Kaleerein 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Meets Vivan Kapoor

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Meera helps Aman in his shop. A customer comes to buy show piece. Meera says she cannot give that. Lady says he liked it and needs it. Meera gets adamant. Lady says she is very adamant girl and she will find it difficult to get married. She asks Aman to teach his daughter not to lose profit. Meera says whoever thinks by heart does not think of profit and loss. Aman says whoever think by heart, nothing will happen to them and asks lady to go to next store.

Vivan speaks to someone over phone who says it is difficult for him to crack this deal. Vivan says he will crack it at any cost.

Biji and other neighbors attend Sweety’s mother’s party. Mother boasts that Sweety is getting married in a Mumbai’s business family who were their neigbhors before. Neigbhor says that

is why she thew Hawaiian theme party and suggests Biji to sent Meera also to Soni Kudi Academy. Mother taunts that Meera is a hard nut to crack, already 17 boys rejected her. Biji says Meera rejected them instead. Mother taunts it is like grapes are sour, but she says Meera is allergic to grapes. Biji silently takes boy’s family’s number from mother’s mobile.

Vivan’s friends play cards and he bets over phone while driving. Betting goes till 125 million. Friend says Vivan is afraid, so he did not come. Vivan reaches and wins 125 million. Secretary says his deal was finalized for 100 million. He says he knew it would not go beyond that and asks to collect 100 from his loser friend. Another friend praises his talent of winning 125 million and 100 million deal. Girl says a woman is behind every man’s success, who is his woman. He says he does not have any, every successful man’s is his own support. She asks when is he marrying. He says never and leaves. He meets his sister and consoles her. She says he does not have time for her and asks when did they speak last time, nobody speaks in family after papa went to rehab center. She insists him to take her to India.

Biji returns home and informs Dolly that she found a new alliance of Sumer Kapoor, their old neighbors. Dollly asks how did she get their number. Biji says she took it from Sweety’s mother’s phone and she knows Meera is perfect match for Sumer and not Sweety. She then informs Meera. Meera asks again. Daadi says this time it is her childhood friend Sumer who used to play kabbadi with her. Sumer calls daadi and says mom asked to call her. Biji excitedly informs family. Sumer asks if he can speak to Meera. Biji gives phone to Meera. Sumer says he is coming to Chandigarh tomorrow, if she can pick him from airport, he does not want to be formal and want to chat with her casually. Meera informs family. Daadi excitedly asks her to agree. Aman says how can Meera go alone and orders his son Sumer to accompany Meera to airport.

Vivan thinks he has to take his sister Maya to India and get out her obsession for India. Meera on the other side thinks about Sumer nervously. Her sisters taunt her. Next morning, Meera reaches airport with Prince who goes to have snacks. Meera nervously chants kabbaddi and asks cab driver to go and stand holding Mr. Kapoor’s board. Vivan with Maya also comes out of airport and gets busy over phone. Maya sees Mr. Kapoor’s board and walks with Meera’s cab driver. Vivan walks and clashes with Meera. Meera thinks him as Sumer Kapoor.

Sumer sits in Maya’s car and Vivan sits in Meera’s car. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer and asks him not to throw tantrums. vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor. Meera is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Interesting,Meera wanted to meet Sumer but ended up with Vivan and Vivan’s sister with Sumer.Will love blossom between the two couples or Sumer ,Vivan and Meera form a love triangle ?Too early to guess,,,,Cathy. Regarding the haveli belonging to Vivan Kapoor ,quite possible but I am not sure because the house is a family property ,a small portion belongs to Meera’s family and the major portion to some rich relative settled abroad.Since Vivan was shown coming back from London,this rich relative might be Vivan only,but not clear why he hasn’t informed his relatives/caretakers about his arrival.Anyway,if he is the actual owner of the house,he and his sister will be staying in the same house and Sumer,may be a few blocks away????
    Today for the first time ,we have heard Meera saying that she doesn’t want to sell ‘kaaleerein’ since they are already bought.Being from India and with fair knowledge of Hindi,I am confused about the meaning of the word.The word ‘Kali’ means a blossom or more precisely a bud but Meera has shown some ankle bells or Payal and referred to them as Kalire,can someone please clarify what is the exact meaning of Kalire or Kaaleerein.

    1. Kaleerien are the dangling jewellery worn on wrists at weddings as shown in the ad.

    2. Kaleerin is a jewels which is weared in the bangle which looks like a ghumki.

  2. Oh yes i can see the love triangle from here also Lakshmi could prove interesting.

    i tried googling both spellings and can’t seem to get a proper translation, hopefully some one here can clarify the meaning.

    1. https://www.fullonwedding.com/kaleerein-in-weddings-significance-style/
      you can go to the link there and find the meaning of Kaleerein

  3. Sunita,Janani and Ayeesha ,thanks for helping with the meaning,otherwise I was wondering what could be the meaning of Kaleerein,I am not aware of this particular wedding jewellery as wedding jewellery is different in south India.Thanks once again for the info.

  4. This show is becoming interesting day by day .Well i too didn’t know the meaning of kaleerein .Lakshmi are you from south India because I am also from south India.

  5. Yes,Sonakshi ,I am from Andhra Pradesh settled in Bangalore,may I know from which state you are.As you are aware,south indian customs and jewellery are completely different from that of north’s. After seeing the link sent by Ayeesha,I now remember seeing them in a couple of Punjabi weddings that I attended in Delhi long time back and thought that they were something unique dangling from the bride’s bangles.Now we know they are called kaleerein ,all thanks to Ayeesha,if not for this link,I would never have recollected those weddings and kaleerein .

  6. Ya thanks for telling the meaning of kaleerein .I am also from Andhra Pradesh settling in Chattisgarh Lakshmi.

  7. I am from east Godavari district in AP.Meku Telugu matladdam occha.

  8. Sonakshi,nenu padaharu anala telugu ammayene,I am from proper Guntur ,moved to Chennai for my gradation in Queens Maris ,came back to Andhra University ,Vizag to finish my law.After marrying an Army Officer shifted to North India ,and now settled in Bangalore .So along withTelugu ,Hindi is almost a mother tongue to me and I can speak bits and pieces of Tamil and Kannada also .Nice meeting you here Sonskshi,keep commenting.

    1. Hey! “nenu kuda telugu e!!

    2. Ya of course I will keep commenting here and nice meeting you too.I too speak hindi fluently.

  9. Spelling mistake..*graduation.

  10. All ETRETR fans….guess who’s back in a new show???


    1. Hi Cathy… Who? Tell tell tell…i have a feeling it’s Eisha Singh… Hi friends… Was so busy these past few days, I couldn’t post comments like I usually did… Thankfully I’m done so I can chat with you all. Hi Lakshmi, Seema and Arushi.. Hope you all are doing well.. I caught up with the past few episodes and read the comments and it’s interesting to know that the writers have taken up this ongoing social issue. I’m hearing of it for the first time and it’s commendable of the production team to highlight this practice of how some societies view marriage arrangements and all that comes within the territory. I believe in love and marriages should be based upon this first integral ingredient and everything should fall in place. What type of life one is destined to live, this will be so. One can find a husband with all the wealth but if you marry him primarily for wealth and status and negate the love in the equation, that marriage will not be happy and one will feel unfulfilled and trapped in time to come and we all know the end results. So.. It certainly was interesting to read your views on this topic…

      1. Hey Naz…glad your back!!

  11. Hey! “nenu kuda telugu e!!

    1. Hi Shraddha.

  12. Would love to see Eisha at any time Cathy ,she is a wonderful actress but I wonder where is Sartaz Gill, like our friend Naz,I simply adore him.Hope some production house sign him at the earliest for y another ETRETR or Begusarai like role ,Ofcourse he can do justice to any character but he looks his best as a lover boy.Cathy ,any idea which serial is likely to be replaced by Eisha’s new serial.

    1. Lakshmi..interesting question, i’m wondering also, there is no set start day for the new show as far as i can tell, but maybe WAS? hard to tell. I remember you telling me that there was no gossip pertaining to Sartaz Gill.

  13. Very very happy to see you here Naz, have been waiting for your comment all these days.Ofcourse you have n’t missed much,as you can see it is a very simple story they are portraying the ambitions of middle class parents from Indian society, there is nothing wrong in being ambitious,but why false pretensions,you can not expect the girl to develop English speaking skills overnight or expect her to be an expert in continental cooking,….even if all these lies are believed ands the girl gets married into that high figh family ,whose lifestyle and values are completely different,how will she get on there?She will just be considered a black sheep and insulted at every available oppertunity.But parents don’t think about the repercussions of these lies on the girl’s future ,they will just be happy that their daughter is the bahu of a rich family.By chance if the couple love each other later into the marriage ,then sheis considered lucky,otherwise …..well we can imagine the girl’s agony.
    Friend,I am still in Kerala only,and life here is really monotonous ,I am already home sick.So in between breaks,I try to catch up with all of you ..i I made friends with a lovely couple from Caribbeans,they are from Bahamas.Anyway many things to share with you,will write a detailed mail once these people give me breathing space ,I am happy for Eisha,she has bagged a good project,at the same time I am terribly cross with all production houses,why can’t they sign our favourite star ,Sartaj Gill,,don’t they find any suitable role for him.God ,if I had that much money,I would have signed him for two serials straight away.

    1. Lol… Yes, Sartaj Gill is our Romeo, I so desperately want to see him on telly, I miss his presence terribly. …Lakshmi, if it was me there, I’d be bored too as you are accustomed to your own fast paced surroundings back home and since the routine is less of a rigor, it would get to you and the homesickness will set in. You should be there for approximately 2 weeks again,so.. soon that time will be gone and you’d be back in your familiar zone.. I’m trying to make your stay shorter.. Lol… Anyway…it wonderful that you’ve made friends from on my side of the planet, Bahamas is beautiful, one day I’d go there, it’s a tourist destination on this side, all inclusive packages are offered all year around. On another note.. I haven’t got anything on Ayurveda as at this point, maybe I haven’t used the proper communication channels, however..I’m trying acupuncture and acupressure treatment for two sessions so far, I do feel a significant relief, maybe it’s mind over matter but the relief is so welcome that I’d believe the sessions are working for me. Don’t worry.. When you are back home, you can mail me your experience in Kerala, I know how your time is scheduled there.. I’m happy to read your comments here though. I was happy to read your comments on these institutions which grooms young women for marriage, I just never knew till you shed some light on the topic… As with Viaan the character, I loved Arijit’s introduction and as I know him from KKB…im really happy that he got a lead role, I did like him there and I hope to see his new avatar on this serial…and now I know what kaleerein means, thanks to our new friends on this forum.. Long holiday here Lakshmi, it’s carnival time but I was never interested in the spectacle and never will be..not my cup of entertainment. Chat soon…

  14. alone but not so alive

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