Kaleerein 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Shows Pammi Kapoor’s Alive Proof to Vivan

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Preeto shows Vivan’s mother’s belongings to Meera. Meera finds letter and asks what is this. Preeto says NGO sends her money every month since 20 years. Meera gets suspicious. She goes to NGO and checks details. Roma brainwashes Vivan that Meera and her family planned big to marry him and asks Dolly to speak. Dolly says they easily trapped him like a fish, but he is intelligent and can understand their trick. Meera runs towards home getting evidence. Vivan remembers Meera asking Roma why she wants to prove that Vivan’s mother is dead and telling she will break their relationship. He walks away from there.

Meera’s family arranges birthday party for Vivan. Amar fumes that Roma insults them repeatedly and they bear it silently, it is wrong, they respect their daughters

and consider daughters as their pride, but Roma is alleging that they ask everyone to marry their daughter. On the other side, Laali continues buttering Roma. Roma asks her to leave, before she asks her to get out, until she calls her back.

Meera returns home and walks towards Vivan. A romantic song plays in the background… Amaya uses birthday glitter bomb and glitter falls on them. Meera shows Vivan and Amaya’s childhood pic and asks if it is their pic, if his name was Mannu in childhood, he became so arrogant after changing name. She shows him letters and NGO notes sent to Preeto, etc.. She says she does not know Pammi Kapoor’s address soon. Roma interferes and says Pammi is dead, why she is manipulating issues. Vivan leaves. Roma thanks god that Vivan did not get emotional. Meera also leaves.

Meera walks towards her room and falls. Vivan also falls in his room. Meera thinks why did not he come to to hold her. Vivan reminisces Meera showing him proof and opens laptop to check. He sees black magic pages in history and checks Roma’s bank account to find out she transferred 5 lakhs in Laali bua’s account. Roma walks to Vivan and says thank god he saw truth, Indians are so cheap, they lie and trouble everywhere, good they are not Indians, let us go back to London now, should she book their flight. Vivan says she spend 5 lakhs instead of 20,000 rs to prove her words and showing her all proof warns her not to act typical Indian and try to defend her mistake. Roma stands helpless fuming. Vivan says maybe Pammi Kapoor is alive and he will meet her once. He warns Roma to stop her drama and leaves. Roma shouts Pammi is dead and she killed her.

Meera angrily bursts all decorated balloons and scolds family that Vivan will not come. Vivan comes and stops her..

Precap: Roma tells Meera is lying that Pammi Kapoor is alive, she is dead and I killed her. Meera slaps her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Must thank the writers for bringing back Meera safely without any untoward incidents. And unlike his step mom Roma , Vivaan has proved to be a smart businessman whereas Roma behaved just like a petty criminal….,Instead of keeping an eye on Meera,she was busy in arranging for black magic ,voodoo dolls etc fully knowing that Vivaan doesn’t believe in these superstitions…not only Vivaan,no educated Indian entertains these rural beliefs…then Roma’s bank account reflecting money transfer to Laali’s….looks like the writers are in a hurry to draw curtains on this evil step mom track….if so ,thanks for that….but Mrs.Pammi Kapoor and her relationship with Preeto are still a mystery….the preview shows Roma terribly confused and frustrated ,finally confesses to have murdered Vivaan’s mother…hope this is the end of Roma’s character and the beginning of a new relationship between Meera and Vivaan.

    1. From the first day I saw Roma, I didn’t like the character and I knew she’d have a hand in Vivaan’s mom’s disappearance and it’s satisfying to see her admit her crime. Knowing how hot headed Vivaan is, I can’t wait to see what he does now, can you imagine Lakshmi, how this wretch brainwashed Vivaan all these years??? Thankfully Amaaya felt differently, call it women’s intuition that she couldn’t like Roma for all these years, now Vivaan will understand.

  2. Wow nice episode for today. Thanks guys for making Vivaan smart and intelligent like he looks. We look forward to more. Thanks to all that comments. There is also a great improvement in the written updates. Keep it up.

  3. Kavitha Supramaniam

    me too i hope its not a dream
    its reality.if its reality please dont let roma go crazy and harm anyone please.thank you writers if this is real.

  4. thank god for that i hope its not a dream. thanks writers for this.

  5. I agree with your comment Lakshmi…like u i also thought that Meera’ll not reach safely but thank god they saw some positivity….like dis episode…

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