Kaleerein 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan and Meera’s Romance In Jungle

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Vivan continues driving car with Meera towards kidnapper’s informed destination. Car’s brakes fail and it crashes to a tree. At home, Amar yells that Vivan is Meera’s biggest enemy and she is not safe, so he is going to police station. Prince accompanies him. Dolly prays god for help. Vivan and Meera get out of car. Meera says it is abshagun, they should not go. Vivan shouts there is no network also here, he will walk to find old building. He walks into jungle. Meera walks behind him and asks to stop. He shouts he will not. Meera says it is jungle and they are lost, what is a tiger attacks them. She slips on him. They both roll on grass. Their eyes lock. Agar tum saath ho…song..plays in the background. Vivan gets up and yells at Meera that she slips always and put

him also in trouble. Meera says if he can understand, he will understand her concern and love for him are true. Vivan walks further and says he saw route on GPS, he is trying to find out route for old building now. Meera asks if

Dolly says Sweety she does not know what to do, where Vivan and Meera have gone. Prince says he will go and check. Dolly asks to stay at home and shows constable, he will go. Sweety consoles her that everything will be alright. Meera asks if GPS shows even animals. Vivan continues walking yelling. Meera slips and shouts. Vivan does not find her.

At home, Dolly gets concerned. Prince returns and says papaji sent him back, he scolds him always. Inspector Brar walks in and says he is leaving constables here for their safety.

In jungle, Meera slips into water and shouts to saves her. Vivan yells why did she slip on bed. He lifts her. She collapses. He asks to not act, then finds her really unconscious. He lifts her and makes her sit on a bench, then finds leech on her back. Meera subconsciously says I love you. Vivan rubs salt on leech and removes. Meera shouts in pain. He then makes her sleep on bench. Is Darde dil ki shikayath…song…plays in the background.. She asks water. He catches rain water in his hand and feeds her. She pulls him and says she loves him a lot. He thinks if he should leave her here and go to old building or not, he has to go for sure.. At home, Dolly lights temple lamp and prays for Meera’s safety. Vivan sees Meera shivering and drapes his blazer over her. She feels happy. He brings stick and asks to walk with its support. She walks behind him holding it and thanks him for saving her form leeches. Vivan says he told only he can trouble her and will not let her die via leeches. Meera says kidnapper is trying to trap him, so she will go to old building alone and then he will come. She walks ahead.

Meera brings Vivan to police station instead. Vivan shouts why did she bring him here, he is going to old building. Meera says kidnapper is trying to trap him. Brar says his wife is right. vivan shouts she is not his wife. Meera says they lost mummmyji and not him now, she will go and check first and then he can go. He tries to leave. Meera signals Brar. Brar says Vivan has to sign consent form that police is not responsible if something happens to him. Vivan walks into room. Meera locks door form outside. Vivan shouts to open door, else she does not know what he will do to her. Meera says she does not care and leaves. She reaches old building and searches kidnapper. She then gets shocked seeing someone.

Precap: Inspector Brar informs Dolly that Meera is shot. She panics. Vivan runs on road.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Subconsciously…the main writer of this serial is a patient of split personality disorder, that’s why Vivaan switches from a hero to beast at such a rapid speed, even I’m left perplexed and out of breath. A sane and healthy mind finds it difficult or challenging to conjure up scenarios like how Vivaan treats Meera…but when someone’s mind is convoluted and has experienced abuse and hate, that’s all they see and therefore transfer their thoughts to scripts like this one. In the future, all writers should undergo a routine but mandatory test of evaluating their mentality and suitability to showcase positive and logical stories..after all, only intelligent people can identify and call out to the writers when they see crap happening in these larger than life stories. Sometimes people take their domestic problems to work, it’s hard to separate professional from domestic because we are humans and tend to tote baggage along….Lakshmi, I’d like you to represent me because I’m thinking of suing this writer for undue emotional stress, heartache, depression, a few sleepless nights and for giving me pathological thoughts I didn’t know I had…I’m exhausted…so will you be my attorney?? Other than this…I don’t have much to say on today’s episode…it’s like a rollercoaster. Btw Lakshmi, I just have to share this with you…in last night’s episode of Kaleerein on Zee Caribbean, please don’t laugh…but it’s the episode where Roma wants to airlift Amaaya via helicopter, for treatment outside India..yes, that’s where the serial has reached in Zee Caribbean…now you can laugh!!! Doesn’t it feel like we are living in an alternate reality!!!😲😑😭😭

    1. Hello Jazz. You can watch online via Desi serial Tv. I watch from Nigeria and read the written update becos Kaleerein is not yet on the See showed here.http://www.desi-serials.tv

      1. Hey, thanks Clarice…I’m following the serial on the same site as you so I’m up to date, however..on the cable network here in the Caribbean which is Zeetv Caribbean..this is where the aired episodes are currently, just needed to share that crazy bit of info. ..thanks friend 🌻

      2. Hey Clarice, thanks for the link, we can or at least most of us that watch these shows are not in India and the affiliate Zee stations are run by morons that screw up the timing of the shows, they run this show and a few other 3 times a week instead of the normal 5..so we badly behind, we have found Desitvflix that shows our serials 1 day behind with english subtitles, Naz has some hindi i have none though i can pick out specific words and phrases now but we still rely on the subs…does your link offer that?

  2. Vivaan and Meera…Tarzan and Jane…romance in the jungle..all is left to be seen is our hero and heroine swinging from tree to tree…covered in leaves…

  3. So friends,how to assess this man….in today’s episode,there was none of that nastiness….Infact it was such a romantic scene in the midst of the jungle,for a moment I got carried away seeing him tenderly attending to a semiconscious Meera….But the very next morning he warns an elated Meera that all his care the previous night was to keep her alive so that he can inflict on her all the pain in the world…Ofcourse only his words were bitter but not his actions in this episode….He was seen softening towards Meera ,but we never know about this man and what he will do tomorrow….So ,better not to keep any unnecessary hopes and just wait and watch..

  4. I think he will break after finding out more meera is hurt. There has to be a change soon. Breaking of his hard exterior will soon end and the person we loved will be shown.

  5. Naz i can’t stop laughing while reading ur comment about writers ….u r damn right…as u said in ur comment ur story is way behind how can zee be partial with u guys….😴😴Lakshmi…..today we saw differnt side of Vivaan who hates Meera but also cares for her……who saves her life just to torture her….but d intencity of his anger was different….I think hez torturing Meera just to saw villain he hates her…..&very obediently hez followig his instructions…..as somebody continuously keeping watch on him….i think writers r confuse while writting Vivaan’s character …&also makes us confuse…

    1. Nimisha….it’s best I type crazy content instead of upsetting my brain function with too much analyses…I give up trying to psycho analyze Vivaan and his feelings and his relationship with Meera …all I think of when I see him is his trim physique and his lean hips and wonder if i should gym or not …everything else falls behind…

  6. Wait a minute, Cathy…you also only getting 3 episodes per week like us here? Here I am, thinking that you in Canada were getting to see 5 times a week but just happened to have fallen back with the episodes because of the past mahaepisodes….you and I..are on the same boat. Cathy, the APAC link allows us to see 1 day delayed episodes with the subtitles but do you know that certain scenes are curtailed here to facilitate commercial spots? Only recently, I’ve been viewing the 2nd source episodes minus the subtitles because im unable to wait for the next day uploads…and because I’ve read the update by then, it isn’t hard for me to follow exactly what is happening in the episode, plus the partially deleted scenes in commercial slots on the subtitles link isn’t omitted here….and my understanding of Hindi though minimal, is enough to get me through although you know that i prefer to get precise translation in order to really get a true picture of what I’m about to write in my comments.

    1. I have done that too!! that i was familiar enough with the characters and the plot and could get what was going on with the help with daily updates here…but i was missing nuances of the conversations which I was frustrated with..i have also noticed the editing here too, not just the commercials, but if the main male lead hurts the leading lady for instance when Vivaan pushed meera down the stairs it showed on the Indian feed but was edited to show meera already fallen and with a disclaimer scrolling by proclaiming this station does not support atrocities against women…sometimes the edit is so badly done that i have to go online to see what was cut. SO STUPID.

  7. Naz ,Cathy ,Zee should be really ashamed for treating their overseas viewers in this manner..we can say it is just step motherly attitude….It would have been a different thing if Zee Canada and Caribbeans were not introduced at all ..the joke is they are very much there but you have to search for other sites to watch their regular shows. Looks like these facilities are just for name sake…no one seems to be taking genuine interest to telecast all the serials five times a week and start new ones on the same day they are premiered here in India…Friends ,there are hardly any comments for the new serial ‘Yeh Teri Galiyan ‘,in spite of it being an interesting one…all thanks to Zee….I think the channel is waiting for an auspicious timing to premiere the show there…I wish someone from the channel would read your concerns and do something positive …

    1. Lakshmi…Yeh Teri Galiyan is being put on hold here, we get the promo’s with the “coming soon” tag..we are so behind in WAS so we have to wait till that show ends for the new one to take it’s place, question becomes are we only going to see it 3 times a week? guess we have to see. right now i have to wait to the weekend to watch Yeh Teri Galiyan and binge watch the episodes i missed. I think the Parent Zee station needs to pay more attention to it’s affiliate stations and see how they are running and treating their overseas cable viewers because this is ridiculous.

  8. Dear Naz,god can only save us from these psycho writers…you might laugh but nowadays by the time I write comments on these episodes ,I feel terribly exhausted as it is not at all clear how to assess these characters..particularly Vivaan and Vedika…..there are quite a few similarities … ,both the names start with ‘v’, both the characters don’t reveal their emotions,come what may and both fit for case study at post gradyate level in Psychology…as you have rightly said Vivaan ‘s character certainly resembles a split personality and most probably the writer’s own mindset is getting reflected here…as for me representing you against the writer ,my goodness,spare me my dear friend ..if the character created by him is so complicated ,what about the writer himself / herself..by the time I finish the case I might end up in a psychiatrist’s office…..LOL..

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…you can see by these smilies how I laughed reading this comment…you made my day today 1st of August at 11.05 am…..I’ll spare you because I don’t want to see you in the psychiatric ward….nice one Lakshmi. Btw…Yeh Tere Galiyan is to be aired here on the 6th of August …but for how many days per week, it’s left to be seen and I know Cathy will agree that it’s the same thing in Canada. Lakshmi, you know that I have to absolutely get full translation to type correct analysis, so even though we have a super writer, it’s important to see the episodes from all angles ie with translation, without translation and absence of commercials and written updates, so that is why I’m not on YTG because as Cathy has said, it’s on hold here on desitvflix, maybe the site is based in the West…who knows!!

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