Kaleerein 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Informs Amar That She Married Vivan And Not Sunny

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Amar tells Satinder that his daughter Meera is married now to Satinder’s son Sunny, he will see of Meera in doli/palanquin soon. Sunny walks in holding Meera’s hand and says doli will not go. Amar asks what does he mean. Sunny says doli will go only when Meera wants to, he respects her feeling and will not force her. Amar goes to inform Dolly. Laali asks Sunny if he will have suhagraat in this house itself. Sunny says he will decorate room himself for Meera. Laali says Meera is so lucky, she will make arrangements for them. Sunny taunts Meera and leaves. Meera’s cousins take her to a room. Laali praises that Meera is so lucky to have Sunny. Meera thinsk she has to find Vivan and runs to room where Sunny kidnapped Vivan and searches him. Sunny walks in whistling. Meera asks where did he hide Vivan. Sunny says he will take her to her husband and says he is her husband in front of whole world. Meera says he is not her husband. He says only he, she, and Vivan know about it, not the world. He shows her Vivan sleeping on bed. She runs and touches him. Sunny says it is Vivan’s projection image and not real Vivan. She asks where is Vivan. He says so sad..twists her hand and says if she thinks she can hit him, she is a fool. Meera warns to tell where is Vivan, else she will not spare him. He says Vivan is fine and if she does not obey him, Vivan will be rest in peace soon, orders to chose between 2 routes. Meera slaps him and says now she will show what she can do.

Meera runs to Dolly and Amar and informs she is married to Vivan and not Sunny. Sunny says she married him. Amar also yells everyone saw her and Sunny’s marriage. Meera says she married Viva and not Sunny, Vivan’s life is in danger and she has to go. She runs away. Sunny says he will go behind her and thinks Meera got bold instead of getting afraid.

Meera runs on road searching Vivan. Vivan beatgs goons and escapes. He runs on road. Meera falls down and a speeding car heads towards her. Vivan shouts Meera…

Precap: Amar slaps Vivan and yells to get out of Meera’s life. Vivan says he married Meera and was behind sehra, not Sunny.

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  1. Atlast Meera finds time to inform her father that the man she is remarried to is none other than her husband Vivaan only…but she has conveniently forgotten to inform Amar that Sunny is not the son of his friend but a fake who has kidnapped the genuine one…And ,the mother of all wonders is Meera finally telling her father that enough is enough not interfere in her marriage …indirectly asking him to shut up….How I wish that Meera had done this wise thing earlier and shown Amar his place…The precap shown Meera coming under the wheels of ,may be ,Sunny’s car ,,,and so the drama will continue.

  2. Yes Lakshmi not only Meera even Amar’s friend also didn’t have courtecy to inform Amar dat Sunny is not his son….i can’t understand writers’ mind set…what they want to show d audiance….after remerriage Meera became bold…pativrata wife who can do anything for her husband…even ask his father to shut up….but when dey were in their village his father insulted Vivaan very badly at det time where were she….at dat she didn’t remember… Vivaan is her husband….

  3. Nimisha,I am really getting frustrated with Zee serials….it has become a norm for them to weave a story around a cute couple with innumerable negative characters playing havoc with their lives…Atleast in other serials like ETRETR and ADDNK, the writers were generous enough to allow the leads some romance and some respite from the otherwise continuous negativity….the chemistry between Prem and Teja and Raja and Rani was awesome….even Vivaan and Meera look lovely together….But our writers seem to have the rigid mindset of one of their characters ,Amar…they just don’t want this couple to have some fun for even a few episodes …If not romance ,atleast some pleasant time with each other and the family..But we can not expect Zee to think positively as it s really obsessed with negativity……Nimisha,I have to say that ADDNK was the last beautiful serial I watched….in spite of Preeti and her terrible criminal mindset,and other villains ,we were involved so much in the serial that we never felt bored ..just loved Prem and Teja……if not for the stupid producers of the show who had ill treated Pranav and Jyoti,,the show would not have ended so early…As of now I am watching ,Yeh Teri Galiyan which started on an interesting note but deteriorating fast due to the decision of the makers not to go for leap for six long months…Ishq Subhaan Allah is ok with a social message but not that exciting…KKB and Kundalini Bhagya are not my cup of tea …I had some hope on the recently started two new serials but utter flop …Guddan….what a stupid concept….a young girl becoming the mother in law of three young women ….I don’t know whether you are watching this or not but believe me the father in law of these young bahus looks not more than 35 and he looks much younger than his sons….The second one ,Tujh Se Hai Rabta .nothing to say…..Anyways both serials I watched the first two episodes and stopped…Yes ,Aap ke aa Jane se ,the unusual love story between an older woman and a young man is interesting but the female lead Vedika has committed too many blunders for my liking to deserve Sahil’s love…..Let us hope the writers will give us a beautiful track ,once this stupid thing is done away with…like Vivaan taking Meera to London away from these unpleasant people and memories…

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