Kaleerein 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Decides To Forcefully Abort Meera’s Baby

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Meera loudly tells Roma and Laali that no matter how big opponent is, she knows to throw her opponent on floor. She leaves calling Vivan. Laali says she is speaking in puzzle language. Roma asks Laali why did she question in details about their crimes. Laali says she does not chat when she keeps phone on charging. Roma asks to show where phone is. She shows place and finds phone missing. Roma says Meera took it. They both hurriedly search Meera. Meera walks into Vivan’s room, but finds Amaya and Nimmo who say Vivan is out itself. Meera keeps phone in drawer aand walks out calling Vivan. Daadi says Vivan is speaking to her parents. Meera keeps ears at door and listens to their conversation. Amar tries to convince Vivan to calm down as every father gets nervous hearing child’s news,

even he was when he heard about Meera. Vivan says there is nothing like that. Amar asks again to relax, it is a god’s gift. Meera gets emotional seeing their false hope.

Roma and Laali corner Meera and insist her to return phone, else it will be bad for her child and her family. Meera speaks to her imaginary son and asks what she should do and says her son is telling to fight and teach them a lesson. Laali warns to return her mobile, else. Meera asks what else. Dolly hears that and asks to return Laali’s mobile. Meera says she will return after showing something to Vivan. Dolly asks to stop creating issues and return Laaali’s mobile. Vivan calls her. She runs to him. Roma asks Laali to use her brain and think where Meera can keep her mobile.

Meera runs to Vivan and says she needs to speak. Vivan drags her to room and shows teddy bear and baby pics all around her room and asks what is all this. Meera says she does not know about it, but wants to show her something. She shows mobile and says she got proof against Roma. Vivan shouts to stop her allegations. Phone gets switched off. Meera rushes to charge phone. Vivan tears photos and takes teddy bear out. Laali sees him and thinks he is carrying sword to kill them. Roma says even she is seeing teddy bear. Meera sees phone switching on and runs out to show it to Vivan, but she slips and falls. Phone falls far away on chandelier. Meera searches mobile in living room and all around. Roma asks Laali what is Meera searching. Meera calls Laali’s number from landline. Roma sees that and checks landline, says that means Meera misplaced mobile, they should find it before Meera finds it.

Meera continues running around. Vivan stops her and asks not to exert herself in pregnancy and says they are together only till child is born. Meera says he can leave to London right now, she will upbring child here alone in Hoshiapur. Roma enters and says illegitimate child, thinks now she will show what confidence means. She tells Vivan he will make another Vivan if he disowns child, so it is better he aborts child. Vivan warns not to think of it and leaves. Roma then warns Meera to return mobile, else she will pay. Meera says she does not care. Roma drags her to Amar and says Vivan wants to abort child or cancel marriage, they have to decide now. She herself decides to abort child and drags Meera towards door. Vivan stops her.

Precap: Vivan warns Roma that they cannot harm child and should let Meera decide.

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  1. Friends,tonight’s episode was utterly confusing as well as disgusting..What was Vivaan trying to tell Meera’s parents behind closed doors….not ready to become a father due to his insecurities???? Why was Roma suddenly insisting on aborting Meera’s pregnancy…..my god ,,how could she take advantage of Vivaan’s insecurities and suggest something so atrocious that Meera should lose her baby …And the way she drags a protesting Meera to the door…someone should have given her tight slaps and I can not imagine her accomplice in all this is the daughter of the house ,Laali…I really pity the guy who is married to this wretched woman…he must be thaking his stars to be away from this she devil as she is hardly seen at home and always out on her infamous errands….On the whole a very unpleasant episode ….the only bright part was Amaya and Nimmo decorating Vivaan’s room with the portraits of cute cute babies ….and the most disappointed part was Meera ‘s plan becoming flop..

  2. vivaan is bit rude today when he said that they are together till child is born…. can’t he see he is hurting meera with his words… now i really want that once roma get exposed meera should give divorce to vivaan and leave i am hell angry and fed up with dis roma track… want some interesting track like pk truth comes out in front vivaan and meera decide to leave from his life forever… and pk and amaya stop her to not to leave him then she stays for them but much angry and upset with him… as we know vivaan can’t tolerate her ignorance towards him he obviously try to apologise what he does in future…. and meera should concentrate on her kabbadi….

  3. Whatever happened to laali’s daughter sweety? And Meera’s degenerate ex-fiance?

  4. Vivaan is very annoying. He is with her till the baby is born then what. The baby will grow up without a father. Meera should just let him go and continue as Roma puppet. I thought he is more intelligent than this. He is so blind he cant see the difference between Roma and Meera. Want to act like Abhi.

  5. I agree with you Clarice,,,Vivaan is becoming an intriguing character…neither bad nor good..It is disgusting of him to say that he will be with Meera till the baby is born…Now I don’t have any sympathy for him….If Meera is still deceiving him it is because she loves him…no self interest …Whereas Vivaan is proving to be a self centered guy….just because he couldn’t get parents’ love,he can not run away from his responsibility as a father,even Pammi Kapoor ‘s tension is no excuse .Yes,he accepted Meera’s word about that night without any questions or doubts,,,for that we can say he is an absolute gentleman but what is going on now is not acceptable….Two sides of the same coin…..Thankfully ,Meera is not pregnant …but this on and off relationship is disheartening the viewers..this is not the way a love story should progress ,simply killing all the charm.

    1. I totally agree with #Angel what are the cvs thinking that in India ppl r so illeterate that they dont know how can a woman be pregnant without being intimate with a man just go nd get some brain cvs

  6. Dont vivaan have his own mind …when they have not got intimate how the hell is meera pregnant…vivaan kapoor the youngest businesss tycoon lives in london and does not have a bit of common sense…arre bhai ja kar meera ko confront kar…pammi kapoor ko apne sources se pata laga teri dadi hai usse pooch pic mang…amaya ko to tu bhool hi jana behen hai teri jaan se bhi zyada do din roya uske liye phir wohi meera ke aage piche ghum raha hai…hell with this show

  7. vivaan is selfish. in the real world many man also grow up with parents leaving them but guess what.they still grow up to be decent people and have decent lives with families of their own.it had been very clear from the start that meera has been the one always in love with him. ya man he is going to lose meera and it will be too late for him then..he will realise then her worth. this is always why I was softer towards meera.for the life of me I can’t figure why she is in love with him.she deserves so much better and someone who truly loves her and not just waiting to dump her and run away.she friggin does everything for him. even the date she planned.i thought that was so sweet of her.he should not be playing with her life by being sweet to her one moment and next deciding you might want to leave her.he is really mentally unstable or something.i get sick of turning on the tv and seeing roma torture everyone. make me sick to see her everyday.i love this show and I want to support it coz of aditi and arjit and mishap and ek roop and jaswindwe and of course the actress that plays roma is beautiful and sweet looking but omg I’m sick of the character roma.its so draining to watch her. not to mention she started this new drama.man I wish the writers could read what we say here.

  8. then he told meera. you are not alone.he is contradicting himself.i wonder how this will play out.knowing vivaan when he finds out about her lie. he will abuse her again.i swear i have no clue how he is a tycoon when he ca even make simple life decisions!!! if he hurts meera again.meera should remove herself from this abusive relationship and be happy. i dont want to see her be hurt. i think amar wont let him near meera at all. maybe even amaya will be disgusted with him this time and choose to be with meera. good he can go with roma and maary her. both of the can go back to london

  9. Naz,I know you will be extremely busy till EID which is falling on 15 th June in India…is the date same there also or any minor variation ..inspite of your hectic Ramadan schedule , you are still taking time to contribute to the forum,that’s more than enough…Remaining things can wait till EID is over.Otherwise also ,there is not much to comment here.The writers seem to have no idea how to shape up Vivaan’s character…on one hand ,he is magnanimous enough to believe in Meera’s words on their face value and showers all care and affection ….and the very next day he says he is not ready to become a father as he has never experienced parents’ love…When he can give Amaya a brother’s love ,why can’t he give a father’s love to his child.Anyway the writers are adding more puzzles without solving the earlier ones..and defaming Vivaan ‘s character..let us see how they will redeem it…..Naz,even I started watching Naagin 3 on Colours and I could n’t recognise Rajat Tokas till you told me about him starring in the serial…..Completely looking different from Akbar and Chandra.,,, loving the show …three of our favourite stars Surbhi ,Rajat and Chetan Hansraj are there ..what else we can ask…I am watching yet another show on colours,Drishti’s new one ‘silsila Badalte rishon ka’, about extra marital relationship…it is a decent show…anyways you must be busy now.. Chat with you soon.

    1. Yes, Eid will be celebrated here on the 15th as well…I didn’t get time to come up here yesterday…well…you know the drill with holiday preparations, plus I had a few invites her and there for Iftar so hence my late reply, I did type one few minutes ago, still waiting to see it posted. As with the new serial, it’s on Colors but I don’t have that in my channel lineup but I’ll check it out on desitvflix on my tab…it sounds interesting though….lol….Rajat really looks different, I tell you, I was shocked he’s almost unrecognizable but when you do know your actors well, their voices are enough for recognition…still watching reruns of JA…. Jodha is living in Agra now and her parents are visiting for post marriage rituals….can’t help it, have to watch all over again…chat soon..

  10. it’s true they are spoiling vivaans character like that.:( which is quite annoying.

  11. friends i saw new promo. kids come to their house i guess amaya and nimmo might have planned this. so meervaan having fun with kids. kids trying to help meervaan romance.he helps them with an accidental kiss and vivaan forces meera to marry again??

  12. Agree with you Lakshmi… dis writers are confuse &also made us confuse They ruin dis track by ďis sudden change.I think they didn’t know what they did with Vivan’s character…his character assasination…..disgusting…thanks Kav for some gud information…

  13. no problem.nimisha but meera will refuse marriage.also more tension between them vivaan is still not listening to meera regarding pammi.more fights

  14. it’s gonna be a long painful week in kaleerein. sad to say

  15. Nimisha,I am really losing interest in this story.it is more than four months since we started watching ths serial …by now all the characters should have been stabilised.In contrast ,we don’t even know what to say about Vivaan’s character.We don’t know for certain that the leads love each other…after four months of watching the serial,we are just assuming that Meera and Vivaan love each other,atleast Meera because the writers don’t allow them to express their feelings openly.Somehow both the leads lost their charm after this fake pregnancy drama..The writers could have avoided this…it s simply distasteful. I hope there are no more weird tracks awaiting us…

  16. Lakshmi….my sincerest apologies….no excuse is good enough dear sister….since June started, every day I checked the calender just so that I won’t forget, I’m terrible with remembering dates…and I was doing the laundry a few minutes ago and then a thought slipped through my brain, I just dropped what I was doing….. Happy belated birthday to you dear…..happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lakshmi, happy birthday to you ??????????..i hope that nothing but happiness flow through your door, that you are blessed with even better health than before, I wish you continued success in everything you do, sunshine in your world, lots of love and blessings from Almighty God and my sincere wishes for our continued friendship, even though 3 yrs have passed with us as friends, I wish that we remain friends for a very long time to come….

  17. Naz,Thank you very much for those lovely greetings..There is really no need to say sorry because we do forget things.Friend , as long as we know that we will be in each other’s thoughts ,nothing matters and nothing to feel sorry about..Have n’t I done the same mistake by forgetting to wish you on your birthday in April…the same problem with me…terrible with remembering dates,the whole year I remember…on the D day I forget..Naz may be it is a bit late to wish you a happy belated birthday but never too late to wish a dear friend and sister because i know it’ll bring plenty of happiness on your face.Happy belated birthday to the most beautiful person and friend I have ever met…may good health and incredible joy follow you all your days and I am sending double hugs to make up for my late wishes…I don’t have any doubts that our friendship will continue for many years to come …Take care my dear friend and enjoy the festival .

  18. Belated happy birthday Lakshmi..may you have all d joy your heart can hold, all d smiles a day can bring ,all d blessings a life can unfold….comming back to comment i agreed with you dis story is very slow moving even at time i also felt so loosing interest…but dis are my favourite starcast which stops me…

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