Kaleerein 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Returns To Soni Kudi Academy

Kaleerein 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dolly slaps Meera and scolds that she wants her to be married to a rich boy and will not marry her to any roadside man, she is her mother and would have taught that MBA boy a lesson better than her, but kept her cool. Meera runs from there. Biji and Aman scold Dolly. Dolly asks what is wrong if she thinks of her daughter’s better future.

Meera runs on ground reminiscing Dolly’s harsh words. Her friend joins her and they wait for coach to come. Coach arrives and says they cannot play. Meera says he is talking like her mummy. He says their mom’s must have prayed mataji and convinced her for their marriages, even bhagwanji cannot depose mataji’s order, it is better they get married and forget sports. Meera asks what about their hard work, trophies, government job, etc.

He says without team how will they play, they need 7 players and Sweety has joined Soni Kudi Academy. Meera asks them to wait and runs towards Soni Kudi Academy to brig back her friend.

Aman starts drinking. His brother joins him and says he will work hard and will get Meera married in a rich family. He gets emotinal and says if he tries to please mother, wife will be angry, if he please wife, daughter will be angry, he is stuck between women. Hisd wife Sweety walks in and scolds him. He says she looks beautiful in yellow dress. She says she is wearing magenta and goes to call Biji. Dolly enters and scolds Aman that doc warned him not to drink. Aman says doc warned her not to get angry, why did she slap Meera. Daadi enters and says they are waste, their father used to finish 1 bottle and never used to get inebriated. He never used to scold her and loved her the way she is, that was their love story, here they are fighting like cat and mouse. Dolly comments. Biji says boy should accept Meera the way she is like her husband accepted her. Dolly says her time was different. Sweety says Meera can be tamed only via Soni Kudi Academy.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Academy and asks receptionist about Sweety’s class. Receptionist says if she has come to join, they have limited seats. Meera says no way, this is the last place to join. She walks to Sweety’s class and sees her dancing. She joins Sweety and reminds how she fought with many hurdles for Kabbadi and fulfill her passion. Sweety says she wants to, but her parents forced her to join here. At home Meera’s sister look at Soni Kudi Academy application form and discuss Meera will never join it. Meera attends Acamdemy’s boss’ lecture hiding behind Sweety’s sweet. Boss describes qualities of an intelligent bride and how to trap rich boys. She then shows UK’s multimillionaire most eligible bachelor Vivan Kapoor’s video where he is jogging, selecting his dress, accessories, etc.. and says he has class and every girl would dream about marrying him, asks who is dreaming already. Everyone raise hands. Meera thinks let her see who this Vivan Kapoor is and peeps, but Boss comes in way. She thinks let his Vivan come to Hoshiarpur she will see what he is…

Precap: Biji asks Meera fi she wants to marry a boy who will accept the way she is. Meera says they called her to Chandigarh to pick him. Vivan clashes with her in airport.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap seems interesting

  2. Middle class families spending such a huge amount on their daughters to get trained in Soni kudi institute for marriage interviews ….does it look like a joke?but it is 100%true.They don’t understand that just a . month’s training doesn’t change anything much.very sad that marriages are also commercialised nowadays and they are worse than job interviews.zyes,the precap does look interesting ,waiting that inevitable meet between the leads.And Ofcourse,this Vivan Kapoor looks dashing.

    1. Most young women from my generation attended etiquette classes as part of our general education, both girls and boys attended…there were dance classes Waltzes, foxtrot and one other i can’t recall, the girls and boys attended cooking basics(the boys could opt out but most didn’t, the girls learn sewing, makeup application and table manners and how to set table for everyday and entertaining, which fork to use and and what utensils went with what course (that i never put into use as i hated formal parties and such events never were part of my adult life) But i can if i had to…soon after i left school they stopped having these classes and in my opinion it was a bad decision, to this day i cringe when i see someone holding their knife and fork wrong..i would never point it out but i hate it LOL. i was never told that those classes were a prerequisite to finding a husband and interviewing for one to me is almost as nerve wracking as a job interview. one shouldnit be like the other. anyway i am looking forward to more of this show.

  3. So i am assuming that Vivaan Kapoor is the owner of the mansion that Meera and family take care of? anyway i’m liking this show more and more WHICH means they’ll screw it up some where down the road…i hope they don’t.

  4. the precap looks good. arijit looks very handsome..not prem singh rathore handsome..lol.. but handsome enough… looking forward to seeing when meera meets vivan..there is definitely going to be sparks between them..loving meera attitude alot..she speaks her mind she doesnt let anyone force her to do wat she doesnt wat to do….i dont get meera’s mother.why does she want to marry off her daughter so quickly..i know every mother wants the best for her daughter but that doesnt mean a rich husband is the best husband..shouldnt marriage be based on love , respect, commitment and trust on both sides..why does she have to lie to get a man to marry her..he should love her for who she is, the good and bad habits.she shouldnt have to be perfect….
    the show’s goin good so far hop it continues to go good and hop zee writer dont mess it up like they did addnk…missing pranav and jyoti immensely..

    1. Mona146

      punjabi’s are specially obsessed about NRI’s.

  5. Cathy,the problem here is parents from middle class don’t consider this general education for their children until the necessity arises ,that means a month or two before marriage in case of girls and in case of boys before they join the defence forces (,where the table manners and ball room dancing are a must for officers and their wives,I had to learn for 2months before my marriage but I never feel comfortable dancing) or sent abroad for higher education or on jobs.Yes,only in Christian institutions ,the students are forced to take etiquette classes in addition to their academics.When I joined Queens Mary College in Chennai for my graduation ,we were not only taught but made to use cutlery in the hostel mess ,during Christmas,we would be given the responsibility of setting the table for guests snd english speaking was a must.At the end of three years ,whatever you are taught becomes a part of life and you don’t feel awkward like Meera felt when she had to use knife and fork.So parents, if they have special dreams for their children ,they should prepare them right from the beginning ,so that they don’t feel embarassed like Meera. there is nothing wrong in not knowing ball room dancing or table manners because Indian customs are different but if parents want their children to settle abroad or join defence or want NRI or high society matches for them, like they are showing in this serial ,better groom them in the right manner so that they will neither be stressed nor embarassed! What is the use of spending 5 lacs ,almost7000 US dollars for a few months etiquette training ,may be other things they can pick up but English speaking will be damn difficult for those who are used to speak only in their mother tongue.
    You are right Cathy,this serial is much better than the others on the channel and let us hope it won’t be screwed up later ,like it normally happens with indian serials..

  6. Seema,Meera’s mother is a typical indian middle class mother with lots of dreams for her children which Ofcourse are difficult to be fulfilled.In India ,particularly a decade back,Mothers would be in a hurry to marry off their daughters,sometimes even before they would finish their graduation.And the same holds true for now also particularly in small towns where keeping a young unmarried daughter is almost a sin and considered a curse.so it is not a surprise that Doly wants her daughter to get married as she has already completed her graduation.But why is she so obsessed with these so called NRI matches and wants Meera to marry into a family whose life style is completely different.Having finished her education with her mother tongue as the medium of instruction and brought up according to Punjabi traditions,how can she expect Meera to be transformed into a high society party going girl overnight ?What is wrong in getting married into a family that has similar lifestyle and where she won’t be insulted? But as I have explained in my above comment ,that’s what is happening India in the name of ambitions and dreams.Parents are forcing their unfulfilled dreams onto their children,completely ignoring what the youngsters want.As you said Mrs Singh ,asking the girls to delete the photos of their boy friends (by citing the example of the rich ,poster boy) is disgusting,she is simply emphasising on money and looks which definitely are required but not the only criteria to choose your partner.As you said love ,respect and trust in each other are the most important.Let us see how the independent thinking and strong willed Meera counters her mother’s stupid thinking.Yes ,I do miss Prem and Teja and wish to see them on the small screen at the earliest.

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