Kaleerein 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gets Trapped In Fire, Vivan Saves Her And Collapses

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Meera chats with Amaya and asks how is her unborn child Molu’s aunt. Amaya says she is fine. Meera says Vivan is taking care of her so well, so even she wants to follow wife’s duty and serve Vivan a romantic dinner so that he should not go out. Amaya says she will arrange a champge dinner in garden for them tonight and leaves.

Biji slaps Laali and scolds what she is doing. Laali says she knows what she is doing, she has gone old and her slap is not powerful. She says she disowned her for Meera, so she also disowned her mother. Now, she will make sure Vivan and Meera’s child don’t see the world and they separate.

Amaya arranges a romantic dinner for Meera and Vivan and takes whole family out. Meera tells Vivan that she has a special dinner for him and takes him

to garden. Vivan is surprised seeing romantic dinner arrangement. Meera says she bought champagne for him and not mango juice. He heads towards chair. She pulls it to make him sit, but he falls and asks if she was pulling chair for him. She says yes and give him drinks menu and asks to choose his drink. He sits surprised. Laali and Roma stand hiding and feel jealous seeing their romance. She serves him main course and says Biji told Vivan needs healthy food, taste and tell how it is, if it is not good, she will stop chattering for a weak. Vivan says not a bad deal and tastes food. He stops. She asks how is it. He drops food on his clothess. She says she will clean. Vivan says he will clean himself and goes to washroom.

Roma asks Laali to go and lock Vivan’s bathroom door. Laali does. Roma takes out blue liquid bottle. Laali asks what is it. Roma says dangerous chemical and with its smoke, Meera will suffocate and die. She drops chemical on floor and sets fire. Meera starts suffocating and calls Vivan. Roma and Laali enjoy the scene. Vivan sees door locked and breaks it angrily. He walks out and is shocked seeing Meera between fire and rescues her out. Roma walks out with Laali fuming that they are inseparable. Vivan collapses. Meera gets worried and shakes him to wake up. She says she is not pregnant and was acting to save his life. She takes him to room and rubs his hands.

Amaya returns with family and thinks she took family out to let bhai and bhabhi spend some quality time together, but Vivan’s life is at risk. Biji says good they reached early, else Vivan was in much danger. Meera continues taking care of Vivan and cries why did he come to save her, she is not pregant and there is no chunnu munni. Roma with Laali hears her and thinks what she is murmuring, Chunnu munnu, she cannot hear that. Laali says woman addresses her husband as Jaanu, but she is murmuring Chunnu Munnu.. Roma says she wants Meera in trouble soon. Laali says Meera will be out tomorrow. Meera continues her worry for Vivan.

Precap: Meera writes repeatedly on paper to save Vivan. Vivan wakes up and asks if she is fine, if child is fine. She cries loudly.

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  1. I said in one of my previous comments that I would be seriously disappointed if this pregnancy turns out to be fake and Meera masterminding it….well! both turned out to be true but I am not disappointed with Meera.Had she done this for Pammi Kapoor or any other issue,it would have been different…Ofcourse ,I still don’t appreciate this drama as it is crude,but she did this to save Vivaan’s life.We can see that this girl is absolutely in love with her husband and there isa say that everything is fair in love and war.We don’t want another war between Meera and Vivaan but at the moment that looks inevitable.I can imagine Vivaan’s fury when he comes to know there is no chunnu or munnu and Meera has simply fooled him…at the same time i hope Vivaan understands her love for him and the motive behind this deception….they look so adorable together and there is crackling chemistry between the two.When things started looking rosy ,the writers have come up with another disappointment . I sincerely hope they won’t be separated by this impending storm in their married life.What to say about the two witches Roma and Laali..Infact witches will have to hang their heads in shame ,,

  2. lakshmi i agree with ur point…. i hope vivaan is a first who realise his love for meera. and understands her that she lied to him to save him. after roma kapoor reality gets exposed in front of vivaan that what she have done in past with his mother.. roma absolutely try to harm vivaan or pammi kapoor and meera come between to save them…. i so wanted the one more hospital scene 😉 like meera is in danger fighting life or death situation… then only vivaan understand her value in his life and confess his love for her and then come alive from death bed listening his love feelings for her… so wanted to happen this

  3. Yes true dears but anyhow I like today’s episode

  4. Ohh goodness, thanks to the creative team or writers, for hatching this pregnancy plot by Meera…I couldn’t believe that they would rob us of seeing Meera and Vivaan consummate their love in the right way, after all, I believe that for a marriage to last till the end, couples should have first ingredient called love in this act of consummation..every other obstacles will be conquered together and make their bond stronger.

  5. ….and friends…I’m experiencing a Kaleerein style reality in my own extended family…real drama, no joke…..and the characters are almost fashioned like dolly, biji, meera, silky and the rest…I’m taking a back seat and watch as things unfold….and this is going to be until the 4th of August…. sometimes it’s best to live far away from extended families and I wish I wasn’t invited….but I’ll be there….I’m too close to the characters to be absent from the wedding…so when we the viewers think that stuff like Kaleerein doesn’t happen, think again…..

  6. I hove meera tell vivan about the pregnancy and vivan likes lets we make ones then

  7. hate roma man.they can’t leave the two them alone vivaan needs to open his eyes. he is so blind. i feel bad for him meera lied about a baby but she did it because she loves him a lot and she wants to protect him and amaya. it was so sweet of her to plan a date. i hope vivaan wont lose it when he finds out the truth.

  8. i dont wanna see meera get hurt. god dont think I could take her dying in hospital

  9. Naz,It is amazing that you are watching two versions of Kalirein simultaneously…one in real life and another on small screen…Both the outcomes ,we can not even guess…Meera and Vivaan’s Kaleerein depends on the writers…whether positive or negative,they are the deciders of this couple’s destiny..and the script writer of Kaleerein that is going on in your extended family is the almighty .Let us hope both the outcomes will be positive .We know that some storylines of reel life are very similar to those of real life…if they are personal experiences ,we get connected to the characters instantly like we did with ETRETR …everyone of us on that forum had something nostalgic to remember from our past but getting to see the exact replica of both fiction and reality at the same time is very rare to come across…Let us hope that the deadline of 4th August gives joy to the deserved..

  10. Trp of the show is mostly low because of the timing. Even i cannot watch the tv during that time and most of them watch it on their mobiles.

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