Kaleerein 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Orders Meera’s Face to Vacate His House

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Vivan and Meera cries on their bed cursing each other for breaking their hearts. They imagine each other in their room laughing on them and then running away. Vivan looks at his mobile and panics. He reminisces getting into car after dropping Pammi and Amaya at airport and thinking Meera will know when he loves, it will be with class. He gets Pammi’s call and picks. Someone speaks and says he has kidnapped his mother and sister and if he wants them free, he should divorce Meera. Out of flashback, he gets kidnapper’s call who asks if he divorced Meera. Vivan says yes and asks to free his mother and sister now. Kidnapper says if he continues obeying him, his mother and sister will be safe. He asks Vivan to kick out Dhingra family from his house. Vivan pleads to how much ever money he wants

and free his mother and sister, but not force him to trouble Meera again. Kidnapper warns him to do as he say and walks to Amaya and Pammi. Amaya pleads Vivan to save them. Vivan gets more worried and decides to obey kidnapper. He reminisces Meera taking care of him and protecting him many times, but feels helpless.

Meera prepares food in kitchen thinking about Vivan’s betrayal. Daadi walks in. Meera says Vivan was unpredictable and did unpredictable act. Daadi says life is unpredictable, so they should not lose hope. Daadi gives her moral gyaan. Vivan stands at door and thinks how to get in. He runs in and sees temple lamp blown off and lights it back. Meera walks in and says look who is praying. Their nok jhok starts. Meera leaves. Vivan gets inspector Brar’s call and says mother and sister went back to London, if there would be anything it would be related to Meera. Meera trying to close door hears him.

Meera then walks to her father Amar’s shop. Father gets emotional discussing about her marriage and Vivan. Meera asks him not to talk about Vivan, they will handle any tough situation with family’s unity. She takes him for lunch.

Vivan gets kidnapper’s message to go and see Meera and Amar’s drama. He rushes in his car. Meeraa imagines Vivan in shop and asks why he comes in her thoughts. Vivan says because he lives in her heart. She asks why. He says because she loves him, he selects kaleerein and says he will remarry her and fixes kaleerein in her hands. She gets out of imagination when owner comes and shouts at Amar to vacate shop as he did not pay 3 months’ rent yet. Meera says she will pay soon. Shop owner and his goons throw shop items out and brutally trash Amar. Meera pleads to spare her papa. They push her and she hits her head to a wall and gets injured. Vivan reaches spot. Goons run away. Vivan tries to help them. Meera warns to stay away and takes Amar home. Kidnappe calls Vivan warns to vacate house in 2 hours, else face more dire consequences.

Back home, Meera does Amar’s dressings and consoles him. Vivan walks in and orders to vacate house in 1 hour. Family is shocked. Meera confronts. Vivan starts argument.

Precap: Meera slaps Vivan and warns dare not to insult her family, she will not vacate his house now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Naz,I am really confused about Vivaan ….I don’t know whether to hate him for what he is doing to Meera or pity him for torturing himself….. I would say he is not smart enough to handle the situation….who is watching what he does in the privacy of hs house….Are there CCTV cameras installed to watch his every movement?He could have taken Meera and her family into confidence,told them about the kidnapping and hatched a counter strategy…instead he is running helter skelter ,crying like a baby and torturing the poor girl and her family …with so much wealth at his disposal ,he is behaving as if his hands are tied up…By the way ,I think the voice that is giving instructions to Vivaan sounds like Sumer’s….either he is nursing a grudge against Meera or he is hand in hand with Roma….OR this may be the beginning of a new track with a new set of antagonists..

    1. Hi Lakshmi…my take on it…I feel sorry for Vivaan. All his life, Roma had him under her wings and was skillful in shaping his mind to hate. Even though he’s such a hotshot businessman and eligible bachelor, he hasn’t been allowed to open his mind to any other emotion but what she has instilled in him…first of all, he’s human..and no matter how much I want to criticize his actions, i have to take back my words. He simply wasn’t taught to emote but throw his weight around to achieve what he wants, that could be the reason for his bossy attitude and caustic words which hurts the people around him…but Lakshmi, the position he’s in now, he never thought he’d ever be in it and his helplessness is the result of having people make decisions for him because he’s a wealthy man and having to decide what to do as to the abduction of his sister and mother who he’s found after many long years, he just isn’t capable of handling the situation, so his mind is blank on ideas now. I would have liked to have him panicking and confused and in the moment, he could have blurted out everything to Meera, she has solutions for most things so far, but he’s doing the exact opposite and raising more questions than giving reasons for his unreasonable demands. Now Meera doesn’t know what pains and turmoil his heart is faced with, we know right…so poor girl could shoot him now if she had a gun…he does love her and is vowing to make things right with her and love her with class but like always, writers love to prolong the good moments by giving more time to the goons and villains so this abduction crap comes into play. There is nothing we can do but hope that this passes soon. I do think it’s Sumer too…it’s amazing how the villains know how to contact each other and plot their crimes together. Lakshmi, you know that there aren’t any cctv cameras available in soapland, it’s out a stock, that’s why we don’t see them around so that is also why no one gets caught. Imagine, in WAS..Nisha murdered an entire family and nothing caught on tape…so it’s a foregone conclusion that you can kidnap and murder and get away with it on these serials.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I find it really very funny, yesterday vivan dropped Amaya and Pammi at airport, then from all the hard security at airport, they got kidnapped????????????? (writers kuch bhi dikhate hain)

    2. Meera was looks so prety in pink dresses.. Due to her skin tone.????

    3. Emotional episode??????????

    4. Shop rent wale drame me to meera ki overacting ka koi hisab hi nhi tha: jaise jaise goons saman fenk rehe the, vo uske pass jaa rehi thi, iss se to koi cheez laati like stick to beat goons

    5. Meera will slap vivan tomorrow, but i wish vivan should have told truth to meera or may be give hints to her… ?????

  3. Yes Naz,I am very excited about the upcoming quarter finals…I am not sure which team I am going to support….I agree with you that Neymar has become too much of a bully and even I don’t support this overbearing attitude…if we leave aside his antics,still I have a soft corner for Brazil as team….coming to individual players ,I have become a fan of this wonder kid …France’s Kylian Mbappe and Russia’s goalie Igor Akinfeev ..I think tomorrow’s second quarter final match between Brazil and Belgium will be crucial…Brazil should be careful with Belgium’s no nonsense forward Lukaku….anyways this world cup has already thrown so many surprises that nothing will be a surprise anymore…it would be a pleasant surprise if the host country wins the World Cup …personally I will root for France this time…

    1. I’m excited as well, let’s see how the other teams perform nd I think that they are doing great so far, considering that most of them haven’t reached so far ever in the past tournament. Sigh…I must say, no matter how old I am, it’s a game I look forward to every 4 yrs just to see those handsome hunks playing like boys on the field, some of them are truly a sight to behold.

  4. I agree with ur comment Lakshmi d voice of kidnapper sounds like Summer’s….i also felt so he shake hands with Roma …agree Vivaan can take Meera &her family into confidence as such there is no one watching him but vivaan is also right there is question of his mom&sister ….he might not want to take any chances as he broke ďown after hearing abduction of his mom& sis…waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  5. I feel like it’s tat Tommy Singh!
    Vivan should have told Meera the truth

  6. I honestly would have thought Vivaan would be smarter to handle the situation?
    That def sounds like Sumer, wIsh that the writers would make the situation a bit more realistic. Nways the actors are doing a great job?

  7. whoever it may comes face to face with vivaan and meera… i don’t want this track to stretch for so long above the week or one and half week.. meera always shield vivaan from problem but why vivaan can’t do that… i think at the end of this track vivaan losses meera.. i have strong feelings or imagination u can say anything that meera herself get to know that vivaan is getting blackmailed.. then she realised that it’s because of her his mother and sisters life at stake… then she goes to save them lonely… she maybe save them and send them to safe place or home but unfortunately gets adducts herself put herself into trouble… and her so called obsessive love or mystery mam hurt her saying that if she can’t be his then she can’t be either anyone she has to die (i know it’s bit funny to imagine… i am still laughing on my imagination…but i have to share with you all) and amid this vivaan comes to save her but meera already put her life in danger zone… i think they should give us one more hospital scene in which meera fighting for her life and doctors give up saying that we r sorry mr.kapoor but we cannot save mrs.kapoor (funny).and then vivz make his way to opt crying and talking to unconscious meera that she can’t leave him (gunnamaster) after so many trials of shouting and crying and pleading to wake up finally meera come back from death to live taking his name vivaan…. and then vivaan should say that he loves her so much…. guys how was it its just my imagination… i so want that it happens…

  8. Neeti ,i think your imagination is on the expected lines only unless the writers’ imagination runs wild and dish out some weird stuff.In Pammi’s track also,It was Meera who took initiative to search for her and finally succeeded after so many trials and errors….Though Vivaan came to India to search for his mother, he could never have done that on his own….I am certain that even now ,it is going to be Meera ,who would sniff the trouble that Vivaan is in and go all out to get back Pammi and Amaya…in the bargain ,she might get kidnapped herself but let us hope she will come out safe from the ordeal …..and get united with Vivaan…

  9. Harry Potter

    I don’t want their separation but to be honest if they join so soon then the track will loss its interest so let’s wait n see how they are handling the situation without major separation or big leap n at the same time they should not drag it for long time….

  10. Yes ,you won’t find CCTV cameras anywhere …nowadays they have become very common but we don’t find them even in affluent households of our soapland…and Nisha even now is the same wretch that she had been and Jia has not learnt any lessons from her previous birth .She has brought Nisha home out of humanity and as usual she is wreaking havoc in their lives but Jia doesn’t get any doubts…can there be anything else more frustrating than this…Naz, have you noticed one more thing in our soap land …the couples love each other to death but don’t believe in sharing their problems with their sweethearts…they are so eager to keep all the pain and misery to themselves that they don’t understand they are hurting them beyond words by doing so…In ETRETR ,Rani did the same thing during Iqbal’s track ,in ADDN ,Teja didn’t inform Prem about that nauseating character’s ( I don’t remember his name now) sly leers till he started misunderstanding her…here Vivaan has preferred to keep Meera in the dark and gone to the extent of divorcing her…..Really strange are the concepts of our writers ,but that is the only they know to separate the couples and drag the drama…Anyways let us enjoy the real drama in our favourite game and cheer our pet teams…I will be cheering both France and Brazil…Naz ,any guesses on who will be winning the coveted cup…

    1. The nauseating character was Rajvir…and ewwww, he really was nauseating… but like you im enjoying the game till its gone, don’t want to predict just yet, im gonna wait till the quarter finals ends and then I’ll tell you, next thing you know, the team I’m backing could be eliminated before and I don’t want that, I’ll cry. You know Lakshmi, I really don’t understand if all the serials have a guideline in which they have to follow and write the same thing, kidnapping is a must, spouses love each other to death as you’ve said but they keep secrets and expose them when they are ready to fall off a cliff, memory escapes me, can’t remember the last good sasuma and so on…maybe they don’t know what to write after, so they prolong the plots till it bleeds to death. All our female protagonists are tortured, battered, cheated on, some gets the last day of the serial to romp in the bed with their husband, all of them sacrifice their happiness and integrity for the husband…..I’ve never ever seen a positive wholesome serial on telly so far, no one says that life Is perfect but at least writers could take us out of this world and give us something we’ve never seen before but this is wishful thinking, it’s never ever going to happen. You know what I could do with right now??…a good thriller/suspense, now in a story like this, murder, deception, thrills,backstabbing, danger,love and passion would pass for sure otherwise it won’t be a suspense/thriller but these saasbahu dramas should just not have these ingredients in them, this is what get me mad….but they all do!!! Anyways….I’m off to the seamstress with my mother in an her or so, minor alterations to the dress she’s wearing for the wedding in August …I’ve settled on a midnight blue and gold long sleeved fancy Salwar Kameez, the way they are wearing it now, touching the floor, can can and the works, I feel like a movie star…????..till later, have a wonderful day and my goodness, it’s Friday already…

  11. lakshmi i know this time also meera solves her psycho lovers mystery and put herself into trouble…. i also agree with ur point about writers… i hope they should not drag this track for so long… i am eager to watch how vivaan save his meera. and how he console her after this life threatening track..

  12. Vivaan, you gotta communicate man..what you’re doing is self-destructive and your decision affects your loved ones..we know your situation, but you gotta be smart in tackling it..you need help, and the one person who can help is the same person you’re pushing away..I don’t blame Meera for giving you a piece of her mind..it’s justifiable because you’re keeping her in the darkness..I look forward to seeing the coming episodes because I’m sure Meera will soon find out about the reason for your harsh decisions and weird behavior..like she always did, she will put herself in danger while fighting for you again..bless her heart..why she always giving you second chances..you’ve got to be thankful for her

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