Kaleerein 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Aplogizes Meera

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Dolly asks Meera to go and submit Jagrata prasad in temple, Prince is waiting for her in car. Meera walks into car holding prasad and says let us go Prince. Vivan on driver’s seat asks if he looks like Prince. She asks what is he doing. He says since Prince is not at home, Amar uncle asked him to take Meera to temple. Meera asks since when he became so obedient and tries to get out of car, but he locks door and drives towards temple. Dolly on the other side speaks to someone over phone and fixes Vivan and Silky’s photos on Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s photo and thinks Vivan will fall and Silky will hold him, if one proper way, she has to bend her finger.

Vivan takes Meera to temple and asks her to tell secret of bangle. She says she does not know. He argues. She

says if she reveals secret, her promise will be broken. He asks what. She asks him to apologize first. He says never and says already jagrata is over. She says not until prasad is submitting in temple. She walks in and prays god. He angrily walks near door. She walks out, and door gets locked. Vivan gets panic attack reminiscing his childhood traumatic memories and pleads Meera to open door. She enjoys him pleading and asks to apologize. He is unable to breathe and says sorry, open the damn door now. Meera is surprised, thinks something is really serious, and pushes door while Vivan continues knocking door. Door opens, Vivan comes out gasping for air. She asks what happened. He shouts shut up, she wanted his apology and he did. They return home. Vivan reminisces his traumatic past and his mother’s torture, Meera forcing him to apologize and fumes that he had to apologize Meera and his mother’s torture till now. He angrily punches mirror and breaks it, his hand bleeds.

Mehandi celebrations start. Biji asks Sweety to take care of arrangements well as her kitty party friends are also coming, they will rock the party. Meera walks in for mehandi looking at Vivan. Dolly brings mehandi. Biji asks if she became lazy. Dolly says she prepared her special mehandi. She then goes to Meera. Meera asks why she is not crying even during mehandi. Dolly says why should she cry, her dream of doing her daughter’s bidayi/farewell is coming true. She continues that when Meera was born, she had decided to apply mehandi on her and so she prepared special mehandi for her, which is famous in the surrounding area. She is about to apply mehandi. Sumer’s mother enters and stops her and asks who applies mehandi with stick, it is so outdated, even cone is outdated, she wants her bahu to apply fancy designer stencil mehandi, gives designs and asks Dolly to get the stencils printed for Meera and whole baraat. Dolly asks not to worry, her husband’s friend has printing press, she will get stencils printed soon. Meera insists Dolly to apply mehandi. Dolly calms her down and leaves to gets stencils printed.

Laali calls inebriated printing press owner and warns to get her work done soon (Vivan and Silky’s photo stencils), else she will make his life hell. Owner wakes up wobbling. Amar brings printouts and asks to make stensils soon. Owner says he does not have time. Bittoo frightens owner and asks to print them soon. Inebriated owner, prints Vivan’s photo along with stencils designs. At home, Sumer’s mother continues throwing tantrums and asks Daadi when will stencils return and when will mehandi designer come. Biji asks what. Sumer explains what mehandi designer means.

Precap: sumer dances on Mehandi Lagake Rakhna song….while Meera gets mehandi applied. People see her hands and are shocked to see Vivan’s photo printed in her hands.

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  1. Sumer’s mother is a real pain in the head….always whining and complaining about just about everything damn thing…

  2. Meera was sworn to secrecy about the bangle but writers will tell us soon… Hmmmm…. How huge is this secret? Maybe Meera’s friend is Vivaan other sister….

  3. Hello Naz,there is no doubt that Sumer’s mother is a real pain but as long as submissive people like Dolly&co are there,they will thrive and rule the roost….somehow I haven’t felt any pity for this woman ,Dolly, who looks ready to sacrifice anything for her daughter ‘s happiness ….has she ever thought even if Meera gets married to Sumer ,will this she devil ever allow her to live peacefully with her husband… …and the way she collapsed when the bridegroom’s party left the function as if a catastrophe has fallen …I simply felt like slapping her….after all those insinuations ,she herself should have asked this arrogant woman to get lost along with her equally head weighted son….the way they are portraying the girl’s parents is very disappointing ….yes ,around two decades back,their mindset must have been like this …but now the girl’s parents command equal dignity and respect…..
    Naz, hope you are doing fine,,,,,you must be wondering where I have disappeared….After the guests ,I had a viral infection ,which almost lasted for two weeks and still i am recovering…..I didn’t feel like watching any serial also …….Ofcourse I used that time to finish the update for a Pakistani serial for Cathy…will catch up with you in a day or two…..

    1. Lakshmi, I too was down with something, not sure what it is but I’m better now. As with Dolly, she behaves as if the sky will fall if the alliance doesn’t pull through. This is what I was saying few episodes back and one of the viewers got upset and with me, I call a spade, a space when I see it. All dolly cares is for Meera to marry, yes..but not at the expense of a nitpicking MIL and a husband who find faults with Meera even before tying the knot…. Hope you are feeling much better Lakshmi. Take lots of fresh fruit juices, no added sugar… Ok

    2. Cathy

      Lakshmi i hope your feeling better i see your guests left you with a parting viral gift., it was a busy week for me leading up to Easter and house sitting duties on top of that for my sister while she and her family relaxed on the beaches in Cancun Mexico..was jealous i couldn’t join them. lol i’m sure she’s bought me lovely thank you souvenirs…So now i’m busy catching up with Bheegi and the other serials i had to let slide for a bit. As for this show, i just can’t stand any of the family members so i end up turning away most of the time…i really wanted to like this show.

  4. In a final attempt Meera tries to scrub off Vivan’s image from her palms but invain when they start bleeding ,her cousin shouts at her to stop this madness….furious Meera storms into Vivan’sroom and accuses him of being thecmastermind behind this cheap drama.First he doesn’t understand what she is implying ,then gets a shock snd asks her if she really believes that he is capable of playing such a mean game to settle scores with her and makes it clear that what ever he does ,it is always fave to face and he doesn’t believe in back stabbing…As he advances menacingly ,Meera backs off and for a moment there is sn eyelock ,Meera warns him not to try scare her again and he too cautions her not to fabricate cheap allegations against him……Asking him to move away from her , Meera says that she really gets irritated whenever he comes near her….Vivan ,not moving an inch, retorts back that it really surprises him to see her always come running into his room on some pretext or the other…..why is it so if he she finds him so despicable….Meera,red in face ,taunts that she is forced to come to his room to find out what he is up to ,so that she can counter plan and Ofcourse to break his ego…..otherwise she doesn’t have any intention of seeing his face….as she tries to get away ,he roughly pushes her to the wall pins her against it…As Meera looks shocked ,he cheekily advises her not to look at her hands for a few days as his face which she hates the most ,is now imprinted on her palms….He leaves her hands and Meera finding some indoor plants there in his room ,takes out a handful of mud from the pots and smears all over his face on her palms ,telling him that to avoid looking at his face ,she will do anything.and will certainly do something to save her family reputation that he has do ruthlessly maligned.
    Downstairs in the living room there is lot of commotion as Bittuband Meera’s father bring the real culprit dragging into their house to admit to his careless mistake…and he admits to have done it but not intentionally …at the same time Vivaan ,furious that his face is on some mehendi stencils,demands an explanation from two of his employees ,They explain that it is not their fault but due to the carelessness of the printing press owner,then they recognise the guy who has already been taken for task by Amar and Bittu…..seeing his inebriated condition ,,Sumer and hs mother understandbthat it is not the fault of Meera’s family and cool down…..Sumer’smother apologises but warns Dolly that this should not happen in future and Dolly is more than happy to nod her head. Sumer too tells sorry to Meera and while taking his leave keeps a chit in Silky’s hand….And Laali heaves a sigh of relief as the printing press guy,in his drunken condition ,couldn’t recognise her….Later Meera overhears Vivaan’s men talking about their boss’s strange behaviour….how he wanted the brochure to be printed on that day only and then called and shouted at them in front of everyone…
    Silky meets Sumer and asks him why has he called her ,,,he replies that she knows the reason very well….confessing that he loves her he says that if she wants ,he will inform his parents that he doesn’t want to marry Meera….Silky ,worried about her mama and Mami tells him that she can not cause such a heart break to the complete family by breaking the marriage of her cousin….and requests him to leave….Sumer warns her that if she rejects him,he will go very far away not only from her but from this world itself….as she turns back to leave ,Silky realising that she too loves him ,comes back and hugging him,confesses that shecloves him too.
    There isca power outage and Vivan ,exercising in the dark ,curses the electricity dept then curses himself for starting to behave like Meera…he asks himself what is wrong with him….just then Meera comes in with a candle …and not seeing Vivan in the dark ,falls on top of him ….as they are immersed in an eye lock ,the lights come on and Meera gets up saying sorry…Saying that she has spoilt his workout,Vivan asks her why is she always in the habit iof intruding into his room…he cools down and asks why is she here…..Meera shows her palms on which Sorry is written beneath his face, and apologises for her false allegations….he just stares at her without accepting her apologies…as Meera waits ,his mobile rings and he excuses himself ..feeling bad ,she leaves his room.
    In the morning ,as Meera starts getting ready for the function ,there are usual nok jhoks between Meera and her cousin ,,silky comes in and wants to video record the entire function ,.as her cousin jokes that Meera is very lucky to be getting married to a guy like Sumer ,Silky sees Meera feeling shy and feels guilty.Laali who is already ready with her next plan to play spoil sport ,feels bad that Silky is almost made a camera man …telling her that she has to getvready for the function ,Laali takes her out.Meera is worried how to get ready so fast without anyone’s help.
    Cocktail party is on and drins are served…. As silky records the proceedings,everyone shakes a leg to a fast Bhangra tune.Sumer,moving away from Meera ,goes near Silky and starts dancing with her….and Bittu with his wife. Dolly starts sweating and feels shaky…Amar ,noticing his wife a bit pale ,leaves the party and asks her is everything alright…As Dolly comforts him saying everything is going to be ,Laali reiterates that everything will be fine but once her brother joins the party cheekily adds ‘but she should be careful’. Dolly not noticing the sarcausism ,says she will put ghee and sugar in her mouth for her kind words….Laali taunts that it s a very old way of expressing one’s gratitude…When Dolly requests her sister in law i not to start any of her infamous games again,Laalii laughs and states that she can not guarantee it and already warned her to be careful.
    Laali takes charge of the camera and after taking a few shots of the girls in the party ,she stealthily moves upstairs…..Meera notices that Vivan has not come down to take part in the function ….just then ,Vivan comes out of his room to go downstairs ,he comes across Laali who has come searching for Amaya ….Complementing his sister that she runs better than PT Usha,Laali explains how Amaya ran upstairs leaving behind her phone in the party and which she found ringing…Vivan takes his sister’sphone from her and asks which room she ran into and Laali shows him the guest room.As Vivan goes towards the guest room ,Laali goes down to the party and sends Silky to the guest room with instructions to carry out her plan and Sikky unwillingly agrees.Laali feels elated thinking that no one can stop Silky from marrying Vivan now.Just then Meera decides to check on Vivan and Amaya as to why they have n’t yet joined the party….So Vivan is in search of his sister ,he is followed by Silky and just behind her is Meera .. as Silky stops near a room , the door opens suddenly ,and Silky is dragged inside by Sumer,,,as the door closes shut,Meera notices that someone is inside.but deciding to see where are Amaya and Vivan ,she goesctowards their room and collides against Vivan who is still searching for his sister…. The effect of the collision is such that both of them are thrown into a room and Meera ,as usual falls on top of him….and the door is bolted from outside.Meera,regaining her composure ,gets up and says
    Sorry..Vivan taunts why does she always trip and fall…is this how she was winning her Kabaddi matches…Meera retorts back that if he wears this type of long gowns he would trip worse than her…. He reminds her that on that day in the playground ,she was wearing a track suit …in turn she reminds him that he was the one who fell on her on that day that too like a heavy King Kong…When he asks her sarcaustically does really know how a King Kong looks like, Meera trien to go out ,again collides and this time her ear jhumki gets stuck to his shirt .. she scceeds in the endeavour to free herself , but her jhumki remains fastened to his shirt and hs shirt falls open to the embarrassment of both Vivan and Meera.
    End of the episode.

  5. I could n’t find the update for both 3rd and 4th episodes till 11 pm…so decided to write for 4 th April’s

    1. hi lakshmi thanks for the update..

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