thank god meera finally shown him the real truth of roma. He was raised up like that it’s not his problem he cannot handle a situation like this or he doesn’t know how to handle situations like meera. And as I said to handle everyone needs a support i mean everyone a person to tell him that everything is going to be fine one day but that person is not there for him right now if he said to maybe she can understand and support him but how can he do that when he continuously watched by someone.
      he didn’t said anything to meera maybe thinking his relationship with meera didn’t reached to that level where he can share everything to her or maybe he is feared he will lose meera too or he doesn’t know how to share his problems with meera just like simone said it. We can make many theories why vivaan didn’t tell the truth to meera or why didn’t he took help from anyone except doing all the things those goons are telling him. All i know He care for everyone right now and he doesn’t have a choice and even if he does he doesn’t know how to that choice to his advantage. All i know Vivaan never handled a situations like this but surely will come up with a plan to defeat and find the real culprit and he will arrest him but I think he needs meera support at this point but I don’t think he will get any support from meera till she do that jasoosgiri on vivaan or till she gets to know the real truth from him out of him.u pro this point he didn’t do anything i think writers and cvs wants to torture and make meera and vivaan suffer more all i can i say know. But I am hoping this track will run for 2 or 3 weeks minimum or atleast a month maximum for sure I hope they should go that far. But it’s just started i mean this show till the writer and cvs comes up with a new track. Hoping for the best to happen to meera and vivaan lives.
      P.S I know lakshmi ur are worried about meera if u are thinking so much about meera think of the person who loves her deeply but doing all he never thought of doing to meera which he did with meera before I am sure vivaan doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake he did before under roma influence. He learned his lesson please understand and give him some time to think properly and implement something on his own.

  5. You are right Simone,they could never become friends in the right sense as some obstacle or the other would always crop up to create misunderstandings ….but there is no doubt that difficult situations prove a person’s worth and whether he/she is trust worthy or not….If Vivaan is still hesitant to trust Meera after what all she has done for him,,..well! What to say….this guy confesses that he loves Meera,feels miserable ,but does n’t trust her….I always supported and sympathised with Vivaan ….but no,not ths time…let the problem be any ,Meera is the one who is put on the line….first for his frustrations and anger, ,now for both Pammi and Amaya and next….will there be any end to problems….O.K Vivaan is doing all this for his mother and sister because he loves them….But what is he doing for the girl he loves …Had he not kept Meera in the dark and confided in her ,all this torture could have been avoided.. My god ,if he thinks that giving her so much mental agony is the only solution to his problems,better Meera exit both his house and life so that she can have some peace of mind .After all ,everyone has one life to live.And I agree with you that men do look pathetic when they start simpering and shivering…And that ‘s what Vivaan has been doing since divorcing Meera…we saw him stricken with grief when Amaya was on the brink of death…or his mother hospitalised but not this sort of bawling …it is particularly irritating after hurting Meera so much which he could have avoided …

    1. Lakshmi….I see you’ve ruffled some feathers. Here’s the thing… Men and boys CAN cry BUT if they do, it’ll be viewed as a sign of weakness as we’ve been taught since I’ve been on this earth, but they don’t really, at least not in anyone’s presence. I have never heard or seen a hotshot businessman of Vivaan’s calibre, wailing like what I’ve seen. Remember I told you some time back that men are really boys in their mentality, they are conditioned by their mothers to be strong and that means don’t shed tears. Thank goodness we are women, we shed our tears to cleanse our mind, conscience, heart and this enables us to be able to move forward with less burden on our subconscious. I also do agree with your analysis of what’s going on with Vivaan, there are other ways to deal with situations and if this is how he’s behaving and has behaved before, then Roma was a bad and poor example of a mother figure, she moulded him to be a man but not a human, so now he’s learning the hard way how to express his frustrations, feelings, how to handle his relationships…she did a great job of sowing seeds of hatred in him for a mother she helped to get rid of…now he’s seen her true colors, so another woman has betrayed his trust. I think he’s suffering greatly now..and his life is all screwed up… BTW… I think by now, most of the boys were rescued in Thailand, only one left as far as I know. Today’s football, I’ll be glued to the TV till the dust has settled, I postponed all errands till Thursday …i hope you are feeling better than previously concerning your workload and it’s one day at a time OK!!! Any improvement in the case matter?

  6. Some You Tube videos are showing Vivaan and Meera romancing in the rain and later consummating their marriage also..If this is not a dream sequence,hope this will happen after Vivaan tells her everything and both confess their love for each other….

  7. I think it is one of the Meera’s kabaddi friend.who take revenge…bcoz of Meera their team lost

  8. It’s just sad to see how much lack of communication can do to a marriage or any relationship. The misunderstanding between Meera and Vivaan has led to broken relation. If only Vivaan could confide in Meera what he’s going through and the reason for his stupid actions, it might have helped reduce the situation. And if Meera tries to be a little understanding this time. She knows Vivaan loves her. She must have felt some love..She should try to understand why the sudden change in Vivaan’s behavior. If you all dont mind me sharing this, I am not Indian; I’m Polynesian, and I have seen men who are really good at holding their emotion and men who just can’t..I adore both, and I don’t think crying makes them weak because it takes a lot of courage to cry our eyes out in front of other people..At some point in our life, we cry whether shown or not..it’s in our human nature, and we were born that way..we just have our own different ways of showing our own emotion..Seeing Vivaan’s breakdown tells me about his soft side. However, at some point, I dislike his way because it seems like thats all he does, treats Meera as if she has no worth and tortures himself to a point he cries his eyes out instead of getting his behind up and do something to solve the problem..if thats all he does, then I’d have to say he’s weak. Enough crying now Vivaan, get yourself together and hurry up find that kidnapper and make him paid for the trouble he’s caused you.

  9. I am sorry Hiyori to contradict you but Vivaan is already given too much time …the first hundred episodes were already given to his frustrations and insecurities.better he grow up and introspect whether he would have shunted out his mother and sister for Meera had she been kidnapped….Coming to gender rights ,I am educated and believe in equal rights to both the s*xes…but certain things are intended by nature and they look better that way..Men by nature are egoistic ,can not open up easily and don’t like to show their emotions ,most important of them ,bursting into tears.. they like to be macho and very rarely men give way to tears,,whereas women don’t mind sharing their emotions with perfect strangers on a forum like this…the reason why we find very few men or almost none commenting here. Anyways I respect the rule ‘agree to disagree’ ,because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    1. To not wanna see a man cry is another thing and to call it pathetic is another. Everyone is emotional. Men should be egoistic and women shouldnt what century are we in? There is a reason women inour country are where they are, the mentality is baffling. Wow!!!
      Also, he isnt crying in front of everyone. Even if he did he isnt any less a man. Its woman like you who propogate such behavior and then the rest have to put up with that.
      Everyone has there own opinion but to call anyone emotional outburst PATHETIC is just ridiculous.

  10. This is a rather interesting discussion about men and crying. Lakshmi, you do make a valid point and I will agree with you. While I would have sympathised with Vivaan in the expressing of his tears and emotions in the beginning right now he is being pathetic. He is after all a billionaire or millionaire business tycoon with unlimited resources at his disposal and therefore he is not helpless. What he should be doing using that brain of his to think of a good plan to outsmart the kidnapper, rescue his loved ones and work things out with the woman he claims to love and wishes to remarry. I do agree that the way he is treating Meera right now is totally uncalled for and in my opinion rather abusive.

    I must say that since the show has started this particular story arc is my least favorite, I do not like the way the writers have the leads treating each other.

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