Kaleerein 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Saves Meera From Goons

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Meera reaches Vivan’s given address. Vivan speeds his jeep towards her and is about to ram her when she jumps aside and falls on road. Vivan speeds his jeep away and reminiscing Meera closing Pammi’s van door and van blasting and thinks he will take revenge from Meera, even after his warning, she came here. At home, fake doctor fills injection syringe. Nurse says she already gave injection. Doc shouts at her to shut up. Amar walks in and says he is Amaya’s SIL’s father and if he needs anything he can inform him. Doctor gets someone’s call and goes aside. He returns and asks nurse to get hot water. Nurtse says water is here itself. Doctor shouts to get fresh water. He then asks Amar to get saline bottle. Amar says new bottle is here itself. Doctor asks to get fresh

bottle. Amar calls Prince to get new bottle. Meera calls Vivan and asks if he did not see her standing. He says he saws her, but could not stop. She asks where is he, she will come right now. She runs on road, her shoes slip way. she runs barefooted and thorns prick her feet.

Doctor thinks he can give poisonous injection via saline bottle itself, switches on timer in his mobile and asks Amar to go out and check where sound is coming from. Amar leaves. Doctor is about to inject into saline bottle when Amar holds his hand and warns he cannot harm Amaya until her family is there. Doctor tries to strangulate him. Amar calls Dolly. Dolly comes and hits doctor’s head with iron rod. Doctor collapses. Amar checks injection and asks nurse to check if Amaya is fine.

Meera limps on road with injured feet. A roadside romeo tries to flirt with her, but she scolds him. She then sees Vivan’s jeep and tells Vivan that he wanted to kill her. Vivan accepts his crime and says he hates her a lot and she is his mother’s murderer. Meera says she did not kill his mother, he loves her, so he did not crush her under his jeep, she loves him a lot and if he wants to kill her, he can. Vivan drives and stops at a distance. Meera happily walks to him. He speeds jeeep away.

At home, family thinks who was this fake doctor and why he wants to kill Amaya, should they call police or inform vivan. Amar asks Prince to call Vivan and inform him. Doctor wakes up, pulls out his knife and pointing at daadi takes her down. Family pleads not to harm Biji. Nimmo clicks doctor’s pic. Doctor pushes Biji and runs away. Amar says Pammi’s murderer will try to harm others also, they should inform police.

Goons surround Meera and misbehave with her. She runs into jungle. They catch her and try to molest her. She pleads for her. Vivan enters and punishes goons. Goons run away.

Precap: Meera tells Vivan she knew he would come to save her. He says only he can harm her and he will protect her to make her life hell..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So,Vivaan thinks that he has saved Meera to take his revenge later on…but the truth is something else…he loves her and couldn’t see her being abused by the goons…Ofcourse that doesn’t absolve him of his sins….he has to do a lot to redeem himself …even in today’s episode how could he be so heartless to call Meera to a secluded place ,try to run over her and then drive away leaving her alone and injured…thank god,,,he came to her rescue,else , he would have lost his credibility completely …Felt bad for Meera ,as she stands bare footed and hurt,and conveys to Vivaan that her only fault is to fall in love with him,he sits there in his vehicle, cold and unmoved…Never imagined that a strong willed girl like Meera will become so feeble…there is a saying that love is the source of strength but in Meera’s case ,it is proving to be otherwise….
    Hope the writers will understand our concerns and do amends at the earliest..Otherwise also ,as viewers ,we don’t have any other alternative other than airing our frustrations at the gradual disintegration of Vivaan’s character into that of a man who can now be described as the personification of all negativity in the world….We understand that there will be ups and downs in the lives of characters as well but the writers have to be absolute pessimists to portray Vivaan as a mentally deranged guy who does n’t allow even a ray of hope or happiness into his own life or the lives of those close to him like Amaya,Meera and her family ….Many of us ,though thoroughly disgusted ,still watch it ,as we have already invested so much of our time in watching it….So we we will watch till no hope is left…..Having said this I am still positive that our writers will do some miracle and redeem Vivaan’s character.

  2. Thanks Lakshmi as you help us in understanding the episodes more as we dont understand Hindi . Like Meera dialogues with Vivan. I think the writer translates literally and does not convey the actual meaning..
    Why exactly is Vivaan blaming Meera? For closing the Van’s door or What?

  3. I have a problem with story lines that go of the way of revenge abuse in these serials, i find it in it self a cheap way to draw viewers when you (the writers) are running out of ideas, This is seen in shows like PA, Where the on going abuse on Pooja is non stop, from familial alienation, to Humilation (naren taking forced nude pictures) to physical assault, s*xual manipulation etc, it was so embarrassing to watch that i had to stop watching for my own sanity sake, and don’t get me started on Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre,….no i changed my mine lets get started on JGTPM, what started out as a promising modern twist on a classic fairly tale, turned into a Sadistic Horrible story that devolved the main lead to just an animal and not the beast that was tamed by beauty, *Lakshmi* you know how bad it was!! that i literally divorced that show from my mind (mostly) Now i’m not against a story that involves a difficult subject and in this case focuses in on marital abuse, it happens in every country every culture and there is a good and bad way to tell it. Keeping in line of serials, which are allowed to over exaggerate plot points for t.v that is for a lack of a better term “entertainment” One show in particular and to this date my overall favourite is Begursari and for this point the relationship of Poonam and Lakhan Thakur, now that was a story that was right from the get go abusive of Poonam and Lakhan. Lakhan a deeply flawed individual, his love for Poonam was twisted and cruel and he did horrible things to her but professed his love for her, the difference here or at least form me was that Poonam was never weak, she was confused and scared but she was not begging for her husbands love, she was strong, silent(trapped by her own circumstance), smart, and in her own way tried to bring him to the light…when she got over her fear of him she stood toe to toe in the face of adversity and misunderstandings and became his partner in trying to save their family…those who never watched it, go and find it online it was a smartly written show revolving around a crime lord and his family and the show never apologized over this family’s way of doing business…Now to a point i should have made some time back is that having the character traits of Poonam written into poor Meera, Pragya and Pooja and any other “punching bag” female lead on Zee serials, let them have inner strength and self respect…Times are a changing and changing how your leading ladies handle adversity should be giving the writers a wide open scope for ideas. Enough of the self sacrificing female and lets get some kick ass girls showing the men how it’s done. 🙂

  4. Agree with you Cathy ,that women should value their self respect ,irrespective of their love for their partner ….just because a girl loves guy,doesn’t mean he is given every right to humiliate at will…I said the same thing about a few episodes back that no man loves a woman who doesn’t possess self respect….I doubt if any of these writers who write these atrocious revenge tracks are women ,but whoever it is,is it a must to portray women at the receiving end in every serial…It has almost become a norm in almost all Zee serials that male leads ,in the name of revenge ,exploit the love of their leading ladies…Let it be Raja,Prem,and now Vivaan …the same plot …and the women ,in the name of love ,tolerate everything ,throwing their honour and self respect to the wind..They write the revenge tracks as if love and self respect can not co exist…Cathy ,so far i have been of the opinion that Jeet gayi was the biggest shame but Naren of Piya Albela seems to be no way less…Thankfully I am not watching that ….For now Vivaan and his antics are more than enough…

  5. so true dear lakshmi vivaan is treating her worse than dirt. pushing her down the stairs and abusing her insulting her. How many times had be blamed her. When Amaya was hospitalised coz of Roma, when Vivaan got shot he blamed her for being in contact with pammi, and being in league with her. he was never the nicest guy and his apology should have been better for all the things he done to her.accusing her of being a gold digger etc atc all the crap he has dished out to her.since he came in to her life, he literally wiped out her smile. he is a lousy husband. sad sorry excuse for a husband.

  6. Kavs ,I have to say I was wrong in assessing Vivaan’s character…I still remember the way how I used to contradict you and sympathise with Vivaan thinking that his anger and frustration were due his insecurities over his mother ….How wrong I was……Pammi was just an excuse to vent out his basic traits anger and frustration…… he imagines something or the other to fuel his foul temper and blame others…and Meera becomes the scapegoat …she rightly said that she did nothing wrong;her only fault was falling in love with him….the way she pleads with him struggling even to stand with an injured foot and says she loves him brought tears to my eyes but this guy who claimed to have been in love with her just a few days back sits in his jeep unmoved and emotionless like a stone…. …you have been right dear ,in censuring this guy who is incapable of giving happiness to anyone…let alone Meera….as you said he has literally wiped out this ‘jhalli’s ‘ radiant smile …Inspite of this utter disappointment ,I will watch it till the end as I am curious to see how the writers will end this couple’s journey…

  7. haha no worries lakshmi. i know meera has a little stubbkrn fighter streak but she only wants to help people. in this case she also pleaded with him earlier to talk to him and tell her clearly, what was going on but he didn’t. So she was confused and concerned for him. so she followed. she was also tricked by tge kidnapper to go back and save him. when they showed her on screen that he was kidnapped. so she went back. she risked her life to try and help pammi but I guess the bomb. Brar pulled her away. Vivaan is damn dumb and brainless to think that she would close the door. He was never the nicest of characters and certainly no angel. sure he has done some good but his bad deeds outweigh the good. long ago he never trusted her aleady and also later accused her of being a gold digger, many instances he abused her when amaya was in bad shape due to roma. she donated blood and he abused her dragged her out and pushed her out of the hospital. stupid fool could think that she was responsible for his being shot. he was never a good husband to her. never bothered to do anything nice for her.it was always meera that bothered about him. planned a date for him etc etc. but pushing her down the stairs, swear I wanted tl whack the ***t out of him. I could not see her pass out in pain like that. Thats what she got for singing a lullaby for him. I miss her smile and her happy face. I really do. Miss the old happy jhali Meera.

  8. but sensing how unhappy we are. they might change the story to show that he was pretending, I bet eventhough it was meant for meant for him to really mean it. so I guess in the end it gonna be like. Meera I was pretending to show the kidnapper how much I hated u and that we are over to trick him. well maybe they will do it that way but it seems like its genuine anger coz he is remembering by himself and thinking she closed the van doot which is again dumb of him to think that she would kill his mum, when she is the one that saved her when he hated her. no wonder his punishment is to lose her. i wish that pammi was alive .this kidnapper thing ends.

  9. Kavs ,at this juncture whatever he says or does will be meaningless….he has come too far for that…Can a man push a girl he loves ,down the stairs or try to run over her cold bloodedly ….let the provocation be any,it is just repulsive .He must be blind and dumb enough to conclude that Meera ,who did everything ( from A to Z ) to find out his mother for his happiness ,had closed the van’s door and allowed his mother to die… Otherwise also what had he done to diffuse the bomb and save his dearest mom..Whether the door was closed or opened ,the bomb would have gone off…Couldn’t he see that Meera herself ,would have died ,if the inspector,who was witness to all this,had not dragged her aside..Kavs,the basic thing is he has no trust in the girl whom he claims to love…..I gave him the benefit of doubt in the beginning as he had to spend a rough childhood…But we can not appreciate Vivaan treating Meera so inhumanly…there are traces of sadism in his personality…..i really don’t know what excuse the writers would offer to redeem his sins,but i want Meera to stop behaving like a 17 th century housewife and leave hm to his fate till he realises all his faults ,goes down on his knees and begs for her forgiveness…Like Rani of ETRETR had done to Raaj in season 2…

    1. so true lakshmi he ia repulsive he should have never pushed her down the stairs. that was sick absolutely sickening. he had no trust in her from the beginning anyway.He sure is one dumb guy for a businessman.Yeh Meera is blinded in her love for him. Surprisingly this is not a 17th century problem, many women find themselves trapped in abusive relationships in the 21st century.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with all comments…even I thought same of Vivaan’s character as do Lakshmi…I blamed his behavior and temperament on the lack of the female aspect in his life from mother’s absence but he’s downright scary and an abusive man and now there’s no more justifications as to what really pulls his trigger. How do relationships reinvent themselves, after so much negativity having consumed it from internally, can there really be any healing? Won’t bad memories always present you with deja vu moments every time you least expect it to? Why do the women of these serials always get abused but hold their marriage together because societies demand it? I’m so unhappy about what’s happening here that I come up here last of the few serials that I watch because it’s so depressing. Cathy…I also enjoyed looking at Begusarai…i almost forgot..Poonam and Lakhan shared a very unusual love but at the end of the day, he always knew how to come begging to her because his love always outweighed his anger.

    1. And to and a last thought to the mindset of these writers…these are attempts at murder not just bad husbands doing mean things..in it’s self very disturbing.

  11. Most of the serial on Zee T.V have the same story line with different backgrounds. Every serial has a marriage where the leading actress comes from a low class and the lead man from a high class. and all the serials have a villain who wants to separate the married couple. The writers need to come up with better story line instead of introducing new serial with the same story lines.

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