Kaleerein 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Files House’s Stay Order Request in Court

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Vivan looks into mobile stopwatch and asks Meera’s family to stop their drama and vacate his house within 1 hour. Amar says he just lost his shop today, where will he and his family go if they lose this house. Vivan asks if it is his mistake, he does not know anything and just wants his house back. He breaks things and shouts he or his family did not ask rent from them since years, now he wants his house back. He continues verbally abusing them, but feeling guilty inside. Meera slaps him. He shouts Meera. Meera shouts he can insult her, but she will not tolerate her family’s insult. She verbally lashes him and says she will not leave this house, he can do whatever he wants to. She walks away with her family. Vivan cries that he is helpless.

Meera cries in her room reminiscing

vivan’s betrayal and prays god why did he make such a cheap man. Vivan in his room cries reminiscing Meera’s helps and shouts he hates himself. He punches mirror repeatedly and injures his hand. Meera calls her friend Poonam and asks her to find a shop for her. Next morning, she packs bags and asks family not to worry a bit, she has found shop and all their problems will be solved soon. Dolly praises her followed by Amar. She says she is a mixture of them both, she learnt patience and fighting her fate from them. Family bonding continues.

Vivan speaks to inspector Brar and asks him to find out Roma as he is sure she is the creating all these problem. Meera on the other side waits outside her house. A man walks in and starts his jokergiri. They ask who is he. He says he is their savior. Meera asks if he is a lawyer. He says no social worker, he heard they stayed in this house for 25 years and are vacated forcefully, they cannot be. Meera says she knows that, but who is he. He continues his jokergiri and says he is their savior social worker.

Meeera walks into Vivan’s room and calls him loudly. He walks down and asks why did she come back. She shouts he broke things at her house, now it is her turn. She breaks things around with hockey bat. Vivan shouts. Meera shouts back and showing him stay orders says she is filing it in court today. Her family enters and stops her and takes her away. Drama continues…

Precap: Vivan burns something outside house. Meera angrily shouts whaat did he do and tries to set off fire. He sees kerosene can nearby and jumps with her aside when it blasts.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera, what you have with your family is praiseworthy..when your whole family is with you, you can withstand any trial coming your way..I appreciate your relationship with your mother..it reminds me of God’s greatest creation in my life-my own mother..I may not hear her voice for the rest of mortality, but she and her teachings will reside in my heart forever..You’re a fighter..in the midst of chaos and countless trials in your life, you seek assistance from your God then go out your way exercising your faith by finding every possible way that can save your family from what seems to be the obstacle at the time..while you’re working to help your family, I do hope you will get to know what Vivaan is going through at the moment..he is helpless, and he needs your support..am loving kalire and look forward to watch the upcoming episodes..tau toki sio uike kaha’u

  2. Aap jaane & Kaleerein are the 2 best shows in Zee TV right now

    1. Hi Pradol… Do you also look at AKAJS? Sounds like you do, why don’t you join us across there? I agree with you, these two serials are best…maybe it’s because I love the two male leads. ????

  3. What say you about the matches Lakshmi? I thoroughly enjoyed the Brazil vs Belgium game…will comment tomorrow…after the other games…but…my eyes are on France ..however we can’t rule out the others at the moment..

  4. Naz,yesterday was a day of upsets for me….both professionally and personally…really tiresome day at workplace,….a few weeks back I told you about this young man ,my neighbour’s son, who has been married for nine years but could manage to live with his wife for just six weeks….since then he has been trying to divorce her as she is very difficult to live with…I have taken up the case in Feb of this year ,spoken to the girl who too agreed for divorce by mutual consent….and yesterday before the judge she says that her husband has been forcing her to divorce him …I was expecting ths sort of turn around and ready to expose her true colours….but my client is such a gentleman that he doesn’t want her to get bad reputation….I have to confess that I haven’t understood her problem…..in the six weeks of their arranged married life,he says he was subjected to hell…like using choicest abuses against his parents,accusing his younger brother of improper behaviour ,picking up fights without any rhyme or reason ,not helping in household chores etc ..His parents advised him to live separately thinking that that’s what she wanted….but she became more and more aggressive and finally he couldn’t take anymore when he was asked to disembark the flight ….just imagine they were on their way to Singapore from Bangalore on honeymoon but an hour or so into the flight ,she started shouting so badly at this guy that the airlines staff had to make an un scheduled landing at New Delhi and ask them to step out as they were disturbing the other guests….There is no reason for an engineering graduate to behave in this manner unless she is mentally sick…Naz,as you know according to Hindu Marriages Act ,there are two ways to get separated…either by mutual consent which is rather peaceful and decent or by proving that the wife / husband is incompatible…means unpleasant things involved which the boy doesn’t want ,he says it is like washing the dirty linen in public…,at the same time wants divorce…and for mutual consent ,she is not agreeing….right now ,I don’t know what to do….Is n’t it just a laughing stock that our leads get divorces just like that as if they are available on a platter….somehow I didn’t enjoy yesterday’s episode……Vivaan pretending to be aggressive and breaking things in meera’s house and Meera resorting to the same …very cheap and unpleasant ! And she wants to challenge Vivaan in the court for asking her family to vacate his house…..absolutely fine…but why did she sign the divorce papers so meekly when she could have dragged him to the court….Friend ,as we agreed yesterday ,strange are the concepts of our writers and it is obvious they all have to follow the guidelines laid down by the channel ,,,,that’s why most of the channel’s serials look steriotypic …except for AKAJS…Yes,I am also watching what is going on in Sahil and Vedika’s life…let us see how Sahil will save her from the clutches of Yash,,,,but Naz,what is Vedika’s constraint to continue to stay in the same house…is n’t she free to go back to her own house where the Aggarwal family is forced to stay now…

    1. Oh dear?☹☹…I thought you had closed the case by now but I didn’t think that your client’s wife was still raising hell, what a predicament! I remembered that she agreed sometime back to grant him the divorce… You see how there are manipulative and conniving women out there…just like Nisha. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what her problem is with not giving consent to dissolve her marriage, one minute she agrees then the next minute she declines, if they aren’t happy together, just give the man the divorce. Do you think that there is some underlying reason why she’s behaving in this way, usually there is, she is either completely vindictive and a masochist and her satisfaction is seeing him in pain, she’s mental as you think or she wants something or hiding something from him and thinks the best way is to bleed her husband. Sometimes I see cases like these on Savdhaan India..however, she has the advice of her lawyer, has he or she been advising the man’s wife competently? You do offer advice to your clients for speedy but amicable solutions, if the other attorney is advising the client and she refuses to comply or heed the advice, is is permissible to withdraw from the proceedings based on client incompatibility? I don’t know how it really works…just assuming. This sounds very complicated and I can imagine how frustrating it is for you..you know, this marriage sound like one from hell since the beginning and just shows that not all arranged marriages are successful. I’m really sorry for your client, he got a wife from hell!! As for AKAJS, I too think that what prohibits Vedika from leaving Agarwal’s mansion, she doesn’t need to stay there. Nani has disappointed me truly, I don’t like her materialistic behavior, it’s classless, it’s so shameful to see how she basks in the opulence …as I understand it….Sahil was a little rebellious before, not living up to the family’s expectations in running the business, when Vedika’s brother sold his shares from the house he co owned with her, Sahil bought it so that he could be close to Vedika, but he took a loan from the company against his shares and now Yash holds majority shares in Agarwal’s Jewellers, so not not having much business acumen, I’m unable to explain why Vedika feels compelled to stay in Agarwal’s mansion and not move back to her old house, after all, she legally owns half the property and isn’t indebted in any way to Yash, hopefully this would become clearer to us in time. As I see it, she doesn’t need to stay there for any plausible reason…. as for Sadika moments, I could never get much..they look so good together and when Vedika loosens her hair, what a sight to behold!!

  5. Coming to yesterday’s matches I was hoping to see a semi final confrontation between France and Brazil….but as you can guess I am disappointed at Brazil ‘s loss…Anyways loved France’s attacking play…they deserved to win as the Uruguayans were attacking the men rather than the ball..May be Cavani could have made a difference….Unfortunately ,I could n’t watch the second all crucial match between Brazil and Belgium fully as I was very tired yesterday and could hardly keep my eyes open ….halfway through the match,during the break ,I dozed off but not before Belgium made their first goal…..Got the disappointing news from my husband in the morning that Belgium payed very well to secure a 2-1 win…hope Neymar has learnt some lessons from Romelu Lukaku….Inspite of being the ninth most expensive player ,he is so simple ,humble and unassuming like Roger Federer .Anyways with the exit Uruguay first and Brazil later,the South American challenge has ended and my guess is whoever wins the France and Belgium semi,will win the finals…..Naz I do remember you drawing parallels between Meera and Sumer’s marriage track and this marriage in your extended family…Hope everything is sorted out now …

    1. The game between Belgium and Brazil was really good. I did think that Brazil would walk over them but I was surprised how the two Belgian goals were scored, the last one especially, from that long shot, it was superbly put in the net and I said well Brazil, that’s it for you all. I emphasize with you Brazilian team loss…..so do you think we might be seeing a France/England or France/Croatia or England/Croatia finals..I don’t like the Russian team but things are s unpredictable sometimes when it comes to these games. Lakshmi, I could actually feel your exhaustion, I can’t even tell you to take it easy because that’s the nature of your profession, I don’t know how you manage na!! You are such a hard worker and that’s why I complain about people coming home from work to see something positive on these serials but all we get is distress and disappointment. Anyways…I’m anticipating the wedding, since a long time, im attending one very close to home as the bride’s my niece, following Sunday I have one to attend to not far from home and the week after is a friend’s daughter wedding, both of which are Hindu marriages and my niece wedding follows after that…

  6. Trisha

    My two fav people who are supposedly in love with each other are at war…idk when vivan n meera will find their common sense…and Russia has been eliminated from the world cup…. *sighs* oh well theres always next time.?

  7. Yes Trisha,I am disappointed as well , i have lots of respect for Russian goal keeper . Only consolation is Russia didn’t go down meekly like the Swedes….They did give a stiff challenge to Croatia but as you said there is always a next time but for that we have to wait for four long years.Anyways with Brazil gone home ,It is anyone’s game….I have to say the English played so well that the Swedes looked almost novices ….with the semis starting from tomorrow ,I don’t want to take any sides as the game has really become unpredictable…Better just to relax and enjoy the game…

  8. You are right Naz,the game has really become unpredictable….none of us had expected that Russia would give such a tough fight to Croatia….in spite of my admiration for Russian goal keeper ,I thought Croatia was too good for Russia and would sail easily into the semis….As I said in my above comment ,I don’t want even to guess about the two finalist teams as they have not only become unpredictable but lack consistency also…I was really horrified to see the Swedes playing like school boys ..neither they had any aim nor determination….Right from the word ‘go’,it was simply one sided .
    Naz,are you watching what has been going on in Thailand ….I don’t want even to imagine the plight of those parents whose young sons have been trapped in that god forbidden cave for more than two weeks along with their coach…Thanks to the combined efforts of many countries that have sent their expert divers …four of the boys were brought out safely yesterday…And a warm gesture from the chief of FI FA that he has invited the boys to watch the finals on 15 th…let us pray the almighty that the remaining nine come out safely to be with their anxiously waiting parents …

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