Kaleerein 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gathers Evidence To Expose Roma and Laachi

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Vivan wakes up in the morning and searches Meera. Meera writes on paper “god please protect Vivan.” Vivan walks to her and they both ask simultaneously if they are fine, then nod yes. Vivan then asks if child is fine. Meera cries loudly. Vivan gets worried and asks Amaya if child is fine. Amaya says yes, Meera did not sleep whole night worried for him and in pregnancy hormonal changes happen usually, he should take Bhabhi to doctor. Vivan walks to Meeraa and says let us go to doctor. She gets up and limps. He sees her leg injured, lifts and takes her to room. Roma fumes seeing this and says their love story was not enough and now romance started, she will destroy Meera soon. Vivan takes Meera to her room and applies medicine on her leg. Agar tum saath ho….song..plays in the background.

Vivan says she should clean her face now and need not worry until he is with her. He drapes towel on her and takes her under shower, repeats his dialogue and leaves. Meera feels guilty for lying that she is pregnant.

After sometime, Vivan calls doctor and asks her to come right now and check Meera. Roma sees doc coming and thinks now Meera darling will suffer. Laali says she will go via backdoor and speak to doctor. Doctor enters Meera’s room and says she will freshen up and return. Laali opens window silently and tells doctor she needs to talk. Meera stops hearing her. Laali says doc has to kill Meera’s child and Roma the millionaire will pay her. Meera says okay. Laali happily leaves. Doctor returns and tells Meera that they lied she is pregnant, now what do they do. Meera reminisces pleading doctor to lie that she is pregnant and says she is lying to save her husband from evils trying to harm him. Vivan walks towards Meera’s room. Doctor walks out and says Meera’s child is healthy.

Meera prays Babaji to help her expose Roma and protect Vivan. Flower falls from photo. Meera follows Laali. Laali keeps her phone for charging and leaves. Meera picks mobile and messages Roma making her confess her each crime. She then walks to living room and calls Vivan. Roma and Laali asks why she is shouting, he will not come. Laali asks what she is up to. Meera says wait and watch. Laali and Roma start predicting. Meera thinks she will expose Roma and Laali. Drama continues…

Precap: Roma asks Laaali when she was meeting her in 2 minutes, she did she send so many messages. Laali says she did not and finds her phone missing, asks Meera where is her phone.
Meera says it went on the path of truth.

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  1. May be I am really getting impatient to see Vivaan and Meera together but is n’t it true that they are getting on our nerves…I mean it is clearly visible they love each other,they care for each other,they feel each other’s pain and ready to do anything to alleviate that…but still has inhibitions to admit the same….Why don’t they hug each other and say those three magical words….They should know life is too short for such delays and inhibitions…..Anyways loved the way Vivaan tended to Meera’s injured foot …Friends ,one thing that has been bothering me since this pregnancy track is Vivaan’s sudden soft attitude towards Meera…is it possible that Vivaan’s love and concern is for his unborn baby and not for Meera? If so what will happen when the truth comes out…I really feel bad for Meera,..she is head over heels in love with Vivaan …let us hope that Vivaan truly loves Meera ….

    1. I endorse your comment Lakshmi…and yes, what i said yesterday on a real life Kaleerein style reality drama in the family, is so amazing…the way how these serials are a figment of writers imagination but these plots could also could be played out in real families too…. Lakshmi, these days im so busy, and although its time consuming to type proper analysis of the serials I look at, i still try but it isn’t satisfying to me to just type up halfway comments, you know me by now to know how i can be detailed most of the time, please bear with me sis, after Ramadan, I’ll be back in the game…I’m watching this serial, AKAJS, ISA and Mehak…on weekends I’m giving Naagin season 3 a try…I see Rajat Tokas, Surbhi Jothi and Cheetan Hansraj in the cast…I almost didn’t recognize RT….what a transformation. I believe that Ekta Kapoor prefers to rotate the actors who have done work on her serials and I’m sure you’ll agree with me here…chat tomorrow ?

  2. I think vivan misunderstands meera once this fake pregnancy truth gets revealed. ..I think there is a separation between them not long but bit short .then suddenly truth comes out that meera did that to save him. .but when he realised it must be very late because meera should land her life in danger to save him from roma ..then only he realised how much he loves her …He wants to live with meera and give chance to his and meera relationship but this time meera wants separation. .she wants to leave from his life ….then vivan try to making her feel spacial try to make her realised that he loves her. …again uske saare pagalpan nakhre tantrums uthayega…..want to see vivan in fully loving hubby mode what say

  3. Better meera tell the truth to Vivian so he will not get angry as much cause maybe Roma get to know this and tell Vivaan before meera

  4. i actually agree with you guys like yesterday was a great opportunity to do so. they could have but everytime they get close, they shy away also from each other. yesterday’s meervaan scene was the best by far. no doubt about it. but I fear how the truth is going affect their relationship. meera has to act quickly now to expose roma and bring pammi’s truth out asap before its too late.

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