Kaleerein 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pammi Decides to Get Vivan and Meera Remarried

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Vivan sees power smeared on Meera’s check and says she is looking cute. He angrily buy ticket and leave in bus to London. Vivan says they go in flight to London. She emotionally says he will not remember her at all after he goes back. He says who knows about his emotions, he is expert in hiding his emotions. She asks tell then. He asks should he. She says yes. He says should he. She says keep it himself, gunde master, looks her face in mirrror, and smears powder to his cheek from her cheek saying even he will look cute now. Powder gets into his eye. Meera gets worried for him, makes him sit, and cleans his eye. Tere Naam ki Kasak hai naa…song…plays in the background. Meera asks what he wants to say. He nervously says he wants to say that.. say that. She asks to speak. Amaya

walks in. Meerea walks out nervously. Amaya sees vivan blushing nervously and says he is in love and is acting as Indian, first wedding and then love, he should propose bhabhi. Vivan asks how should he. Amaya asks to just propose and walks out.

Pammi tells Dolly that she wants Vivan and Meera married again according to proper rituals. Dolly gets very happy. Meera hears that and nervously thinks what will they feel when they hear truth, what Vivan thinks. Vivan walks out and says he heard what mom said, can she think what he is thinking. She says she does not want to know and runs to her room. She feels when they were together they were fight like cat and mouse, now they are getting closer to each other, but have to part ways, why. She continues throwing things angrily and sleeps on swinger. She imagines Vivan romancing her on Mai Yahaan Hun Yahaan Hun Yahaan…song..She wakes up and realizes it is her dream, realizes she has fallen in love and rushes in saying water water. She passes by Vivan’s room reminiscing Pammi’s words that she wants Vivan and Meera married again. She sees Vivan practicing to propose her holding rose, thinks everyone think her as crazy, but the way she is going, god should help her.

Vivan leaning in his mom’s lap tells her that after she went, he was searching motherly love in maid, but now he wants to relive his childhood. Pammi says she cannot return that time, but she can make future better. Vivan says thank you mom. Pammi says he should thank Meera who reunited them, she is special. Amaya enters and says she is right, Meera bhabhi is special. Pammi asks Vivan to make Meera feel special like a princess. Vivan says he wants to make her feel special and wants to tell her..that…that. Amaya says that she loves him. Pammi says he does not have to say anything, their relationship is unique and they both understand each other’s feelings. Amaya suggests to write a love letter for Meera. Vivan tries. Amaya says he can’t. Pammi asks not to pull his legs. Amaya gets a call and gets shocked, says papa is in London rehab and his condition is bad.

Pammi tells Dolly that her husband is ill and she is going to London with family. Mera hears that and asks why so early. Pammi says she is also going with them as bahu. Meera asks how can she and looks at Vivan thinking everything will end soon. Vivan says Meera will come soon after getting her passport. Amaya asks to get tatkal passport. Vivan says he will bring her soon to London, but first drop mom and Amaya to airport. He gives letter to Meera and leaves. Meera reads that he will come and tell what is in his heart, she should meet him well dressed like he likes. Meera thinks he will propose her.

Precap: Meera asks Vivan if they are passport papers, she will sign them later. Vivaan says divorce papers. Meera asks why. He asks to just sign them and move on.

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  1. The entire episode is just beautiful…Vivaan realising that he loves Meera and trying to convey hs feelings to her but just doesn’t know how to ,and Meera confused about her own emotions….she too gets a shock when she realises that she loves Vivaan and does n’t want him to go to London …..Meera trying to clear Vivaan’s eye and the close moments that follow ,the nok jhoks between Vivaan and Amaya ,Vivaan blushing and confessing to hs mother that he loves Meera…..very cute scene indeed!! Ofcourse we have to overlook certain facts about Pammi’s characterisation as Mrs .Singh who was a completely different personality for which no explanation is given…..She just tells sorry to Dolly for being rude to her in SKA ,and Meera comes to her rescue saying that it is better not to dig into the unpleasant past and start afresh…Neither there is an explanation why she had to be so scared of Roma and the reason for her leaving her home and kids…now the elusive father of Amaya and Vivaan rings up from London to say he is unwell and Pammi gets ready to board the flight to be with her husband as if Roma never existed between them…..Too many loose ends …..and the precap is not at all encouraging ….hope Vivaan is just pretending but if he is truly asking for divorce …..ths time no one will forgive him..

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting episode.. I am slient watcher and reader of show…. Commenting for first tym here…
    I think roma will be blackmailing vivan for divorce ???

    1. Trisha

      Hi shraddha! Nice to meet you! Isnt roma in jail? Im hoping she is…. and also wishing Mr.Kapoor doesnt turn out to be another villain in meera and vivaan’s life.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi trisha… Nice to meet u too..
      How are u??
      I don’t think that roma is in jail, as she was shown running away from dargha and after that no sign of her being arrest..
      And i hope not… Rest depend on writers who can ruin show as per their wish and zee writers have that special power and done phd in ruining show..

  3. Woww what an episode…yes Lakshmi it was beautiful….like sweet moment btn Amaya Vivaan& his mom….. Vivaan couldn’t express his feelings in words dat entire scene was beautifully picturized….also liked Meera’s dream sequence…..Lakshmi in one of d cliping i saw Vivaan was crying …his mom was kidnapped i think there is some connection btn dis two scene…is somebody i mean Roma force him to take divorce from Meeta…tooo many guesses

  4. Naz,I just hope Vivaan won’t disappoint us this time….Meera has turned out to be another Rani ,ever ready to under stand him and do anything for him ,,,,,in turn not expecting anything for herself ….This time there is no Pammi to take cover and get benefit of doubt ….tomorrow’s will be a crucial episode as his real intentions will be clear..
    Coming to the upcoming new serial ,we will certainly have a special liking as there is every likelihood of it being another ETRETR…I remember seeing the male lead in the recently concluded Zee serial ‘Detetective Didi’,he was ok as a wanky police guy ……Anyways the match between England and Columbia has already started…hoping to see a keen fight ……chat with you tomorrow.

  5. Trisha

    Im starting to think all this might not end well for vivaan and meera….but still i have hope. Todays epi was too awesome???

  6. Nimisha,in all this excitement ,we have completely forgotten about the witch Roma….We have lost track of her after that masjid scene in which Pammi takes the bullet and gets hospitalised …Vivaan has n’t informed the police till now,that means Roma has escaped and will surface now to strike again….I think our suspicions are going to be right …. Roma will do something to Pammi and Amaya when they are on their way to the airport and blackmail Vivaan ….That’s why his facial expressions are so harsh in the precap …my god,poor Meera,all her dreams will come to nothing ….

  7. Awwwwww…..so sweet… I love this episode…same thing I’m thinking Lakshmi , we didn’t even know whether Vivaan’s father was alive or not but now suddenly Pammie is going London to be with him…and he’s not well, suppose he gets a heart attack when he sees her, he didn’t know she was still alive either…. I’m thinking something along the lines like you and Nimisha, Roma is going at it again and I hope this time she disappears into another world, she’s too damn evil. As I type, England wins on penalties and they deserve the win after the rough game they faced with Colombia…lol… It’s good to see big men cry after these games…makes them human.. Let’s see what the next rounds of games give to us..

  8. Hello all today’s episode was really nice and I’m hoping to see more episodes like this going forward. I do believe like some of you that Roma is behind Vivaans’ decision to ask Meera for a divorce. After she got Pammi both she and Sheri had run away and I believe that the police could not find them so they’re still on the loose. It is even possible that the call Amaya got was fake and it is a trap by Roma to get to Vivaan and or his family. This may be a last ditch effort by her to get her revenge or whatever it is that she wants. I hope once she is caught and put away for good we can get the story moving on to happier and better times. Then we can see Vivaan and Meera evolve in their marriage and adjust to being and living together as a couple and work to make their relationship strong and lasting before they face the next obstacle or villain in their life.

    On a side not my sister (who also watches the show) and I had a good laugh about how quickly Pammi recovered and was home after being shot and brought back from deaths door all in the same day. Too funny!

  9. Where is my hard written comment. It takes some sort of energy and time to analyze and type…not seeing it…and that was around 4pm and now is 7.30 pm…??

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